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  1. Excellent points. The strength of the show is the diversity of its characters interactions. I disagree that this is not a romantic comedy, all the characters are following their quest for a relationship, starting one, or maintaining one. That's what is so good about this forum, perspectives that helps one appreciate more facets of the show, thanks for all the varied insights!
  2. The pacing of the arc between Penny and Leonard has been slowed, in my opinion, for the benefit of stretching it for the sake of the writers. The fragile relationship between these two characters is difficult when living across the hall. 4 months apart should have elicited more than a hug and a series of dinners. No, I was not expecting a proposal. Just more than what was given. Unlike the other two relationships, which have been cultivated to show strong emotional bonding between them. Sheldon growing dependent of Amy emotionally, Howard accepting his husband role, Penny and Leonard are stuck. Their relationship seems to boil down to hot chick who accepts a guy showering her with attention. I can only blame the writers interest in stretching that arc out of laziness. I would love for them to grow Lenny in the same manner as their development of the other two. As a viewer, their is no doubt that Sheldon loves Amy and Howard loves Bernadette. Leonard seems infatuated with Penny and she is alright with it.
  3. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Shamy was spot on for the occassion, sweet, tender and honest. The two characters at their worst is Penny and Raj. Raj is a jerk when things start going his way, reminds me of the 30 under 30. And I know I have said it before, but Penny is taking a page from Leonard's mom. Leonard cannot get straight, caring affection from the two main women in his life, mom and girlfriend. I call b/s on the committment issue of Penny, since she lived with the caveman form over two years. The writers just pile on Leonard and trying to continue this uphill struggle for a normal female relation. Howard and Bernie are doing just fine, the relationship still comes across as honest and caring.
  4. The de-construction of Spock Cooper. Kuddos for the writers in growing the character into Dr. Sheldon Cooper. The comedy is not diminished by his personal growth, it depends the connection with the viewer. Thank you writers for taking the risks needed to engage the viewers and growing the complexity of the characters.
  5. Wait one minute, they went into the guys' apartment, opended up their comic books, while they were eating, and they guys are going to be okay about it? Don't think so, consequences for all! That would have been a great part of the episode if they had gone through that door!
  6. Howard was the bigger man, he could have reported the helmet stolen and gotten the school cops involved, but then lawyers, judges and Sheldon's mom. Who needs that? It was funny, quick and to the point. I liked it. Especially Bernadetts actions with the car, I loved it!
  7. It has been established in the special featuers that the builiding in the background of their window is the university they work in. Why not just walk to work? Sheldon won't need to upgrade his learners permit.
  8. The show has taken us to Texas, International Space Station, North Pole, Wyoming, Switzerland and other locals, would love to see: Trip to India, Raj's palace and exotic country,Sheldon freaking out about the food Nebraska, back woods fun with City slickers, Penny in her element and realizing she is to Hollywood now. Penny getting Leonard involved with her family and friends Penny upgrading her partime job to another venue they get to sit around and talk, coffee shop, Ikea, day care Penny getting more air time!
  9. Penny's acting career is going to take off, introducing additional tension to a fragile relationship. Money, fame, relocation? Say it ain't so Joe!
  10. Penny's reaction was fantastic. The breaking of the voice, the trembling finger, her expression of shock, fear and vulnerability in the span of seconds was amazing. It is a shame that it was so fleeting. Such a big part of the series is second fiddle to a prank. Boooo, writers should be ashamed. An additional scene of her byherself processing what had happened would have been great. We all know how Loenard feels, it would me nice to have some insight in Penny's internal processing. The series starts with her feeling betrayed by her 4 year relationship with the caveman, is that what spooked her? Or is it based on Slugger's relationship with dear old dad Come on writers, we come for the comedy but stay for the love!
  11. But why the mystery? Why did the writers choose to withhold the name? Witness protection program? Nah, to many friends from Nebraska have visted her in Cali. Penny Blossoms it is!
  12. Penny, the character is so hot. What makes her so attractive is her quirky expressions (talking with a mouthfull of food) her outfits (even the sweatpants) and all her cool hair knots, tails. The honesty of her character and the truth telling of the scripts, if she feels bad she dresses bad and if she feels randy, she is drop dead gorgeous, that makes her so hot!
  13. Sure, I get the premise of the opposite of the mother, but, why does Lenoard express not knowing where he stands both with his mother and Penny? "Yes dear, mommy is proud" when he drives her from the airport. Penny sticks up for the other guys aswell when she man checks the guy who stole Sheldon's ostrich. Maybe you are correct, it is about power and Leonard seems to get the short end of the stick with his mother and Penny.
  14. I disagree, Penny is similiar to Leonard's mother, in the sense that she is emotionally withdrawn. Both women come accross as selfish having Leonard do most of the heavy lifting. Most mothers express their love for their sons with support and hugs, most girlfriends say I love you. Independent of brains, both women have trouble expressing true emotions to a relationships that most have no problem verbally expressing love. Thier actions are consistent with caring for him, though the mother is falls way shorter than Penny, they truly care for him, just in a messed up way. They say you marry your mother, Howard did, Amy is taking a page from Ms. Cooper (spagettie w/hotdog), guess its the same for Leonard aswell.
  15. I love the Shamy, its humanizing for all involved. I especially like the interaction between the characters having to deal with everyday run of the mill issues in relationships. It harkens back to the tiara episode. Mess up, buy jewerly, guy offends your girlfriend, throw up in his rosebushes!
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