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  1. Thanks, Puppy Chow.

    I was thinking of bringing something for cast members to sign. I never thought of doing it the other times. At the very least, I'd like to give Kaley a few of the hair accessories that I make as a gift if I get a chance to meet her. Anyone ever gone and gotten autographs or anything else at a tapings? Should I just not even bother? I usually walk right out when the show is over but I wanna hang around a bit longer this time around.


  2. Personally, I liked Leonard & Dr. Stephanie.

    At what was the end of her story arc, Leonard said he was wrong about never having sex again, and left, as if he was going to be with her. That was left wide open & never followed up on.

    So true. I actually like her a lot for Leonard. That was probably one instance during the entire series that I was bummed that it was not explained.


  3. The transformation to "Friends" continues. Sorry, but disagreement IS allowed.

    I don't recall a single person in this thread saying that disagreement is NOT allowed but okay. LOL. That's what this forum is for after all, right? Discussion. There are some members who like to troll and be rude and that's not cool but other than that, everyone around here is very mature :-)


  4. Many of the shows are not followed up on or are Stand alone Stories. For Example when Sheldon dumped Soap Suds all over The University President in Barry's K Lab. There was no Follow up story.


    Yeah, pretty much, we are required to use our imaginations as to what happens AFTER they are out of our sight. For example, after Sheldon and Amy punk'd all their friends, using my imagination, I assume the rest of the characters eventually found out the real truth about it and I just leave it at that. I guess I'm part of the small bunch of people who couldn't care less if something has been explained. Sure, it would be fun to see certain things be explained but, not everything needs to be.


  5. I liked Leslie but I kinda feel the way the writers do. What kind of story lines could they create for her? All she did was rip on Sheldon.....which was funny but she can only do it so much. The guys all do that enough to each other as it is. LOL.


  6. ...take's the word "Bazinga" to a new level of awesomness. LOL. I love it when Sheldon says it during Howard's bachelor party. I also just love when Sheldon is under the influence. LOL.


  7. Hahaha, very good. :icon_redface: As I today saw TBBT, and Sheldon said, there is some "hole" or whatever in the agreement (Sorry, can't remember the word), and I thougth, Amy should read it with more attention and find one thing more, that would let her to have some sort of physical contact with him :icon_twisted: But later. She's doing her best now. Perfect for them! :icon_wink:

    Indeed! Amy must find her OWN loopholes! Or, if that doesn't work, she needs to keep thinking of ways to increase his feelings for her like she successfully did in that one episode!


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