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  1. First of all, thank you to Delsino, Kazzie and everybody who was at the taping for the taping report etc.. Second, I think, the writers did a beautiful job with this season final even if I'm really not happy with how it ends... They did a beautiful job because next fall they need to bring back the viewers on onther night for the first few weeks (because of football). Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this had an impact on how they decide to write this episode.
  2. I have the same feeling, but I don't know if it's a good idea. I mean, I really think Sheldon need some time with himself... IF the writers decides to make him visit is meemaw, I hope he will act and talk with her like a adult. I just don't want him to go there and act, like a childreen... But if they decide to introduce meemaw, I really hope she will help him find what he wants and what is important for him.
  3. I'm born Quebec city, Canada and I still leave there (I study there too). Because I'm born in the french province of Canada, my native language is french.
  4. Hello everyone Since tonight it's the las taping, I just want to thank all of you for this incredible season. I don't write very often, but I read all of you everyday. You make me laugh, cry, etc... in the good and bad moment. I really like to read your all of theorys. I wish to all of you some good shamy stuff tonight. Also I just want to say hi/bonjour! to the fans from Quebec/Canada (I don't remember if it's here or on the season 7 spoilers thread). You are not alone, I'm from Quebec city !
  5. Tensor, if it may interest you, you can visit the website bbm.ca. You will find the weekly top 30 Tv programms. You can see that most of the time reruns of tbbt are on this top 30 and new episode are always #1
  6. The other category are out! Mayim got a nom
  7. 1. Amy 2. Sheldon 3. Howard 4. Bernadette 5. Raj 6. Leonard 7. Penny
  8. Vero


    It's one of my favorite show, even if I'm a little disappointed by the season 5 in general and the cliffinger.
  9. All promotional photos http://www.spoilertv.com/2013/04/the-big-bang-theory-episode-623-love_24.html
  10. How can I do my homeworks after THAT!!! and Amy's face on the third picture: LOL
  11. Vero

    The 7 Season?

    some rumors say that we will hear about season 8 in May..
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