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  1. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed that.
  2. Yeah, I mean....a whole night together? They probably did cuddle ;-)
  3. So has anyone else noticed just how often Penny wears plaid? Someone in the costume department REALLY loves plaid. LOL. Not that I'm complaining but WOW she wears plaid a lot, doesn't she?
  4. I wish there really was Shamy Con....or at least BigBangTheory Con. LOL.
  5. Yeah, I think about it now and I can see how the cuddle may have been too much at this point in time. This is probably just another thing with Shamy that we'll get to see a progression of. After their first time having sex, we get them holding hands, but if you guys notice, they can't even look each other directly in the eyes, which I find so cute because it's like they're both a little shy, despite what they had just done. In the future, they won't be as shy about it. We will probably get to see them cuddling and able to look each other in the eye and maybe even a few sweet kisses thrown in? ;-) Bring it on, writers! I can't wait.
  6. Are there still only 8,000 tickets left? Hahaha.
  7. I'm laughing out loud right now. What on Mars (yes, we're all making that a thing) could they have possibly had a huge fight about?? "That remote should have been your junk and it wasn't and I'm pissed!" Hahaha.
  8. It's funny because you were once on here telling ATOB to wait until the episode airs first to see how things play out before jumping to conclusions. Well, perhaps you should follow your own advice and wait a while to see where things go? This is only the beginning. Two scientists doing some experiment you say? You DARN RIGHT they were. Kind of makes sense for FIRST TIME SEX, wouldn't you say? Experimenting is part of the job. I would say it was a very successful experiment considering THEY BOTH ENJOYED THE SEX. How do you figure that "they now decide that Sheldon is not interested in sex from beginning to the end" when he said he enjoyed it and looks forward to doing it again? What do you mean, "why stop and go back to point zero now??" If anything, him wanting to have sex with her is evidence that he's still continuing to grow and change. We found out in the Spockumentary episode that Sheldon has spent most of his life suppressing his emotions, etc. One of those things he was suppressing was released in episode 9.11. So I ask, what you do ya want from Sheldon, huh? LOL.
  9. What episode is that? It's going to bother me until I know. Haha. I may have to go back and rewatch them all.
  10. Let's just say I failed at my own game. LOL.
  11. BTW, I worked from 4 to midnight yesterday, got home and watched Shamy gifs on Tumblr until pass 4 this morning....and fought myself to stay awake to make it happen. Send help.
  12. Yes, that's how I saw it. It would make sense for Sheldon, who excels at everything (except for getting over Amy ;-)), to give it to her so well that it nearly looks like he didn't give it to her at all. LOL! The way Amy's hair looked, there was DEFINITELY a lot of effort put in by Sheldon. Everything was just perfect and I wouldn't expect a man who had issues with physical intimacy for so many years to behave anything other than how Sheldon did. He went into it not knowing how he'd feel about it afterwards but as it turned out, he enjoyed it. He had a pleased look on his face and when Amy said, "Me too!...", that smile on his face got just a tad bit bigger and that speaks volumes. Asexual, demisexual, WHATEVER we feel the need to label him, he and Amy are going to navigate through everything just fine like they always have. I can't wait to see how things will play out now that the sexual component has been added into their relationship. Great job, show creators, for a magical episode! Still in Shamy heaven.
  13. YouTube in slow motion you say....Hmmm....LOL Yeah, this isn't a wink. Jim does this sometimes. He'll blink and one eye stays open it seems. Haha. Right off the top of my head, when he's slamming the dominoes that he wasn't allowed to knock over back into their box, he does it after he mocks, "Let's box it up."
  14. As for Jim's muscle's being not Sheldonish. I have to disagree. I agree with Jim when he was on the Dan Patrick Show... Dan: you can't be buff and play a nerdy character. Jim: well, I think these old stereotypes are exactly what we're fighting against, Dan. Haha
  15. Watched it again before going to bed last night and I noticed Amy's facial expression/eyes wide when Sheldon was saying he looks forward to doing it again next year on her birthday. Hilarious! Her facial expression said, "No! this was plenty of sex for now!.....oh, next year? That's fine." Hahaha.
  16. Just watched the episode in Cali. I've died and gone to heaven. Loved everything about this episode. BTW, noticing how enthusiastic Sheldon was when he said he can't wait to do it again next year on her birthday... They're definitely not waiting till her birthday to do it again.
  17. Well said. It's just going to take some time for him to get there....or maybe not much time at all. I just don't think they're waiting a year. I'm willing to bet money on it. LOL. Sure, he may have done it to show just how much he loves her but I still believe there was a part of him that desired it too, otherwise he wouldn't have done it.
  18. Best thing I've seen written in this thread in Lord knows how long.
  19. It is well known that they often say things during these interviews in a certain way to throw fans off of their scent. Shamy are finally back where we want them again. They had to be broken up so some lessons could be learned on both ends and now look where they are today. I highly doubt they will ever split up again but you may as well prepare now for more bumps in the road in the future. All I know is, based on the love and care they have proven they have for Shamy, I will NEVER worry about where they go with this.
  20. Probably fan-girling hard and he couldn't hold it in. Hahaha.
  21. Looks like her nightie has flowers too.
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