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  1. RT @tkfjsrks: 누가 올려보라고 해서 올려봅니다. 남아돌은 그 누구도 가질 수 없는 좌파 ( @tkfjsrks )꺼다. 100% 공감하면 리트윗부탁드려요.

  2. 4 of 5 stars to Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell http://t.co/9EE6HBL53U

  3. I just voted for my favorite shows on 9th Annual Podcast Awards #pca13 http://t.co/pbjpnWe5gt

  4. I like one nerd to be forever alone. Raj is the only one without a partner so I hope he stays as the bachelor for the rest of the story.
  5. The best LOL moment for me was Leonard serenading Penny using his cello skills! It was really geeky and cute! The fact that Howard has been to the HR office in the past was hilarious and very in his character. Of course, Sheldon being clueless about his faults was him being Sheldon. I still love him.
  6. Fifty Shades of Grey. I gave it a try because my friends are raving about it and it's labelled as a "Best-seller" but 1/3 through the book, I just gave up.
  7. I love the dance routine of Howard and Raj. I would totally enjoy the same game if I had it. I didn't find Bernadette's lines at the beginning funny, but I chuckled at her and Amy's fear of Penny at the end. S. Hawking's joke incredibly hilarious and nerdy!
  8. The IT Crowd, The Inbetweeners, and Sherlock are my favorite British TV shows.
  9. I found Amy's "AHA!" scene so amusing. Another good thing about this episode is Leonard acting normal and sociable with Alex. Although an old joke on Sheldon being an alien, I still chuckled when Leonard said it. Overall, very good episode.
  10. I have a new-found adoration to the One - Keanu Reeves. <3

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