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    Superhero animation. Sci-fi movies. Christian theology. Deep thinking
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    South Yorkshire, England

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    Jim Parsons
    Simon Helberg
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    Season 2
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    The Justice League Recombination

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  1. Catweazle


    Either way the status quo is remains. No proof of existence.
  2. Catweazle


    What, has no one got any alien sightings to report. Maybe that is because aliens don't exist!!!
  3. Japan. Can you play chess.
  4. Yes - But could do with warmer weather. TNP can play the piano.
  5. I don't have one, I rarely eat out, but I have a pub lunch now and then. How far away do you think world war three is?
  6. True - There is water in my coffee. TNP Likes cheese dogs.
  7. Just learned TBBT has been renewed up till season ten. Oh yeah!
  8. Quit the romance novels, they are just fantasy. Stick to reality or you will end up following silly dreams!
  9. That I could eat chocolate all day without getting fat. Are you fat?
  10. Don't you think that's a bit selfish, wanting to deprive your neigbour from having a laugh? Couldn't you move closer to London? Are you sure it's not the charites that have had trouble with you?I'm just out fishing. LOL.
  11. True - Many times. Marc Bolan of T.Rex. TNP has a long neck.
  12. False - TNP likes sprouts.
  13. Never heard of it. The next person knows how Napoleon Solo opened channel D.
  14. Only on nights when I can't sleep! TNP has watched TBBT seasons more than six times.
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