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  1. I was happy to hear about the discussion Lenny had about their future babies :).

    I was actually wondering where they stood on the subject. Leonard always seemed like he would have a child like NOW if Penny was okay with it but at the same time, based on how his relationship was with his mom, I wondered if that would bring some hesitation ("Just because you have kids doesn't mean you're going to like them." LOL)

    Penny, I can imagine wanting to wait a while like she said at last night's taping.

    Anyhoo, I was glad to have the confirmation :)


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  2. 5 hours ago, wowbagger said:

    You are mistaken. Let me reveal my true identity as a producer of this show. I have read this post, and was waiting for just this signal to reverse the character and plot developments of the past nine seasons. Thank you, dear poster, of reminding me of my true obligation - my Prime Directive, if you will: to give my male viewers targets to sneer at (through the clueless desperate nerdy male characters) or to masturbate to (through Penny). I apologise profusely for the tasteless reminders over the past few seasons that women, too, have careers and brains and desires and agency, and don't always bother dressing to pleasure the Male Gaze. Message received, with my thanks!

    Damn it. I was so going to do that last night and changed my mind. I was going to say, "Hello, this is Bill Prady...." LMAO.

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  3. 24 minutes ago, April said:

    I even have a hard time thinking about one moment where I thought she was genuinely happy and enjoying herself because most of the time she seemed pretty gloomy and so unsure of dating. Her date with Dave was pleasant enough, I guess?? Before it went downhill, that is. But that's all I got. And even her good mood during that completely pales to the ridiculous level of happiness she's been radiating since the moment she got back together with Sheldon.

    That's exactly how I felt about it. She appeared to be down throughout her entire dating life experience. Understandably so. She only seemed even a tad more enthusiastic right at the very end when she was with Dave before Sheldon came and interrupted their date. LOL. Then from there, the TRUE happy Amy came out.

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  4. HELL NO! 

    I don't need to physically see apologies on screen but if we ever do, fine.

    In my head, they could have discussed it after they got back together....in bed after the coitus....they could be talking about it righhhht this second.

    They've both done some not so nice things to each other over the years and I say they're equal. 

    Did Sheldon apologize to Amy for taking off on a train or being a dick at the beginning of their break up (on screen)?? *crickets* Yeah, that's what I thought.

    They're in a good place right now I just don't understand the need to backtrack. There will be bumps in the road ahead, though. Never get too comfy.


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  5. 16 hours ago, wowbagger said:

    hee! Oh, man, now I have a vision of Sheldon and Amy's child as some sort of confident outgoing physically active Penny type, who has absolutely naff-all interest in continuing the proud tradition of Fun with Flags, much to his parents' horror. But then there is a knock on the door, and the wispy brainiac child of Leonard and penny knocks on the door and says : 'let me! Let me! I LIVE for vexillology, and I have so many dreams for this programme! We can branch out into heraldry! That's the only thing that was needed for this show to go viral!', and have Amy look at the kid with eyes misting over. And then composing a theme for FwF (and heraldry) on her harp.....

    OMG, I LOVE THIS! Hahaha.

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  6. 17 minutes ago, Soopysue said:



    number 1 can you all see this ?. Number 2 am I allowed to post it ??

    Number 3 if the answer to both of my questions above is yes - then , I just thought we all needed to see this today !!!! :)

    If I've failed miserably yet again to link ...... Just carry on , there's nothing to see here ...... :icon_cheesygrin:

    The sexy picture being used for the background and the sexy gifs....bless your little heart for sharing. Haha. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    don't question it, be happy. - Amy should just accept things that she does not like in her relationship and carry on regardless, paint a smile on her face like everything is ok and get on with it yes? :no: <- This right here is exactly what she had been doing before the break up and exactly why she snapped at him during the 'Flash' conversation on the couch.

    He pissed off on a train for a month without so much as saying goodbye to her
    - She drove for 6 hours in a car with Leonard (who she doesn't like) to go get him, when she told him she was mad she did not get an apology from him for hurting her feelings so instead she put a smile on her face and tried to spin his failure to cope on his own as an "accomplishment" and "an adventure" even describes it as being "good for him" 

    When he wants to invest in the comic book store he tells her
    "Now, before I start, I need you to know that I’m very excited about this, and anything you say that isn’t enthusiastically supportive will throw our entire relationship into question. So, keep an open mind."  - what option does she have other than to agree with him here?

    When they do the relationship test, Leonard says sweet stuff to Penny
    - She says " It would make me so happy if you said things like that" he tells her " Trust me, you’re happy" so she drops it again.

    She spends the majority of season 8 smiling and pretending to be happy when she should have been communicating with him that things were not ok. That is entirely on her  BUT the reason she wasn't communicating was because she thought him "a flight risk" and after him leaving her to live on the rails like an upper class hobo (cus hey he had a credit card!) who can blame her? 

    Now that's not to say they didn't have a lot of development in season 8, there was the love declaration and their first sleep over but where was the strong independent woman who stood her ground against Bernadette in the car parking spot argument? The woman who demanded that Sheldon apologise to Bernadette and Howard when he was drunk at thanksgiving? She wasn't calling him on anything and it built up until she couldn't take it anymore and it all came bursting out in 8x24!

    If she had communicated better and he hadn't neglected her then they wouldn't have had 6 months apart. 50/50.

    Similarly I've never seen you complaining when your opinion is the popular one and other people are having their opinions questioned. Point and counter point is what is happening here, sometimes you're point, sometimes you're counter :wink: 

    So well put! Agree with every word of it.

