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  1. Oh no, a spoiler. We're behind in the UK.
  2. Last night I watched The Closure Alternative series 6. (We're behind in the UK) It was a gem of an episode and proves the magic is still there.
  3. The question is, will the writers come to their senses and return to the winning formular.
  4. But he knows which side of the equator he live on.
  5. I voted none of them, as I have a death wish.
  6. Every time I see a business woman dressed in her power suit I want to say, “Shouldn't you be at home cooking your husband’s dinner".
  7. All the more reason to go on. She needs to out-do Hawing's appearance by getting Sheldon to acknowledge her intellectual superiority.
  8. Stephen Hawking would disagree. Appearing on TBBT is the pinnacle of intellectual achievement.
  9. When the show ends my life will enter a new paradigm. The hypothesis that I have formulated is that I will retreat into the matrix of series reruns and box set overload. The only way to avoid that outcome is to find and enter the parallel universe where TBBT does not end.
  10. I'm so devastated at the thought of the show ending that I find myself needing a hot beverage!!!
  11. I don't want it to end, dagnabbit!!!
  12. I'd love to see dumb people get smart by watching TBBT.
  13. I'd love to see Captain Sweatpants get a speaking part in at least one episode.
  14. I've got some smarts too. And I'm British. Is that a link? Just kidding. That gal make me look dumb!
  15. I have to say I agree with all four points... However, on point 1, Stuart should replace Raj as Kripke would not bow to Sheldon's superiority.
  16. Also, because Howard is no longer at home means we miss the wonderful poetic tones of his mother's call. Who's there?.... Are you a sex criminal?
  17. A divorce would solve the problem. Then he could move back into his cool bedroom at his mother's house.
  18. While channel surfing I happened upon The Justice League Recombination. I was instantly hooked. I will love this show for the rest of my life.
  19. Howard's bedroom was an Aladdin's Cave of wonder. A palace of perfection for nerdish memorabilla.
  20. So, you've never seen a dalek.....
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