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  1. 5 hours ago, Érika Souza said:

    Please, where is? I just saw few parts about the episode and the opinions.. Isn't there a complete one? 

    If you haven't seen one around that means there's no report right now. Sorry. 

    Nevermind, I saw that others linked to one.


  2. 2 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    Oh please don't let it be Amy proposing to Sheldon and Sheldon freaking out.

    Hahaha. I can't deny that Amy proposing to Sheldon crossed my mind once earlier this evening. I have NO idea why.

  3. This kind of spices things up a bit, now that Amy knows about the ring and that Sheldon KNOWS that she knows. He gets to be creative still with the when, the where the how the proposal will happen :). 

    Only thing I worry about, after seeing others bring it up, is we might an Amy that becomes pushy about it. Not that I would expect her to be...we all know she's not the type but the writers do like to throw us curve balls when we least expect it. LOL.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    Yeah it wasn't a nice journey to be a part of at all :( 

    I might be mad as hell about it after I see the episode I dunno yet but I'm ok with them using it as an excuse for Mayim's back right now, I have to let a lot of little things slide about this show or I'd throw my TV out the window like when 'good guy' was on today *punches things* 

    Oh, sorry, I'm probably not helping the situation. Haha. It's really not that serious of a thing....just me thinking out loud of what I would have done. It's nothing that's going to ruin the episode for me, that's for sure. In the end, I'm glad something good comes out of everyone teaching him a lesson that made him realize he needs to apologize. 

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    Sorry to hear about your mothers health issues, MS is what my uncle died of and he was in his 30's. *sends you virtual hugs* 

    Sheldon is not really sick though, he has a flu and he over reacts every time which is why all of his friends are annoyed at him. When Leonard thought that his appendix had burst he worried about him and was about to take him straight to the hospital to get checked out in the middle of the night, if they were worried about him then Amy would be too :) 

    *Virtual hugs back* Thank you and sorry about your uncle. M.S. is no joke.

    Anyway, I wasn't trying to compare Sheldon's flu to M.S. I was simply giving an example of why I personally wouldn't have done what Amy did and stayed a few extra days away to avoid him. He took care of her when she was sick that time...even if at first he was about to walk away. Haha.

    Sheldon is the first to make tea (or chicken broth, haha) for any of his friends when they're down.

    I don't deny that if anything is really serious, his friends or Amy would step in. I just would have came home if I were her, just to peek in on him, if anything, that's all.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    I'll reserve judgement till the episode airs but I thought Amy advising him (from afar) that he needs to treat the important people in his life better or they would stay away was part of the humility lesson? 


    That could explain why the doll was in Sheldon-like clothes? :) 

    Yes, I understand the lesson completely. 

    To get a little off topic...My mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 9 years ago. Before she was officially diagnosed, my sisters and I first noticed that she was acting strangely. It was from the brain lesions that basically made her coo-coo. She would hallucinate and sometimes even be very mean and paranoid and think the worst of us or anything else. I told my sisters, who began to drift from her because they didn't understand the situation,  "We need to always be there for her no matter what. If she dies from this, we don't want to have regrets that we just left mom be because she did mean things to us sometimes. We want to know that we gave it our all so that we can be more at peace with everything." 

    My mom has been hospitalized about 3 times because of her M.S. The last time was around season 5 and she was in the hospital for a month. That was when we bonded a lot by watching all the earlier seasons of The Big Bang Theory that we hadn't seen yet on my laptop in her hospital room. She's the one the turned me onto the show in the first place, bless her heart. LOL. 

    Today, my mom is doing well and has not had any more brain lesion episodes since then, thank God :-). She's been to three tapings of The Big Bang Theory with me and we were supposed to go today too but couldn't make it out there to Burbank because of car issues.

    Anyway, so that's why I'm more on the side of, you can be WITH Sheldon and still tell him to knock it the eff off when he's being a jerk. LMAO.


    But I know the episode is going to be great anyway. Looks hilarious.


