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  1. Going to be smiling to myself like an idiot until it airs just like I did with the train kiss
  2. I got a strong vibe that that pillow line had nothing to do with the temperature and more to do with hiding something that may arise due to that hot ass. Hahaha!
  3. I didn't know it was possible to love this couple more.
  4. I hope they flirt a good amount with cohabitation.
  5. Happy Season 10! May this season be a fantastic one!
  6. Why is this even an argument? Of course the show would be nothing without him because....Sheldon. Shamy is also the NUMBER ONE ship. Let's just get this straight right now.
  7. Yeah, that's just it, I think it was Claire who was doing trying to do the manipulating when she knows just about nothing about Emily. She knew that Raj is basically weak and flip flops back in forth so she went for it and tried to keep him from going back to Emily. I don't know where the writers are going with this yet but hopefully some where good.
  8. Haha. I'm more of a Tangled girl. The song, "I See The Light" owns the entire Frozen movie. :-ppppppppp
  9. Here's hoping Raj learns some lessons while being single ;-)
  10. Make sense to me but either way, it was cute :-) Wasn't a wink. It's this thing that Jim involuntarily does with his eye sometimes. You can go back and watch and see that he does it every once in a while.
  11. I thought Lenny was great. Aside from the fact that I feel the writers could have Penny lighten up a bit and just laugh with Leonard instead of giving him a look when he throws fries and later, confetti at her, this episode was actually a breath of fresh air compared to other Valentines Day episodes we've had for Lenny. They were so cute at the end all dressed up! Yeah, I'm thinking maybe we may have seen a bit more, like him about to reach behind a pillow for the ring or something, if he was about to propose. LOL! Still nice to pretend though. Haha ;-)
  12. No Shenny fan has ever succeeded in getting in my head and making me think differently of the ACTUAL relationship I KNOW Sheldon and Penny have. The show writers have ALSO never succeeded. LOL. I love Sheldon and Penny's relationship as friends. I always have. They just don't offend me.
  13. ...and when were you going to tell me that pressing "play" on a picture is not an option here? Because I tried about 5 times. LMAO. Or is it really a video and my laptop just sucks? LOL.
  14. I have to admit that one of the things I was most happy about was the fact that Leslie Winkle was back! LOL. Before the taping I was thinking, "Please call him, Dumb Ass, please call him Dumb Ass." My dream has come true. I always loved her character. What a shame she left. I loved that she wasn't afraid to speak her mind and had that, "I'll let you keep your lunch money today...." type of attitude/sense of humor. Too bad we didn't see Zack back too!
  15. I agree. Take out some of those songs and already the movie would improve. LOL!
  16. Anyway, I thought Claire was cool but I'm not even gonna bother picturing a future with her and Raj because I'm just so confused as to what the hell the writers are doing with him right now. Will he go back to Emily eventually (if she wants that)? Will he and Lucy get back together? Will Yvette make a come back? Claire? I JUST DON'T KNOW! LOL. Anyway, Claire scored some cool points with me for not liking Frozen. I'm not a fan either.
  17. Love these! Wish I could draw like that!
  18. I watched the scene again and I understand what you mean now. Although, now it got me wondering: Will we see a "talk" between he and Amy after all? I was thinking maybe we'd never see it (and I wasn't even sure I needed to see it) but the way he says, "Well...." after Amy mentioned that they have grown together following his comment about her being a work in progress, clearly something is still bothering Sheldon. I'm hoping that if this is the case, that he doesn't hold his issues with her inside for long. We already know what holding feelings inside looks like on Amy's end. LOL.
  19. You make a good point. Based on that, Meemaw should have been less harsh towards Amy in my opinion. It's clear that Sheldon is still a child in her eyes and she feels the need to protect him as if he's still a young boy who gets bullied in school. He did say it now. In his own words but he did when he talked to Meemaw about she changed PopPop for the better. He mentioned that because it mirrors his relationship with Amy. Just because he pointed out that Amy is a work in progress doesn't take away from the fact that he acknowledged that the break up did them both good, etc.
  20. I actually liked the "work in progress" line because it's the darn truth. Amy has issues she needs to work on the same way Sheldon does and at least Sheldon isn't afraid to admit it. LOL. The fact that he acknowledges that the break up did them both good is great. I also like the line where Amy acknowledges that they have both grown together. As for him not being able tell off his Meemaw at first and then basically say that not giving Amy the ring isn't going to happen. Well, GOOD on the second thing and the first thing, understandable. He loves his Meemaw and it must have been hard to stand up to her. I was glad when he was finally able to, even if pushed by Lenny. Amen to this!
  21. Agree with you both. I also miss the Amy who would call him "sexy" for just about anything.
  22. I just wanted to point out that Penny was wearing plaid. I know this must be shocking to read for you all.
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