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  1. Yeah, always liked BH. Getting CarolB would be HUGE!!!!
  2. Yeah, Bernie has gone psycho on Howard and Amy, Raj, Penny. I think the writers are trying to get Bernie dialed in because the sweet & sour version of Bernie is funnier, whereas the pure sugar & spice version of her is boring.
  3. LOL, I just responded to you in the other thread. Yeah, It was right for Lucy to be excluded.
  4. Yeah, you're right about Lucy. I just thought Penny's sneakers looked like same one Leonard wears, and figured they were going to point it out for kicks.
  5. Ditto. Although the humour level low, it was appropriate for the episode. Personally, I didn't mind the change and think these type of meatier episodes is a good thing. RE..the vibrator joke didn't bother me at all. It was funny.
  6. Way better than the last one. I really enjoyed the flow of a single storyline and a more serious plot. There was enough humor to prevent it from crossing into melodrama land. The Howard closure ending was brilliant. I got a sense the writers and cast enjoyed doing something a bit deeper and meaning full for a change. Howard's underrated drama skills really stood out. I'm usually not a big fan of H&B, but I actually enjoyed them this time around. Although Sheldon as a child, and doing an advanced knowledge bit with a "blonde monkey" Penny follow up wasn't new, it worked well. Overall, it was a very good "feel good" episode. Misc. thoughts... I'm was surprised to not see Lucy, and thought they dropped the ball with Penny's sneakers. After Bernie said Howard wore her pants, I was expecting Penny to say something like "Yeah, I'm wearing Leonard's shoes".
  7. Was there a meaning behind the girls as a princess? And, why it triggered Leonard and Howard horny button?
  8. Not sure about that one. I think Lenny and Shamy are a lock because L,P,S are untouchables and A was constructed for S. B, Lucy or whoever are paired with H and R should be up for grabs. If it works, great...if not kill it and move on.
  9. I'm game for doing something with Raj, but i don't want to see some sort cutesy relationship with Lucy. The writers are already doing, and IMO are struggling to do the cutesy thing with H&B. They need to do something different with Raj and Lucy or don't do it all.
  10. Easily the weakest episode of the year. The scenes where Penny is sitting on the bench and the kids in the classroom bored out of their minds sums up this episode for me. The only parts that I found remotely funny was Sheldons' googling, Leonards' rapping, and Howard's horse bits. The three story lines were weak and disjointed. Girls... A&B looked nice in costume. Evil Bernie is a step in the right direction. Penny "i'm a slut" jokes - again and 3x times, booooring. Guys...Leonard "my mommy didn't love me" again...zzzzzzzzzz. Raj and Lucy...the texting idea was neat at first, but turned into a snooze fest.
  11. If Amy came across as weak or depressed i would surely feel bad. But, I'm not getting that vibe. (Sortof goes back to my comments in the doormat thread). I also can't overlook Amy is some sort top dog brain scientist, and the gut feeling that she's trying to alter Sheldon behavior in a similar way to her smoking monkeys. The results of her experiments, good or bad are helping her plan next steps. Come hell or high water, she's going to marry Sheldon in 4 years. Sheldon will likely be kicking and screaming at the alter, but loving it.
  12. I like the idea of Sheldon being himself to everyone else but Amy and feel that's where the writers are heading. I think the decision to go at a slower pace is working out just fine. A more immediate or sudden change in Sheldon behavior would feel right. Having Sheldon resist change ( being dragged kicking and screaming, being an ass) is very much in line with how Sheldon is. I don't see it hurting the character and doing so, makes the actual change deeper and more meaningful. At this point, Amy may be getting the short end of the stick, but she's gaining ground. I don't feel bad or sympathetic for her. If anything she seems to be getting stronger and more determined not weaker. Plus it let's the writer's do some sort of "every trick in the book" run. Overall, I think they've done Shamy well.
  13. I think they should let the Penny rebuild sink in and stabalize Lenny a bit more. Getting Penny to the point where she can bring more to the table, before an engagement would be nice. They've just started to rejuvenate her acting career, so that would be good next step. Plus, it would be really cool to get the Priceline commercials into the show somehow.
  14. Kaizen


    That's awesome news. Had enough of the Lenny breakups, psycho drama, and seeing them dragged through the mud. I don't know if it's the writers or actors themselves, but Lenny can't fight. The big ones esp. are neither funny or entertaining. Let Shamy handle the drama and fight scenes. They're way better at doing mad and funny at the same time.
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