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  1. @netmouse i completely agree.
  2. More than, at the point in episode 4, the noise that emits from sheldon, as penny wrestles him hahahahaha
  3. the dissaproving look he always gives penny. you know.. the one with the little head wobble ! :D
  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the uberwarm welcome! :D
  5. mine are in month 7, and the rubber has split on the side
  6. im going. end of, even if i have to crawl on my hands and knees.
  7. i got the white hi tops converse of course
  8. Has anyone else ever noticed. since the dawn of time, eonard has always had the same pair on navy/black shorty converse things s01e02 s05 just came to my mind as im watching the boxset
  9. yes .. alcohol was at hand hye fallen or stumbled in public, then looked round all suspicious checking who saw
  10. hii :D, if anyone wants too chat, my twitter is @robwhewell91 and im not a fan of football..i own and manage a motorcycle racing team. thats my sporting passion :D
  11. from a fanboys point of view, she is stunning, absolutely, her photoshoots, and just general pictures of her, show this too true extent. but what we must remember is what pennys character is supposed too be.. she sleeps with a few different men.. she has no ''leisure money'' in certain episodes.. shes only a waitress... its the portrayment of the character that you are all seeing.. not actually kaley cuoco.. finally. yes shes stunning.
  12. this was asnwered honestly.
  13. Hey everyone, and thankyou for the warm welcome :D, glad too be apart of your little tribe :D, should be cool, and im from Lancashire, next too manchester!! :D, andd noo i said i cant relate too wolowitz, im not a sex pest hahaha
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