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  1. HELL YEAH. I love this....Jim is too funny.
  2. This explains everything. Thank you for sharing.
  3. When I died for the 985,384,475,576,375,485,374,575,586,352,103th time.
  4. Susana on facebook last night asking who the girl was next to Melissa in the Instagram pic suddenly makes me laugh out loud. HAHAHAHA. Seriously though, can we get some more Remily going on? Otherwise, just WHY is she here? LOL. Is this going any where? If not, can we bring back Yvette?
  5. We should just direct her to this thread. Shamy gif city a few pages back. LOL.
  6. We definitely deserved bed scenes for their first time. ;-)
  7. I wonder what she meant about them sitting and talking about it after it finally happened? Did she mean she was thinking that they would just imply that Shamy had sex and then we see Shamy talking about it later?
  8. Thanks! I went to picmonkey.com. Perfect for people like me who know nothing about graphic design. LOL.
  9. I'll call the mortuary/ cemetery folk. LOL.
  10. I love the hell out of this. If she ever did that one the show, that would be a bad ass way for him to get back at her. Hahaha.
  12. I'm close to using it as mine as well. Can they make more? I think that all of you talented people should make us siggies to so we can pick and choose. We need an official PICK YOUR SHAMY SIGGY THREAD. Haha. I think I'm in love. I also loved when he lip synced to a DJ Jazzy Jeff song on Jimmy Fallon once. He doesn't mess around. LOL.
  13. One of you has sent me a PM request on facebook and I lost it some how....resend please? LOL. Anyway, I'm still in Shamy heaven. Shamy is my heart worm. LOL! "Darlin'" was playing in my head when I woke up this morning.
  14. Good point. Hadn't thought of that because I was so lost in the lovely commercial. LOL
  15. I hope that's the last of the promos. They may as well just air the episode now, they're trying to kill us anyway. lol
  16. So has anyone else watched an equivalent of 24 hours worth of the Shamy scenes and gifs over and over? Send help. LMAO! Anyway, sorry to help rain on this particular parade as well but I do not believe there was any open mouth action here. It was definitely VERY WELL implied by the way Jim sort of dug his lips into her face and moved his head. Haha. Sorry, hard to explain but I think most of us can agree that it was sexy as hell. I also think that over time, their make out sessions will evolve into something more intense now that they're physical. I can't wait to see their journey from here.
  17. Sending out a billion likes. LOL. Mine are still out. We need to be able to like 500 posts a day at a time like this. LOL.
  18. LMAO! Are you kidding me? I was singing a song from That's So Raven today because of it. Hahaha. So funny.
  19. Cannot wait to rewind my favorite parts over and over and over and over and over and over. Times 100. ;-ppppp
  20. Lack of interest in acting engaging in it due to his issues that he needed to over come, yes, but in general, I feel he's always had an interest. It's why he brought up that he and Amy had sex during the Skype session with Amy's mom followed by him asking her if they should really have sex at some point with a "Bazinga" at the end. It's why he participated in the experiment where they punked their friends into thinking they had sex and then telling Amy he enjoyed pretending to be in a sexual relationship with her. It's why he got a kick out of people around the university thinking he giving Amy's sex organs a proper jostling. It's why he wanted them to continue their sexual role playing game on D&D night when she was about to get up and leave the room and he could have just avoided that and left with her but he didn't. All the hints that have been dropped upon us since then that he wants to get in her pants. LOL. I believe he's always been interested in sex and especially after falling in love with Amy.
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