    3 hours ago, April said:

    Absolutely agree. I talked with Lio about that phenomenon, if we wanna call it that, the other day. It's quite bizarre to me how some people desperately cling to this kind of fabricated version of Sheldon. At best I could give them that yes, Sheldon wanted everyone to believe that he was this sort of emotionless detached robot or whatever - but IMHO that wasn't what the show was trying to sell us at all with all those very highly emotional stories with him. By buying in this outer façade they're essentially negating that Sheldon is this really multifaceted character with a rich inner life. A character like that is a goldmine for a writer, and as much as I want them to give the others their well deserved day in the lime light, too, I can't even blame the writers getting carried away with him ever so often.

    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to see how this plays out in the final episode.

    In the meanwhile TVline posted a pic with Howardette with Sheldon's apology t-shirt here: http://tvline.com/gallery/tv-spoilers-2016-season-premieres-photos/#!3/winter-preview-big-bang-theory/

    Oh Sheldon, honey, what even...? LMAO This is probably amusing me more than it should.

    That actually sounds like an intriguing premise - not sure how likely it is though. But I'd absolutely love that. Not just because of them discussing child-rearing approaches but probably even more so because Amy did go through all those things the slow way so I'd love to see her weigh in on that with her experiences. I just really like it when they're bonding over past experiences like that. As the AVclub guy often describes their connection, they're two outcasts who found solace and comfort in one another and I always love to see facets of that.

    LOL!!! I opened the link and started cracking up. Sheldon with the thumbs up pic on the shirt. HAHAHAHA.

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  7. 10 hours ago, jenafan said:

    You and I are on the same page here.   I know others disagree, but I don't care how much of a bad patient my husband is when he is sick.   I don't leave him to his own devices.    I may fuss and yell at him for being a jerk, but I still care for him, bring him soup, etc.     Amy outright lied to Sheldon and manipulated him into bathing her, etc.    The least she could do is be there for him to give him tender loving care.   Maybe her absence is part of the reason why he was in a bad mood. 

    One time I got into an argument with my hubby when he was ill, and I left the house to do my own thing to avoid him.   I came home and had to rush him to the ER.   I almost lost him because of my stubbornness in not wanting to put up with him.    So, I have to admit to bias on my view here.

    You girls aren't alone, I also was annoyed that Amy purposely avoided Sheldon when he was sick. No matter how much of an ass he can be, she should have been there for him and if anything, teach him to NOT be an ass while taking care of him, not avoid him all together. That's what being supportive of someone you love is all about. 

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  8. 33 minutes ago, Gbb said:

    This has nothing to do with her refusing to forgive Sheldon (I'd completely forgotten that part of the TR)  but I just don't like Emily. Maybe because she's such a cipher but the creepy factor figures in. Primarily, I've just never seen any evidence that she actually loves Raj. And I've never seen evidence that Raj really loves her. He's just incapable of rejecting a woman who says she wants him.

    This isn't a shipper zone, right? I can talk about not wanting them together?

    Oh, yeah, I say anything goes here, shipper or not. You are right that we don't know that they even love each other....well, to be expected since they haven't been together long.

    But Raj dropped an I love you on her when he was afraid to break up with her. What a mess this is. LOL.

    Thinking about Sheldon slight fear of red heads and creepy Emily makes me laugh. LOL.

    In other news, I'd be down if they brought back Yvette for Raj if Emily doesn't work out. I never liked how Penny said, "it looks like there's something going on with those two." or whatever and Yvette even gives Raj her number and then nothing came out that. Too bad. 

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  9. I guess I love Emily's creepiness. When I watched that YouTube video last night, it made me laugh when she joked about leavng the torso of her friend she "killed" in Palm Springs, California or whatever she said. Hahaha. The way Raj is kind of scared of her is funny too. I'm into the paranormal (ghosts) like she is so I guess I can relate to her on that.


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  10. This thread is for discussions about Howardette and Rajily. I felt it was needed.

    Is Remily or Rajily most used by fans? LOL. I would always just use the first one out of habit but I like the second one better so that's the one I put in the title of this thread. Anyway...

