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  1. It's not recorded laughter. In fact, if there's any show's that DON'T have recorded laughter, it would be talk shows.

    Jim just has a habit of running his tongue over his teeth like that. He did it during when "Penny" cut his hair on the BBT. Don't ask me why but I find it kinda cute LOL.


  2. I was glad that she threatened to leave, though - because Sheldon will NEVER venture out of his comfort zone unless pushed to do so.

    I agree. She need's to get a little sassy with Sheldon at times because clearly, he has lots to learn about being in a relationship. He's the one who asked her out so he's gotta learn to do it right.

    There are a few of you who would have walked out on him after the Spiderman line but not me. He quoted Spiderman, yes, but he CHOSE a quote that best suits how he truly feels about Amy. That speaks volumes in itself. That was a huge step for Sheldon. In the future, he'll get to a point where he won't need quotes to say how he feels. LOL.


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  3. I love what Sheldon said to Amy tonight about how he feels both stronger and weaker and that he actually feels excited when he's with her. I know it was a quote from a movie, but the look in his eyes and way he said it was so heartfelt. MAN even my ovaries were ready to explode! <3

    Agreed. It was my favorite part. He definitely felt what he was saying.

    BTW, I read your fanfic and I loved it. Well written.


  4. Good episode. I agree with others that it wasn't the BEST in the world (could have had some extra pizzaz considering it was the 1st episode of a new season) but needless to say, the best part of it was what Sheldon told Amy. Yes, he quoted Spiderman but he felt every word he was saying and it was so touching. Honestly, I don't care about Leonard and Penny's relationship at this point. LOL. Sheldon and Amy's is much more interesting and unique and fun to watch.


  5. Girls, it's not like the characters prefer to buy stuff that came out from the New York Fashion Week. If they were "fashionable" then we have an even more unrealistic set-up.

    Oh, what the hoo.

    Obviously a clothes department minority.

    Pardon me if I'm misunderstanding because I'm one of the newbie's around this board but, when you say, "obviously a clothes department minority" are you dubbing every previous participant in this thread a "minority?"

    I was just in another thread and read this from you....

    but you know the minority. They take offense on even the smallest things

    I would think that referring to those who don't agree with you as "minorities" WOULD be offensive. But like I said, maybe I'm misunderstanding.

    Anyway, back to the topic: Yes, they all dress the way they dress because they're your stereotypical nerdy types but for the record, there are nerds who are fashionable in real life as well.


  6. Just the yellow one is ugly? How about her entire wardrobe is ugly? LOL. I was watching one the other night and she looked twice the size she actually is because of that damn thing she was wearing. LOL.

    I think it would be awesome if the writers could write in the girls giving her a clothing make-over at least once just for fun :-)


  7. Most TV shows I've watched since childhood do this with most logos. Notice it's not only the computer brands they hide. It's also the water, soda etc. Some TV shows won't even say the names. For example, I've heard "Flitter" being said to replace Twitter. LOL.

    It's not worth even taking the chance of getting sued so that's why they do this and Frankly, I don't blame them.


  8. Maybe is doesn't even exist in California. LOL. Frankly, I don't think I had heard of it prior a few days ago. I went to Wal-Mart and just now, to Target! No luck. I want a magazine with the Big Bang cast on it so I can frame it and put it on my wall along with all my other framed adored celebrity magazines in my living room :-).

    Where are you guys being them at? Stator Bros? Albertsons? Costco? LOL.

    P.S., if anyone would like to mail me one, I'll pay you through Pay Pal :-).

    On the plus side, at least I have my Season 4 BBT poster hanging proudly on my wall :-).


  9. OMG, add me to the girl crush list. LOL. Mayim is STUNNING. I bet if her character, Amy, got a make over on the big bang by Penny & Bernadette, Sheldon would see her and be speechless. Then his face would start twitching. LOL.


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