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  1. I'm thinking definitely some kind of drama for the pair where they are separated at this point. When Sheldon asks Emily on the party bus, "Are you relieved that you and Raj were able to patch things up?" and she replies, "At the moment? No, not really."

    I think Emily's line was pretty telling.

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  2. Actually, often times, people who are alike and/or have lots in common get along really well so to be honest, I've never quite understood the awkwardness  we sometimes see between them....at least not these days. When they first met and Amy was more robotic and insulting towards the group at times, it would have made sense. LOL. But after years of her being with Sheldon and having to put up with him in ways just like Leonard, I feel like they shouldn't be so awkward around each other and should practically be best buds. LOL. 

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Kasey said:

    That is hilarious but so true.  But I do like that they have made her less creepy.  Stuart too wasn't creepy in this episode.  Although he looks so pale and sickly.  I hope that is make up...

    Haha, someone posted an article in the Shamy thread in which the author would write something like, "...and so Sheldon went to apologize to his friends (and Emily. Yeah, I said it.)"

    I died. LMAO!

    Anyway, I didn't notice what Stuart looked like. Hopefully it was just make up and Kevin is doing okay. I only watched the episode on CBS.com so far but did I notice he had a limp to his run??? Anyone notice? Anyway, if so, I figure it's because he broke his foot a while back...

  4. On 1/15/2016 at 5:53 AM, Rule 34 said:

    Yeah, this definitely felt like the group episode we’ve been wanting! Having everyone mixed into one storyline made for a much less scattered episode than last week’s. We got to see Emily, interesting character combinations, and some character growth for Sheldon. It’s too bad Amy wasn’t there, but I’m not sure I’d want to see her as one of the people Sheldon treated poorly while he was sick anyway.

    Shamy thoughts:

    I agree that the Skype scenes are very reminiscent of seasons 4&5 but are much more intimate for taking place on Sheldon's bed.

    Even from afar, dealing with a sick Sheldon was enough to kill the post-coital afterglow for Amy, lol.

    I enjoy scenes where Sheldon tries to better himself. The scene where Amy guides him into understanding empathy was a good one.


    One brief rant:

    I resisted posting about this last week, but they’ve done it again. I don’t find it funny to see someone treated the way Stuart has been. 

    He’s lonely and depressed, and watching the group exclude him does not make anyone look good. Usually, this show revolves around a group of unique people accepting one another despite their various foibles, so I find the use of Stuart disappointing. I hope he’s treated with more kindness in the future.

    I agree about Stuart. Not right at all. Then they have to rub it in harder by having Sheldon demand that Stuart get off the bus with him, "Come on Stuart, like me, you are not worthy." LOL.

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  5. 21 hours ago, mjc45 said:

    glad to see the group going on a trip.

    has a outsider emily was great to stand up 

    to sheldon.

    great laughs all round very good+

    When I first heard that she didn't accept his apology I thought, "Who even are you? You don't even know anyone. (exaggeration)" LOL!  But after I saw it play out, I really liked it and it needed to be done. So sometimes, that "outsider" looking in on situations can be a good thing because they can see what those who know Sheldon best don't. Sheldon's apology to her was sweet too.


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  6. Since they're making her a "regular", perhaps they'll do something where she and Raj split up for a while and eventually get back together. Or if they don't want to go that route, Rajily will work out their issues so that they can be happy together.

    As for toning down her creepiness, I guess I'm one of those who doesn't mind how she is. I love that these show creators create such beautifully diverse characters with different quirks and personalities. I love that in each character, I can pick things about them that are just like me. 

    Anyhoo, I hope in the end. Rajily work out because I do like her.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, EvilStewie said:

    Amy is my favorite character, and Its hard for be to be unbiased with her a lot of the times, but what she did here was wrong. I think the rest of the gang that did have to fight with cranky Sheldon would agree. She owes them the empathy, which is why I can't go along with her apology as a joke. To point out someone needs to show empathy and then not show it yourself when you KNOW ( and she did if she felt the need to confess) what you did was wrong.. Is wrong! 

    It didn't bother me at all when I watched it because her sarcastic apology went right over Sheldon's head and it made me laugh in the moment and I was distracted by his cuteness but you're actually right. How is she gonna tell him how to apologize to others and then when he lets her know that what she did offended HIM, he gets a sarcastic apology? LOL. She and Sheldon are definitely two peas in a pod though. LOL!

    Even Wil Wheaton gave Sheldon a real apology when Sheldon came to fight him for offending Amy that time. In my opinion, he didn't have to apologize but he did for a friend that was upset. 