    My random thoughts at the moment:

    *I think we're definitely going to see Stuarts old room turned into a nursery. I'm usually among the majority that doesn't want to see a baby on the show but I think about it now and it would be so adorable to see a pregnant Bernadette. It's not like the baby has to be seen all the time after it's born. Besides, I posted in the Shamy thread that I guessed the baby would come mid to end of season 10 anyway. Lots of fun story lines can be written before and/or after the baby arrives with all the characters involved.

    *Raj and Emily. I hope this whole thing gets addressed soon. I love the uniqueness of "scary" Emily but I feel I barely know who she is! So much so that I actually got annoyed when I read the last taping report that she didn't want to forgive Sheldon after he apologized during his apology tour. I thought, "Really?? Who are you, anyway? You've been here for all of 1 and a half minutes and you're not allowed to not forgive him. (purposely exaggerated of course)" LOL! 

    The thing with her and Penny hating each other was brushed under the rug as well as the even bigger issue of Raj considering breaking up with her at the end of last season. I hope we get more information on at least the second one because I'd like to know more about how Raj is feeling and why he felt that way when things seemed to be going well between them. Well....I guess it was kind of hinted that she scared him a little...well, maybe more than a little considering he didn't have the heart to break up with her. 

    ....and I'll leave it at this for now. Who ever wants to join in at any time....




    Just watched this on YouTube...yeah, I really dig Emily more than I thought actually. LOL.

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  11. 1 hour ago, jenafan said:

    If I were Amy:

    First of all, I am a neurobiologist.   I would know not to spook the sheep.   That's not to say that I am taking advantage of something I don't believe Sheldon wants.   I just don't want to second-guess his intentions, as if to imply that his gift is not genuine, but an obligation.     I am understanding that going through a litany or checklist of hangups to ensure he is over all of them runs the risk of talking him out of it; killing the mood if you will.   Does that make me selfish?  Perhaps, but this isn't rape here.    My boyfriend is initiating, and I am accepting the invitation.   I'm not going to question it, but will embrace it.  He has told me he loves me and says he really wants to be my boyfriend.  I see now that he means it in every way.

    I have been wanting Sheldon for years.   He's given me reason after reason as to why he is not ready, but he has always told me he hasn't ruled it out.   I've been waiting and waiting for him to say the time is right.   He's finally caught up to me.    I'm not going to question it or look a gift horse in the mouth.   Yes, I will go get waxed and make myself beautiful for him.  I will jump for joy.   In fact, I feel like hiking my skirt up right here on the couch, I'm so excited.   Wait!  This is really happening.   He's not seeking a way out of it, but is asking for my consent.   Time to break out into a set of nerves gone wild.   Here comes Sheldon to reassure me that we are rowing in the same direction to see where the destination takes us together.  Everything else between us has been a cerebral exercise.    Our physical intimacy does not have to or needs to be.   Our hearts, and by extension our loins, want each other and don't require explanation or justification, they just need to be joined via a physical manifestation of our love.

    Regarding the actual act itself, it is a misconception that all men will have a quick in and out the first time.  Putting myself in Sheldon's shoes, I am self-conscious and having coitus primarily because I want to show Amy how much I love her.  My focus is on all my research, Penny's advice, and the procedure of putting tab A into slot B to pleasure her rather than seeking my own gratification first.   I am so distracted by paying attention to taking care of Amy and not getting overwhelmed by my phobias that I didn't think to consider that the outcome would be as pleasurable for me.  Henceforth, I find that I enjoyed it better than I thought I would, not by knowing or even intent, but resulting circumstance.   

    I am a special boy.  I'm not "good" because I have some innate sexual prowess within me.   I'm "good" because my self-consciousness and determination not to get overwhelmed and ruin things worked in my favor, but my sexual ego feels really good right now.   Let me bask in the glow of my accomplishment.    

    I didn't know what I was missing.    Hello.   I've just had my induction into primary desire because now I find that sex is fun and not as icky as I thought it would be.   It's not just about pleasing Amy, but it's about me too, and I want to do it again.   I'll just lay here and reaffirm my emotional connection and love for this woman by holding onto her hand.

