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  1. And from an Aussie perspective; (All the more poignant because a lady from work went and saw her son graduate from Kapooka on the weekend - Infantry - As a mum shes proud, but I bet she'll worry if he goes to the sandpit).
  2. Do we have any serving, or ex service people in the audience? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y5GDvN9_OE&feature=related And just to add another side to the story (the German perspective); The tune may be similar, but the words are VERY different.
  3. I have S1 thru 5 on DVD. Just watched S1 Ep1 again, and it was just as good as the first time, now a classic. What gets me is how the characters have changed, grown, aged. (Almost makes me want to see firefly again too).
  4. Thanks for posting those photos. Actually quite a bit of electronics/Ham radio/ aircraft stuff there too.
  5. Roxanne is sitting in Sheldon's spot.... Ooh Ahhh!
  6. Australia. Coz we can understand everyone else (who allegedly share English as a language) yet somehow they can't understand us?
  7. Australia MUST be GREAT too then, because NZers love it so much too that 1 in 9 Kiwis live and work here. (Seriously though - we like Kiwis - they are great at Rugby and have Footrot Flats - theyz family!).
  8. TPAM is 'a posting freak' (well done BTW 1,000 soon?). Well, sorta. I did the advanced stream, but I was lazy at school. I'm older now, but it really hit home when I had to do some adv algebra and calculus for an open uni course - 'twas hard! Thing to remember about TBBT is we have some good actors (and good scripts) playing nerds - but they taint necessarily nerds - Now many of the fans here - theys genuine nerds!.
  9. Not to forget the Poms either - so much deeper talent pool that just the Beatles and rolling Stones. Petula Clark; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKCnHWas3HQ&feature=related Ashton,Gardener&Dyke-Resurrection Shuffle
  10. I love early rock n roll. '50s especially. Anyone seen the movie American Graffiti? The sound track is GREAT!. (Y'never hear 'Green Onions these days - or Telstar, or Wipeout). Edit Found 'em; Telstar;
  11. My Fave Buddy Holly song is Peggy Sue; Edit; I think the guitar is an early Telecaster. (Teles 1950, Strats 1954).
  12. Warning. If/when you go to one of those meet/hold the animals parks, the Koalas have a reputation for pissing on unsuspecting tourists... ....And they are usually doped out on eucalyptus oil (and are frankly not the brightest lights on the Christmas tree to start with).... ...I think I like Wombats better..... (The unofficial icon of the 2000 Sydney Olympics was Fatso the [email protected]$$ed wombat, eg). (Roy and HG 'taking the piss' - this was a show aired during the 2000 Olympics; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89MU7Gjq1v8
  13. The person above me is a big Fan of Shelly and Penny.
  14. Any Tolkien/LOTR fans out there? The new hobbit movie is not far off (december here I think). There is a song in the movie, words apparently date back to Tolkien himself; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRGLSitWsas&feature=related
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