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  1. Agree. As I said on another thread I really regret naming my dog after the character. I like my dog more than I do Penny at the moment, and the former is a destructive (though adorable) little pooch. The Leonard/Penny thing worked for me because it was the fairytale of guy geek gets unattainable girl. Now she's just undesirable petty mean childish girl. In bed "he really tries"? What happened to the episode where she said "You really are a genius!" And Leonard has no clue how she's talking about him to all of their mutual friends behind his back...
  2. Harsh much? Everyone ages. With comments like these no wonder so many Hollywood types run for the plastic surgeon. I prefer her hair and look from the first season. My wife thinks she's more beautiful now and like one poster above didn't like the "bimbo" look from season 1. But I still wouldn't say she "isn't aging well". I'm much more concerned with the way the character treats Leonard. Constantly telling your friends that you don't know if you love your boyfriend and constantly pointing out his flaws. Now that is ugly. I named my dog Penny, and I almost wish I hadn't.
  3. And for the love of Pete can we please have Howard back down from space. Is he going to be up in the Space Station all season????
  4. Really disappointing. What happened? Did all the writers quit? Best part was the mouse face on Howard. Having someone misuse a scientific word isn't the height of hilarity. The cliche of Sheldon becoming a real boy ("Please don't hurt my friend") was only outdone by watching the shallow vain girl that wouldn't know a good thing if it bit her and the old doormat she's about to throw out fight. I just don't like Penny anymore - they've changed her from a misguided naive girl with a heart of gold and a fear of being hurt into a self centered user..., and Leonard as a doormat isn't far behind.
  5. For me they've all but destroyed this part of the show. It's gone from a light-hearted comedy about a pair of science geeks and their friends, one of them finally getting girl of his dreams, complete with sophisticated scientific jokes, into a weak sitcom about two deeply flawed and unsympathetic characters with token science jokesn thrown in occasionally. Penny treats Leonard like dirt. In my single days I learnt fairly quickly that if a girl takes you for granted and can't commit, you should walk away fast. All Leonard does is whines and nags, making him pathetic. "She's just not that in
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