    I am not resentful, and I have no regrets over my decision.   Life is good.   I wonder how quickly I can get a set of Star Wars tickets?

    Hahaha! Perfectly said!

    1 hour ago, Nogravitasatall said:

    Ok, so... three plaid shirts sighted today in two hours of being out and about. One guy is married to an American, so that's explained, one guy was from the Eastern Suburbs and the other wore a large, like 4cm square tartan. I'm calling the last two "knowing hipsters". Still dont get why the plaid prevails on the show. And it seems to be trending up. Weird. Maybe it is hip? Gods.

    Carry on.

    edit. One more, but he was definitely an old tourist. What is happening to the show!


    edit 2. I got it. They are chasing their demographic. Those comfortable with wearing plaid. Because ... that's edgy.


    If you and I ever meet again in person in the future, we can wear plaid shirts and take a selfie. LOL! ;-)

  12. I had a dream last night that I was looking at pictures of a Lenny wedding (re-do with their friends and family) and the girls bridesmaids dresses were a pretty purple. That's all I remember. 

    In reality, I'm still not so sure I'd want them to have another wedding. They certainly deserve it....actually, as I type this, I think I do want that for them. They deserve a beautiful wedding with nothing disturbing the romance of it, like a revelation of one of them kissing another person or another couples relationship issues getting in the way. LOL.

    But if we don't get another wedding (hell, there might not be time for it at this point), I just want to see them continuing to grow as a couple and being happy with themselves and together :)

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  13. 16 minutes ago, meka3000 said:

    I've never said ANYONE is wrong to want to feel a certain way.  The point I've been trying to get across with the comments that you are referring to is that some of the complaints come across as short sighted.  Member X will complain when something they see is something that makes them unhappy, but when same said member sees something that makes them happy they suddenly forget why they were unhappy (and vice versa).

    It's just annoying that some members don't realize their own patterns; and just ignore perspective.

    Maybe they have faith that the show's viewers are not easily offended all the time?

    Debating whether or not I want to get warning points right now....hmmm.....

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  14. 3 hours ago, jenafan said:

    And Sheldon thinks that Bernie and Howard will be the ones divorcing?    I am really sorry the writers are doing what they are doing here.   I hate this storyline even more than the Shamy breakup because things are going from bad to worse.

    Let's see:   Sheldon called Lenny on not setting a wedding date.   They got married.   Penny tells Amy that she is not missing anything important by not being there.  Sheldon ruined the viewing of the wedding by arguing with Amy.  Sheldon tells Leonard he always imagined Leonard would be spending his wedding night with him, and just recently told Penny that she would be able to pull off being friends with her ex-husband, Leonard, as he was doing with Amy.

    It seems Sheldon has all the insight.     I really hope he is wrong.    Lenny need to get out of 4A, and they need to do it yesterday!!!

    When Sheldon makes joke's about the other couples divorcing or whatever, those are just throw away lines.

    Either way, they are throw away lines that I hate. Not sure why the writers think it's funny.


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  15. 1 hour ago, Nogravitasatall said:

    Here is another thing. The plaid. What is with that? I can draw a very long bow that shoots at a "women on the land" sensibility. If she had an Akubra, moleskins and R.M Williams boots she could be a jillaroo. With a trick truck. In, maybe pink. And a blue heeler and a swag in the tray.

    Not saying it's a bad thing - but costumes are not random "model's own" happenstances. Someone is making that choice to say something. What are they saying?

    (I get the not wanting to pull thing  - in character. It's an exhausting situation of which I am not on the receiving end, but of which I have probably been a culprit. Looking at the character, it's a little vexed, considering the performance requirements of the role on-screen as the stunning contrast opposite Leonard-the-anorack. So I think JE7 might have a valid question regarding their intent).

    Yes! You noticed the plaid too. Someone in the costume department has a fetish or something. LOL. I like plaid but yes, I noticedthat she's in it a LOT.

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