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  1. I'm thinking definitely some kind of drama for the pair where they are separated at this point. When Sheldon asks Emily on the party bus, "Are you relieved that you and Raj were able to patch things up?" and she replies, "At the moment? No, not really." I think Emily's line was pretty telling.
  2. Actually, often times, people who are alike and/or have lots in common get along really well so to be honest, I've never quite understood the awkwardness we sometimes see between them....at least not these days. When they first met and Amy was more robotic and insulting towards the group at times, it would have made sense. LOL. But after years of her being with Sheldon and having to put up with him in ways just like Leonard, I feel like they shouldn't be so awkward around each other and should practically be best buds. LOL.
  3. This reminds me of how great Jim is at screaming in fear. Hahaha.
  4. Based on that article, it kinda does seem like we'll eventually get that story where Sheldon tried hard to suppress his sexual urges before he's ready to pounce on Amy. Could just be wishful thinking on my part. LOL.
  5. Haha, someone posted an article in the Shamy thread in which the author would write something like, "...and so Sheldon went to apologize to his friends (and Emily. Yeah, I said it.)" I died. LMAO! Anyway, I didn't notice what Stuart looked like. Hopefully it was just make up and Kevin is doing okay. I only watched the episode on CBS.com so far but did I notice he had a limp to his run??? Anyone notice? Anyway, if so, I figure it's because he broke his foot a while back...
  6. I agree about Stuart. Not right at all. Then they have to rub it in harder by having Sheldon demand that Stuart get off the bus with him, "Come on Stuart, like me, you are not worthy." LOL.
  7. When I first heard that she didn't accept his apology I thought, "Who even are you? You don't even know anyone. (exaggeration)" LOL! But after I saw it play out, I really liked it and it needed to be done. So sometimes, that "outsider" looking in on situations can be a good thing because they can see what those who know Sheldon best don't. Sheldon's apology to her was sweet too.
  8. Since they're making her a "regular", perhaps they'll do something where she and Raj split up for a while and eventually get back together. Or if they don't want to go that route, Rajily will work out their issues so that they can be happy together. As for toning down her creepiness, I guess I'm one of those who doesn't mind how she is. I love that these show creators create such beautifully diverse characters with different quirks and personalities. I love that in each character, I can pick things about them that are just like me. Anyhoo, I hope in the end. Rajily work out because I do like her.
  9. It didn't bother me at all when I watched it because her sarcastic apology went right over Sheldon's head and it made me laugh in the moment and I was distracted by his cuteness but you're actually right. How is she gonna tell him how to apologize to others and then when he lets her know that what she did offended HIM, he gets a sarcastic apology? LOL. She and Sheldon are definitely two peas in a pod though. LOL! Even Wil Wheaton gave Sheldon a real apology when Sheldon came to fight him for offending Amy that time. In my opinion, he didn't have to apologize but he did for a friend that was upset. Anyway, it's not that serious to me but good point.
  10. Watched the episode a bit ago and I enjoyed it! I had lots of laughs. Yes, Sheldon was definitely a bit of a monster while sick. LOL. I loved the scene in the comic book store where Raj tried to get the guys to participate in the cheer with him and they're like, "No!...no! No!...no!" instead. Hahahaha. In a weird way, I thought it was sweet that Howard basically suggested that if they took a break from Sheldon, their relationship with him could possibly improve, just like he and Amy's relationship. I enjoyed all his apologies to his friends and the fact that he was going to allow them all to go to Vegas without him says that they were genuine apologies. His final apology to Emily was very sweet. ...and I think that's all I got for now...
  11. (and Emily) Hahaha. Hilarious and how I feel. I like her but yeah, the fact that it felt like we rarely saw her makes it feel like she's not worthy of "friend" title. LOL. Anyway, nice read.
  12. I agree so much with what we need to see back on the show again and less of, "I'm putting up with..." nonsense. Amen, sister.
  13. My bra is too big....no boob veins here. LMAO.
  14. Adding: I'm gonna take it up a notch and ask, what if Sheldon actually enjoys Amy doing that and gets turned on by her being stern with him at times? I was just thinking of that time she made him apologize on Thanksgiving to Howardette and he follows it by, "Ain't she great??" and smacks her ass. LOL!
  15. Sheldon referring to all his friends as "loved ones". What a sweetie. Only Sheldon can manage be an ass and a sweet heart at the same time. LOL I LOVE THE HELL out of this idea! It makes total sense too.
  16. Did NOT like that either. BTW, you made me LOL at the "up herself (and not in an amusing way)" line. LOL! Too funny.
  17. My guess, just for fun, is that episodes are going to be filmed out of order and 198 will be aired for the 200th. Being that the 200th is a big deal, Bill left us no way of guessing the title by using a Sharpie instead of his usual pencil.
  18. I agree with the bold HARD. LOL. I get why he's a fan favorite. He's a unique, crazy, (whatever other words we can throw in about him) character that seems to draw in a lot of people for different reasons. But when we consider how amazing EACH character is, they all deserve some time to shine, not just him. I totally understand that. Hopefully we'll get this extra season or two so we can give these other characters some lovin'. I know some of my Shamy fan friends agree that we don't mind if Shamy is put on the back burner for a while. They can just be cute in the background. LOL. Anyway, based on last weeks episodes, looks like we may getting some more Lenny movement. Raj obviously needs to be worked on too. What we learned of his situation last night kind of leaves me scratching my head at the moment. LOL. I vote for more plaid distractions from the madness around here. LOL!
  19. I really hope the show gets to a place to where you can enjoy it more again :). What did you think of the last episode? I noticed there were handful of people who felt like it was worrying for Lenny but I saw it as a sign that things are going to improve for them both. Whatever issues they may have left within them will fade away and we'll see two stronger people who can move forward in their relationship and be happy.
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