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  1. Sheldon in the pilot is kind of different from Sheldon as we see him even in the second episode. In the pilot he seems to be trying to impress Penny with his whiteboard equations. When she asks if he's one of those "Beautiful Mind" kind of guys, the way he says yes looks very flirty to me. He's still awkward and inappropriate, but seems a little less aloof than we see him in subsequent episodes.

    I was surprised to see that initial conversation in the sperm bank. It seems to me that the Sheldon we have seen since would never resort to such activities, for want of a better word.

    Yeah, I totally picked up on that too. He was trying to impress Penny and definitely had that flirty, "thats-right-I'm-the-shit" look on his face. LOL!

    Clearly, the writers weren't 100% sure where they were going with him yet. He didn't even knock three times in the beginning of the show either.


  2. Amy looks dead. That's why. LOL. It's not the black and white, it's not the fact that they're in bed or anything else. LOL....actually, even Sheldon in this picture looks like he's having a nightmare. LOL. They both should have more relaxed, peaceful faces. But hey, that's just my idea of a good photo manip.


  3. This was a great episode,really enjoyed it a lot, rewatched it already too. It was "old" Sheldon too, where has he been I missed him so. Did anyone search Youtube for "astronaut screams for nine minutes"?

    Not gonna lie. I thought about searching for it the moment he said it. LOL!


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  4. Okay, I know I'm getting old...

    Yesterday I had posted in ONE OF THESE THREADS(!!!) asking about fanfic and where to post, etc., and someone recommended a couple of sites and asked me for some LJ links I had come across.

    Sometime late last night/early this morning I did actually post a couple of LJ BBT community links as requested, but now I can't find that thread.

    I know that it has to be in a thread that was updated sometime in the last 24 hours, but for the life of me, I can't find it. :icon_rolleyes::icon_eek:

    You can check your last posts by clicking on your user name I believe. Been there done that (where I've lost a thread, LOL) Hope that works? It's on the left hand side.


  5. Looks like a lot of us are in the same boat about a lot of the things listed here LOL :icon_biggrin:

    *More, "Bazinga!" moments.

    *More of Sheldon with no pants. :icon_razz:

    *More fighting with Raj, or hell, Sheldon fighting with any of the characters is comic gold.

    *More of Sheldon being drunk because he's hilarious.

    *More of HIM singing Soft Kitty so someone else for a change. LOL!

    That's all I got for now.


  6. I didn't mention "Friends". I thought "Friends" triggered a shot. Don't know how you got "Friends" out of that post. If I want to mention "Friends", then I'll mention "Friends" right out in the open for those who can't see the show is turning into "Friends".

    That should knock you out for awhile. :icon_razz:

    No, actually, it's Friends and every time you bitch about the supposed "new emo loving audience" Thank you for your attempt at correcting me though :-).

    *Takes a shot*


  7. I still don't know what emo means in this context. But yeah, Sheldon will kiss Amy this seasoonn I think sorry if thats making the show into friends but please dont say that because I've ran out of booze x

    I gotcha covered. Just took a shot. Hahaha.


  8. I agree that if they were to have sex, it would happen towards the end of the show based on the fact that it's SHELDON we're talking about and where their relationship currently is. Until he reaches a point to where he's turned on to more than just her mind, sex is definitely off the table. LOL. Think about all the growing he needs to do while getting to the point to where he wants to KISS her even.


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