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  1. I'd like to see some B5 guest stars. Patricia Tallman(Lita) would make for some great sex fantasy jokes with Howard. - Pleasure thresholds, getting hold of rumored naked pics of Tallman as she scrambles up a pine tree NAKED to rescue a baby squirrel her cat harmed(she saw the cat with squirrel in mouth through screen door as she got out of shower, towel dropped as she chased the cat, many tree branch scratches in sensitive parts later she caught the squirrel). Claudia Christian turning Sheldon into a pretzel over his comments re: B5 Dream sequence of Ivanova representing Sheldons mom and her saying she is sent from god..... or Ivanova and Marcus unfulfilled love and unicorn jokes re: Amy Farah Fowler. Sheldon and aracnaphobia and that being the REAL reason he dislikes B5....
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