    Anyway, it's not that serious to me but good point. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, vonmar said:

    From The AV Club: http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/heartfelt-episode-big-bang-theory-sees-sheldon-rec-230785

    Throughout this season of The Big Bang Theory, there’s been one consistent story and character arc amongst the rest of the stagnant bunch. Ever since Sheldon and Amy broke up, the show has done a wonderful job of exploring, with nuance and patience, the feelings, actions, and inactions that created the divide between the two seemingly compatible partners. Most of that exploration has focused on Sheldon because he was the one who needed to grow and mature the most. Amy had been more than patient with him, and it was time for him to take responsibility for his role in the demise of their relationship. That led to a genuinely earned reconciliation stretched across numerous episodes.

    While “The Empathy Optimization” isn’t nearly as deep or fulfilling as those episodes that took a hard look at Sheldon and Amy, it does once again prove that the show’s strength lies in its ability to question and critique its characters. Sheldon has legitimately grown this season, but that doesn’t mean his work is done. He’s repaired his relationship with Amy, but he still struggles to open up to his closest friends. That changes a bit when Sheldon, after lashing out at his friends (and Emily—yeah, I said it) when they try to take care of him when he’s sick, realizes that he’s been insensitive and cruel to the people he cherishes the most (and Emily). That’s where his relationship with Amy comes in. She’s the one that helps him come to that realization after he complains to her via Skype about their reactions to him. The idea that Amy is staying in Michigan to avoid being around sick Sheldon is a little much, especially considering where they left off, but the essence of their relationship is there, with Amy guiding him in social situations and him being more open to accepting her help and criticisms.

    (and Emily) Hahaha. Hilarious and how I feel. I like her but yeah, the fact that it felt like we rarely saw her makes it feel like she's not worthy of "friend" title. LOL. 

    Anyway, nice read.

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  9. 2 hours ago, hazelra7 said:

    I think we can call out Amy on her behavior and still be 100% pro Amy. I know I am.  I long for the talk, but we have to imagine it behind the scenes, or at least hope.  


    You put a lot of truth in here about Meemaw and the reaction of the audience.  The writers like to put the audience in the head of the Characters.  Penny was the non-nerd audience for while.  When Sheldon says, "cool your jets."  That's aimed at us fans for sure.  I heard it loud and clear.  When Meemaw says, you broke his heart.  How do I not know you will do it again, she has a point.  Does she want her family ring on the finger of woman who wont love her Moonpie unconditionally?  Meemaw found out it doesn't matter.  Sheldon is set on Amy.  He defended her to Meemaw without prompting, or long island Iced teas.  He looked her with love and knew she was going to get emotional.  

    WHen I saw the taping, and Sheldon pulled out the kleenex to hand it to Amy knowing that she was going to get emotional over his voicing of his feelings, you know what I thought?  I thought... he's seen this before.  They had their talk, and he had to watch Amy cry and get emotional. THAT is my take away from the simple act of him pulling out a hidden tissue from his grandmother's sleeve.  

    Now you know I am true die hard Shamy fan when I can pull all that out of a single throw away joke on a filler episode.  That's how we Shamys roll.  We see the love in the smallest of gestures and simplest of lines.  We see a couple who was meant for each other since the first glass of tepid water and every action, every line, every eye glance, or spank or kiss or cuddle feeds our belief that this couple is the ideal.  Bumps and troubles for sure (Season 9 first half), but meant for each other. 

    Now excuse me while I poop Rainbows and have some brownies.  

    Feels galore ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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  10. 32 minutes ago, hazelra7 said:

    You want to know what's funny?  I didn't mind Meemaw being upset with Amy as much as didn't like everyone avoiding Sheldon in the previous episode. This Sheldon the writers are putting forth is too much of handful and we need to "Put up with him" is getting old and makes the character so juvenile.  The episode airing on Thursday really rubbed me the wrong way the more I think of it. It nut shells what has upset me terribly with the show lately.  Everyone is just "putting up" with each other, rather than being friends.  Penny puts up with Leonard and his Star War obsession and his "Man child" roommate that she helped create.  Raj Puts up with Emily.    Amy had enough of Sheldon and broke up with him. (Make no mistake, the writers are blaming the break up Amy.)  The group needs a break from Sheldon so much that they plan a weekend without him?  I don't like it as much as Meemaw didn't like it. 

     Meemaw had every right to be upset.  Are you just "putting Up with my Moonpie because you want a boyfriend, or do you really and truly love him?"  SHe didn't know the answer before and the trip out to see Amy was to find that out.  I think she knows now.  I wish Amy defended her love of Sheldon more. I wish we had the banter of the Girl's Vegas Ep or the guy's detraction weekend. That is the TBBT spark I miss.  I miss it in Lenny, I missed in Shamy big time during the overly long break up and mostly I miss it between the friends.  

    So the Meemaw Episode was in a way a shout out to my overprotectiveness of Sheldon, in my mind only.  I loved that he told Amy to cool her jets and Meemaw will love Amy again.  This the same woman who gave Amy her prized cookie recipe.  Let me tell you from dealing with "Meemaw" types... Those old biddies don't give up the goods for just any woman.  She knows Amy is long term, but needed to make sure she wasn't going to pull a runner again.  Frankly... I do too.


