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  1. Yeah, I think doing that skin cell experiment just really turned him on to the point where he was ready to have sex with her again. He just so happen to use "making a baby" the reason why. LOL.
  2. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I just watched the promo and thought, "Oh, that's nothing, Sheldon always says stuff like that but it means nothing." LOL.
  3. We need to tell this article writer about the #ForScience hashtag. Haha. I love how the, "in the name of science, of course." ;-p
  4. Ooooooo, this picture gives me many good feelings!!!!
  5. #CoitusIsComingAgain2016 #ForScience
  6. I've never seen so many words spoken from you. Thanks. Haha.
  7. So funny you say that because just the other day I was thinking I'd also like to see Sheldon's brother on. I'd like to see Missy return too. I bet we will see them....if anything for the future Shamy wedding :).
  8. I love that I forget every week and then it's a very pleasant surprise. LOL.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if that why he wanted it that way. I was just coming here to post: Riiiiight, Sheldon....as if you wouldn't look Amy's body up and down if the tables were turned?
  10. Thank you so much @Lady in Red. Sounds like a good one!
  11. Great episode! My first thought afterwards was, "Wow, Sheldon was an ass.....even more than usual." Then after reading your posts today, I realized I failed to remember that he was behaving that way because he was upset about his mother and Alfred and the possibility of them sleeping together. Haha. I loved the look of fear on Raj's face when he opened up Howardette's front door and found that high ranking military dude standing there. I laughed out loud at his face. Amy looked lovely in her purple dress and I also love that she plays the harp for their wedding. Her failed attempted to get Sheldon to stop disrespecting her in the car was adorable. I love when Sheldon will straighten up right away when his mom yells at him after he's been an ass, "Yes, mam." Haha. I also love that she told Amy that she'll get there, she just needs to add some zing to it. If you think about it though, we've seen Amy successfully get a quiet and even scared reaction from Sheldon when she's yelled, "PLEASE PASS THE BUTTER!" and, "I PRESSED IT!" So, I know she can get first when needed ;-). The wedding was lovely. I loved Penny's dress and flower headband. Their vows were sweet and I felt like this wedding gave me more feels were as the first one, not so much. Sheldon's speech to them was sweet and his smile and the hug was so adorable to me. I loved Bernie telling at people to pipe down with their side chatter and Howard and Raj jumping with fear at her voice. LOL. The guess stars were all so fantastic and I got a chuckle out of Wyatt's line about the turkey they had who looked up at the rain and drowned. Great start to the season.
  12. Yeah, I was out of the game after the first round. LOL.
  13. Amy lost her clothes so they'll be needing to buy clothes for her too....and a new Star Trek uniform I'm sure. #ForScience. Haha.
  14. Is coitus really off the table? Not for long. Plus, that bed is pretty small for the two of them. #ForScience
  15. By unique I mean it would work for them when it didn't for Lenny. Amy would love that where as Penny would not. So in the end, it would definitely be a unique proposal that only Shamy could pull off. We can make a game of it this season. Add #ForScience to the end of whatever you want. Haha. We can make a game of it this season. Add #ForScience to the end of whatever you want. Haha.
  16. Okay, glad I'm not the only one who would be on board with that. LOL. It would be so uniquely Shamy too. Their love is so strong, they don't care about the how, as long as it's done :-pppp. But good point, Jonny, been done with Lenny. I love the idea of it happening at a flag con, notchinc!
  17. To be honest, I would be perfectly fine with such a proposal. I know it was a throw away line but she said that with such a passion and love for Sheldon that if it really happened, it would be quite romantic in my eyes. Haha.
  18. Sheldon will propose to Amy during sex. Just you wait and see. :-ppppppp
  19. I thought it was so sweet when Sheldon asked Amy if was sure she was okay coitus was off the table. Just so many moments to love about. They are so comfortable with each other is ridiculous.
  20. Fighting with the quote box but yeah, I was laughing thinking the same thing. Which will exvite her more? Haha.
  21. Wanna guess who made an appearance in this episode who Dana will be so happy about?
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