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  1. Earlier tonight, Steve Molaro was part of a panel that featured showrunners for several tv shows. I follow TV Guide on twitter, so this is how I found out about it as someone was there tweeting for TV Guide. Not much scoop from Steve regarding TBBT, but here is what he said according to twitter accounts. Most of the panel seemed to be more focused on Walking Dead & Vampire Diaries. I wish he had been asked about Shamy, but apparently he was not. "It seems like the time for that to happen" Steve Molaro says of characters evolving in season six of #TBBT #WonderCon The table read for the #TBBT finale is in a week and a half and they haven't written it yet. Steve claims he has an idea. Steve Molaro says #TBBT is telling "more stories that matter" this year. Kaley and Johnny did the scene where Penny tells Leonard she loves him in one take. Her tears were real.
  2. This is the first I have heard of this. I always read she was a regular now with a full contract. The last episode that didn't include Mayim also didn't include Melissa. The Newhart episode had Melissa in it. So does this mean that Melissa will be missing from one of the two upcoming episodes.
  3. Ugh. I can't believe that Mayim is not in the Newhart episode. This is the second sweeps episode this season that didn't include her. I am planning on going to a taping next season. If Mayim is not at the taping I attend, I will be one very upset Shamy fan. At this rate, I don't expect us to even get a Amy centric episode this season. Last season, there were a couple of Amy episodes but not even one this season. I was hoping Mayim would get a great Amy centric episode for her Emmy tape this year. It doesn't make sense. Not sure I like Molero in charge.
  4. There is an interview/article with Mayim in the new People Magazine. It is the issue with Valerie Harper on the cover. Mayim talks about her accident & divorce. There are also some quotes from Jim in the article.
  5. Thanks for the photo. I was hoping for a Amy episode, but I don't think it will be one. I am losing hope for an Amy episode for Season 6.
  6. I am looking forward to seeing this one. I love the hints that they spend so much time together even if we don't see it on air. I am glad that Simon is finally getting an episode focused on his character. Now I need an Amy focused episode before the season ends.
  7. ---------------------------- I don't think Craig will ask or mention anything regarding the divorce. Usually when a person is going to be interviewed, their agent gives the show/interviewer a list of topics that are off the table. Sometimes though some do not respect the request and ask anyway.
  8. At first I was surprised when I read Mayim's divorce statement. Now I can see hints that things were not going great at home. One thing I thought was strange back was back when the Emmy's nominations were announced. At the time, her & the boys were visiting her best friend on the east coast. She mentioned how she immediately called her parents. Then she named some other people she called or emailed with the news. At the time, I thought it was strange how she didn't mention calling her husband with the news. I am sad to see that photographers followed Michael and the boys. I wish the press would leave them all alone during this time.
  9. It can't be as bad as 43 Peculiarity as that was one of the worst episodes ever.
  10. I really want Alex for Leonard. Leonard deserves better than Penny. Penny can go back to Nebraska.
  11. I do hope that Alex is back. I want Leonard & Alex to get together. Leonards deserves so much better than Penny.
  12. I would like to see Amy help Raj. I would also like to see more Raj & Sheldon scenes too.
  13. I totally agree with this one. Penny is no longer likeable to me. I definately would not miss her at all.
  14. The episodes this season have been too short. It seems things were not resolved by the end especially the 3rd episode.
  15. Not sure who I would prefer to protray Meemaw. Regardless I do hope we get to see Meemaw in a future episode.
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