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  8. 8 hours ago, hazelra7 said:

    Just one thing about manipulation in the Shamy relationship, it goes both ways.  A quote if you will that will help remember that SHeldon can be just as much of a 'liar'... etc... 

    "Oh.. that's not yours? (Hold up red Bra)  How awkward..."

    "And ....a complete sucker..." Undo's all the work she did for him on closure. 

    and the biggest one.... the icing on the topping on the sprinkles.  "Oh when our bathing suit parts come together,  boy howdy is it magic."  

    Amy is not the only one who plays with the truth to get what she wants. Sheldon lies and pouts and manipulates to get out of date nights: Cutting Q-tips and Google Font arguments.  He has his own brand of selfish in the relationship as does Amy.  That is why they work.  That is why they can move past a break up and be "stronger than ever"  Because they love each other, quirks and all.  Those quirks, either wanting more attention from your no-touchy Boyfriend, or your need to ruin a date night with pouting are part of the appeal. They arent perfect, but they are perfect for each other.  So before you sling the liar label, like it wont stick to anyone but Amy, careful how you work that label maker.  It's a powerful weapon.


    Never leave this thread.

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  9. 7 hours ago, camelliayao said:


    Oh...I thought someone has already posted a TR? No?

    Ok. First of all, English is not my first language, so I may have misunderstood a lot of the lines. Please forgive me if the episode turns out differently than I describes.

    Tonight's episode is about Valentine's Day. In the beginning, the boys are having lunch at the university cafeteria where they talks about their Valentine's Day plans. Leonard and Penny have reservations in a restaurant. Sheldon and Amy are doing a live episode of FWF. Howard and Bernie are trying their new hot tub. Raj says in a disappointing tone that he's gonna spend the night with Emily. Howards points out that if he's not happy with Emily, he should just break up with her.

    Raj breaks up with Emily later and asks the girl from 914 for a date. The girl turns him down because she already has a boyfriend. Raj tries to take Emily back but obviously Emily says no. So Raj is very depressed of being single again.

    Anyway on Valentine's Day, before the live episode begins, Sheldon says he has a surprise (or something like that) for Amy, since Amy has become an important part of the show, he added Amys name to the show's title. Amy is very excited at first, only to find out the revised title is "Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler presents, Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Fun With Flags" lol. (Then Amy said something, they did this twice with two different versions), the first version I can't quite remember... Sorry. But it should be something like "I should've known better" or "You'd think I should've learned by now". The second version is "That's catchy".

    After they begin the live episode, Sheldon expresses his excitement for doing this. Amy says the episode is a Valentine's Day gift to the audience and Sheldon turns to Amy, saying something like it's also a gift for Amy because clearly he doesn't have anything else planned. Amy kind of rolls her eyes.

    Then a member from the audience calles and it turns out to be Raj. Raj says he's very upset and lonely because of his break up with Emily. Sheldon points out that Raj should talk about things about flags. Then Kripke calls in and says he's lonely too. He makes some dirty jokes like he always does.

    Amy begins to comfort Raj and Sheldon is very unhappy that they're off topic. He tries several times to bring the topic back to flags and fails. Amy says to Raj that she thinks it's good to have some time alone after a break up. Raj says that's strange because Amy dated a man very soon after she broke up with Sheldon. Sheldon adds that Amy dated not just one men, but three. Kripke breaks in and says something that I can't quite remember, but I believe it means "way to go girl" or something like that.

    Amy gets uncomfortable with where the conversation is going and tries to cut Kripke off line but fails. When she finally succeeds, she suggests that they should find Raj a new girlfriend from the audience. Just as she begins to introduce Raj to the audience, Kripke calls in again and asks how many men Amy slept with. So he got cut off again.

    In the tag scene, Amy is still comforting Raj and Sheldon is very angry because his show is ruined. Amy tells Sheldon that he should show some sympathy for Raj because Sheldon himself went through similar situation when they broke up. Sheldon says fine if you want to talk about it, I'll talk about it. He then says although he was heartbroken because of the break up, he did find their time apart necessary (or some other words), because he realized how imporatant Amy is to him. Now their relationship is stronger than ever. Then he got interupted by Lenny entering the apartment.

    There should be a lot of mistakes in my TR... So please just read it for fun, and wait for other people's more accurate versions. Also sorry for my poor language.

    i hope you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!

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  10. 9 hours ago, kazzie said:

    Play back tonight. The line was "Who said I even want to be engaged to him and if I do I don't need your hand me downs!."


    "Your words burn like acid rain on the wounded pedals of my heart."~Raj

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  11. 3 hours ago, Ranger Rosa said:

    When she is going with Howard to the ER (because a rabbit bit him), she says something like "I guess this is not the best moment to tell him I'm pregnant"

    Funny/weird fact of this morning: I woke up with a little different spoiler. A friend of mine got confused and told me that Amy was pregnant, not Bernie. I got like this. 

    Fortunatelly, it wasn't true.

    DEAD. LMAO! 

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  12. 37 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    You mean apart from the conversation with Bernadette in 9x10 when they explicitly state that Amy has never been intimate with a man? 

    ...and apart from the fact that Sheldon asked her how many sexual encounters she's had on their 2nd (I call it 2nd date) date and she mentioned NOTHING of a man but something about stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain with a machine or something? Hahaha.

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  13. I agree. It ain't over.

    Although, I have to say, I was hoping they'd do a different approach for this couple rather than the "break them up so they realize they belong together" thing that they've done with all the other couples on the show. Can we switch it up a little? Geez. LOL.

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