     I would like that psychic to speak to Amy now...


    When Amy fully commit to him...   She should give herself to this relationship. Once she does, all her other pursuits will come into focus. Everything will fall into place once Amy's commit to him.... Quirks and All.

    I agree so much with what we need to see back on the show again and less of, "I'm putting up with..." nonsense.  Amen, sister.

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  11. Adding: I'm gonna take it up a notch and ask, what if Sheldon actually enjoys Amy doing that and gets turned on by her being stern with him at times? I was just thinking of that time she made him apologize on Thanksgiving to Howardette and he follows it by, "Ain't she great??" and smacks her ass. LOL!

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  12. 9 hours ago, wowbagger said:

    Thanks for the taping reports, jlove! Wonderful job! And thanks for the additional details, kerry and kazzie!

    Hurrah for Amy snapping 'Well, maybe I don't like you!' There's my girl. Confident of her own worth and in no mood for some overprotective (grand)mother figure's bullshit.

    Hurrah, again, for Amy telling Meemaw not to treat Sheldon like a child.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA for Sheldon's hilariously, characteristically egoistic comparison of himself to Meemaw and his 'little work in progress' to Pop-pop! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Never change, Shelly-bean. April, I completely agree that this was akin to his 'I like you, quirks and all' speech- that was exactly what I thought when I read it. And you know what, Sheldon? You have done so much work in the recent past that you get to call yourself the saintly reformer, just this once. Especially since your idea of a saintly reformer (Meemaw) is.....kind of a bitch. I say this with love. She sounds awesome. Can't you just imagine the showrunners watching Downton Abbey and musing 'Now, how can we bring on a Dowager Countess Violet character, but for the show? I know- Meemaw!' Well played, show.

    Now for the thing that makes me a bit twitchy:

    (Sucks air through teeth) ooooo, I don't know if I like that. I know Amy was upset, and when you're upset you don't always choose the best words (and everybody who attended the taping, correct me if it plays differently), but 'his best shot'? Not a fan. It makes Amy sound a little....what? Entitled? Up herself (and not in an amusing way)? Like Sheldon should be grateful she came back, because she's the best he'll do? It's just such an unfortunate choice of words, and if I were a rabidly protective grandmother interrogating the woman whose behaviour hurt my darling grandson, a line like that would make me see red.

    And also- Amy, Amy, Amy. Don't you realise by now? You are not Sheldon's 'best shot'. You are his only 'shot'. Not because there are no takers, but because he is not interested in anyone else. I know that Sheldon isn't irreplaceable to you the way you are to him, but it hurts  when you make throwaway remarks that make you sound so callous about this yawning power chasm between the two of you.

    And if you wanted to get Meemaw on side, why didn't you just tell her the 'eggs' remark that pushed you to break up with him? What a clear example of the sort of crap that you didn't want to put up with!


    ETA: Any of my fellow Shamies who read PG Wodehouse (specifically the Blandings Castle stories), did you giggle at the reveal that Meemaw's name was 'Constance'? Another seemingly-sweet-but-really-terrifying lady?

    Did NOT like that either. BTW, you made me LOL at the "up herself (and not in an amusing way)" line. LOL! Too funny.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Kennykoala said:

    What is the significance of the arrow I wonder?? :) 

    My guess, just for fun, is that episodes are going to be filmed out of order and 198 will be aired for the 200th. Being that the 200th is a big deal, Bill left us no way of guessing the title by using a Sharpie instead of his usual pencil.

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  14. 15 minutes ago, Kasey said:

    MJ, you hit the nail on the head with the part I bolded.

    For me, being a Johnny fan and thus a Lenny fan, when something doesn't go right in the show - which I can say sincerely it's not been a lot of quality for the Lenny lately, I tend to get cranky.  I hope that none of my posts have ever offended someone because that to me would be worse than not being happy about a show's direction. 

    I, myself have said a couple of times (maybe more) that I was either leaving this forum or stepping back.  Mostly it has been because when a show is no longer your happy place, then your forum really isn't either.  And let's face it some people don't think before they type.  I know I don't always.

    Verbally attacking a REAL person is never, ever in my opinion and in my life appropriate anywhere.  PERIOD.  Doesn't matter if it is attacking their opinion, their ship, their style of writing, or in retaliation.  It's just wrong.  And I don't think it is how we all want this forum to be.  I'm sure Tripper is just glowing over how this thread has devolved.

    I want to be a part of a group that passionately discussing TBBT, not a group that passionately throws down each other.  I guess if this continues, then I will have to make the decision to once and for all leave. 


    I really hope the show gets to a place to where you can enjoy it more again :). What did you think of the last episode? I noticed there were handful of people who felt like it was worrying for Lenny but I saw it as a sign that things are going to improve for them both. Whatever issues they may have left within them will fade away and we'll see two stronger people who can move forward in their relationship and be happy.

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