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  1. funny episode, i lol'd a lot. although: Get real, if I was in space (SPACE ffs!!!) I would not be putting up with some screechy bint on the phone. Howard just say "Sweety...I DON'T CARE...I'M IN SPACE!!!!" Have howard look at the earth out the window and have some indication of him missing bernadette (if this must be done at all).
  2. 1) Sheldon 2) Penny (me & mates used to call it The Sheldon & Penny Show) 3) Oldschool Howard 4) Raj 5) Captain Sweatpants 6) Leslie Winkle 7) That hot gothy comic girl Leonard meets, April? Doug 9) The "GET OUT OF MY ER" woman ... ..... ........ ........... 967) Amy & Bernadette, like them least out of any character that's appeared on the show, no matter how minor here is my homage to the golden age of big bang theory, pre yoko & yoko
  3. I really wish amy and bernadette would take a long walk somewhere. A divorce storyline would be too depressing and wouldn't work but they should be put on the backburner for a bit. I'd rather watch a series 1-3 episode that I've seen 40 times before than rewatch most of season 5. Here are some possible (plausible?) storylines for a amy-bernadette hiatus: -Bernadette gets fired and gets another job far away somewhere. European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease would do. Even go to their annual conference for a week and take amy with her. -Amy encounters another g
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