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  1. false. takes a lot to anger me. TNP likes black ans white movies?
  2. BMW. glasses or contacts?
  3. True-ish. TNP enjoys reading
  4. from my experience, give it to one year old twins lol
  5. I love this show! great writing. Shemar is just pure eye candy, great character too! I'd love to be his Baby Girl. Reid's character is great plus he's a cutie. and I love Garcia, always 100% herself. I want Garcia/Derek together, I'm a big shipper of those too.
  6. I loved the show as a kid. Kim/ron ... proof that a Guy can move past the "friend zone" lol. still know the theme song by heart.
  7. it could be bout anything. both but pear. snow or hail?
  8. Yes. have you ever had a tree house?
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