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  1. That make's sense considering he's notorious for covering up his true feelings about different things. For example, when Amy did her own experiment to make him increase his feelings for her and he liked it but acted like it was a terrible thing. LOL. Monique
  2. It is cute. He made a complete turn around with his feelings for the characters. The last interview I saw where he commented on the subject he said, "I think they'll have a test tube baby before they have sex." LOL. Monique
  3. I went to the taping of the one where Sheldon is vacationing in Amy's lab. A blooper they left out that I thought was hilarious was at the moment where Sheldon was going to apologize to Amy for his behavior. Jim has a total brain fart and pauses in the doorway and says, "Ohhhh, sh!ttt.." He forgot his line. LOL! The audience hype man says, "Who thinks they should leave that in the show?" Everyone raises their hands and cheers. LOL. Monique
  4. Maybe I misunderstood but I didn't see anything Kunal said as prejudice at all. He said he wasn't interested in his character being in a relationship, PERIOD, right? Not a gay one...I didn't hear him say gay but maybe I need to re watch. Monique
  5. I think it would definitely be interesting if Sheldon & Amy were to have sex but obviously it would be weird if they did it any time soon. I really like how the writers are taking things slow with these two. It's the most fun and unique relationship I've ever watched on TV and I'm just gonna enjoy the ride :-). I imagine if they were to have sex it would be near or at the end of the show considering it took over a year for Sheldon to grab her hand. LOL. Monique
  6. Go to the above link and fast forward to 1:03 to 1:06. That is the hotness I speak of. He fills out those pants VERY nicely. LOL. Someone should make an animation out of that. Monique
  7. MJistheBOMB


    Never even heard of the word til now. LOL. I looked it up and agree that they definitely are. LOL. Monique
  8. Long or short, doesn't bother me really :-). I'm usually too focused on the rest of him anyway. LOL. Monique
  9. Oh, okay :-). Thanks. Great forum, btw :-) Monique
  10. Actually, I was responding to another person and he deleted what he wrote. Thanks. Monique
  11. MJistheBOMB


    Awesome. I commented your video on YouTube and you told me about your fanfic and I couldn't find it for the life of me! Now I have it, thanks. I can't wait to read it. Monique
  12. They're better as friends. I think it would be a hilarious nightmare sequence though! Sheldon and Penny end up in bed after a night of drinking or something. LOL! Monique
  13. I, like just about everyone else here, would LOVE to see Sheldon initiate a passionate kiss with Amy. How romantic would that be? If they don't give us at LEAST that by the show's end, I will be very disappointed. LOL. The way things are going so far, we just may see it :-). He's already violated section 5 of his own Relationship Agreement so, we shall see :-). I love Sheldon & Amy together and they both can learn a lot from each other as well. Monique
  14. MJistheBOMB


    I agree with you 100%. That is getting so old an boring. Definitely more character development and I'll be happy. Monique
  15. I'm sure we've all noticed Jim Parson's has gotten a bit thicker since the show first started. Anyone else find it sexy?...and can I say, he has a nice butt too? LOL. The Werewolf Transformation scene where he comes in after visiting his barber in the hospital with his jacket on one shoulder and he's unknowingly struttin' his stuff like a model in those blue pants....Wow! I have to rewind it a few times every time I watch. LOL. I'm so bad. Monique
  16. I totally went to the bar early this year and ordered a Grasshopper thanks to Raj always drinking them. LOL Monique
  17. I voted new, even though I love both old and new equally. I'm okay with change. I think I'd get bored if Sheldon NEVER changed even just a little bit. Monique
  18. Oh, there are many moments. I was just thinking about this to myself last night. As bratty as he is most of the time, he's such a sweet heart at the same time. *When he simply says, "thank you" to people in such a polite manner. *When he defended Leonard when Penny called them all pathetic for having the time machine, etc. *When he went to Wil Wheaton's party to "save his friendship" between he and his "little buddy". LOL. *When he cared for Amy after the girls went dress shopping without her. *He brings any friend who is upset a hot beverage. *While a bit under the influence of Tequila, he tells Leonard, "...thank you for asking...I love you so much." LOL! We can list things all night which prove why a man who is such a brat can continue to be loved by those around him. LOL. Monique
  19. I LOVE Amy. She's such a unique character, just as Sheldon is. Yes, she's a lot like Sheldon but she's also very different. I love that she and Sheldon are together as a couple....they're cute together. Sheldon will always be Sheldon but so long as he is with her, he will make some changes here and there and that's a good thing. That's what people do in real life....we don't stay the same forever. We change and grow as time goes on. I can't wait to see where their relationship goes. Monique
  20. MJistheBOMB


    Oh, I love Shamy :-) They're so cute together and it's the most fun and unique relationship I've ever seen. Sucks you right in :-). Monique
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