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  1. Great episode, although Amy was annoying, which is strange i usually like her lol.
  2. don't they mean leonard's parking spot? or do they mean sheldons office where he parks his tushy at work every day :-P
  3. I'm loving season 6, I liked season 5 even when it wasn't as funny as previous seasons but season 6 is bringing the humor back in line with season 1 2 and 3. and yes, this is a commedy, it's meant to be exagurated to make things funny. If it wasn't for howard's Momma's boy attitude and immaturity he wouldn't be nearly as funny.
  4. theres a few characters i'd like to see make a reapperence, Leonard's Mum, Penny's Dad, and Leslie Winkle
  5. the last two episodes have been the best in the series so far I think. I loved the interaction between all of the couples, and Raj was his usual funny self
  6. I'm pretty sure Hulu only offers them to people in the US
  7. i didn't know Sheldon and Stephen Hawking had a relationship :-P but yes, it'll be fun having hawking back on the show
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT1DhcQg0Os if you Missed it
  9. Hey all, thought you all might be interested to watch this in a couple of hours when it goes live http://redbullstratos.com/live
  10. I know nasa has a 0 gravity machine, but i'm guessing that'd be too expensive to hire out to film in lol
  11. Reaaalllly looking forward to this episode. can't wait to see Amy jealous...
  12. this is a great post, and so true. I love Amy, she is awesome.
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