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  1. I would love to see Sheldon have his first sexual experience with Amy. lol

    Why not, yet please do not show this on screen

    Yeah, the writers would definitely need to tread carefully with how they portray Sheldon having sex for the first time to the audience. It could end up being so wrong if they don't do it just right. That's a whole 'nother thread of discussion right there. LOL.


  2. Well, there's a book alright since the writers wrote it in....just a fake one obviously that will never be seen by us. LOL. Yeah honestly, I'll be shocked if they ever make them have sex. The writers very well may put it in at some point in the future because it's one of those questions that keeps popping up by people and now even Jim is to the point (based on an interview I watched where they were answering a few tweets) where he wants to see it happen at some point in the future. He didn't feel that way before so I found that interesting. We shall see :-).


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  3. “I’ve never really addressed those rumors because I always figured why defend yourself against something that’s not offensive?”-Johnny Galecki

    He's not gay. I'm not sure where that's even coming from.

    Anyway, I re-watched and I see now what you guys are talking about Kunal. That was immature indeed. I didn't catch that when I first watched it.


  4. I just posted in the S6 thread about an idea I had related to that book and Sheldon's nightmares. Something along the lines of how Sheldon might react to a...um...(whispering embarrassedly)...wet dream...

    That make's sense considering he's notorious for covering up his true feelings about different things. For example, when Amy did her own experiment to make him increase his feelings for her and he liked it but acted like it was a terrible thing. LOL.


  5. Well I was confused by what kunal said because i didnt even hear it, but could tell that johnny corrected him. I don't think kunal meant anything, but of course, when you are in the public eye you have to be very careful.

    You can tell that Jim really wants sheldon and amy to get together at some point. It is so cute.

    It is cute. He made a complete turn around with his feelings for the characters. The last interview I saw where he commented on the subject he said, "I think they'll have a test tube baby before they have sex." LOL.


  6. I went to the taping of the one where Sheldon is vacationing in Amy's lab. A blooper they left out that I thought was hilarious was at the moment where Sheldon was going to apologize to Amy for his behavior. Jim has a total brain fart and pauses in the doorway and says, "Ohhhh, sh!ttt.." He forgot his line. LOL! The audience hype man says, "Who thinks they should leave that in the show?" Everyone raises their hands and cheers. LOL.


  7. I think it would definitely be interesting if Sheldon & Amy were to have sex but obviously it would be weird if they did it any time soon. I really like how the writers are taking things slow with these two. It's the most fun and unique relationship I've ever watched on TV and I'm just gonna enjoy the ride :-). I imagine if they were to have sex it would be near or at the end of the show considering it took over a year for Sheldon to grab her hand. LOL.


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  8. I really like yours too interested to see what happens when they all get to Switzerland. :icon_mrgreen:

    Awesome. I commented your video on YouTube and you told me about your fanfic and I couldn't find it for the life of me! Now I have it, thanks. I can't wait to read it.


  9. I, like just about everyone else here, would LOVE to see Sheldon initiate a passionate kiss with Amy. How romantic would that be? If they don't give us at LEAST that by the show's end, I will be very disappointed. LOL. The way things are going so far, we just may see it :-). He's already violated section 5 of his own Relationship Agreement so, we shall see :-). I love Sheldon & Amy together and they both can learn a lot from each other as well.


  10. We have an expectations thread, how about a hopes thread?

    What are you hoping to see in Season 6?

    I'm truly hoping to see more character development and story lines that do NOT revolve around Leonard/Penny (getting together, breaking up, having sex, not having sex, dating, not dating, etc etc etc). There ARE other characters and other relationships, that one is getting just SO old.

    Anyway, that's what I'm hoping for.

    I agree with you 100%. That is getting so old an boring. Definitely more character development and I'll be happy.


  11. I'm sure we've all noticed Jim Parson's has gotten a bit thicker since the show first started. Anyone else find it sexy?...and can I say, he has a nice butt too? LOL. The Werewolf Transformation scene where he comes in after visiting his barber in the hospital with his jacket on one shoulder and he's unknowingly struttin' his stuff like a model in those blue pants....Wow! I have to rewind it a few times every time I watch. LOL. I'm so bad.


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