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    Hello everybody! You can call me Chas. I am a mother of boy/girl fraternal twins, born in 2013. I love writing! I write when the time allows me. I love music!!! It doesn't matter if i'm listening to it or playing it, it's a passion of mine. I play the piano; which is (one) of my true loves, guitar, and harmonica. I also love photography, film, and animals. I have tons of hobbies. I have a bit of an old soul, as some put it, but I'm also very modern. I'm random, I love having fun, but I can also be serious in the times that it is needed. I am a college student, studying to get my BA in Business Management.
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    Jim Parsons
    Johnny Galecki
    Kaley Cuoco
    Simon Helberg
    Kunal Nayyar
    Mayim Bialik
    Melissa Rauch
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    Season 4
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    The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

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  1. False. TNP just woke up?
  2. Yes. I've spaced it lol. HYE thought you lost something you were actually holding?
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