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  1. I wasn't referring to you or the other person, I just find it annoying when I see a lot of posts about Penny and Sheldon's relationship, Howard and Amy's relationship, etc. Don't get so butthurt, did I even mention you in my post? Why would you get offended by the word "idiots" in my post when I wasn't even referring to you in particular?
  2. It was just an example from a particular post that I read, not every single post.
  3. Not to offend anyone, but since I came back to these forums I've found that a lot of the relationship-addicted idiots have joined these forums. Am I the only one who finds it absolutely obnoxious? It's annoying having to scroll through posts of people saying "Oh, Sheldon better watch out because it's Howmy!" Tone it down at the very least FFS! On-topic: Other than the scene with Leonard being insulted for being a "lady part" (which I found quite sexist), I loved the episode! 5/5
  4. True. The next person hates video games.
  5. This is definitely better than the previous episode, rating it "Excellent" once again. What makes you think it was not meant to be?
  6. I thought it was a brilliant episode, I liked it when Sheldon talked about YouTube changing its layout.
  7. Woah, I really don't have an opinion of this episode. It felt funny but disjointed, I can't tell if it's good or bad. But I was drunk when I watched it, so I might have to watch it again.
  8. Hi, can you people stop saying "I'm sorry buddy" to me everytime you start disagreeing with me? It's very annoying and I find it quite rude, thanks.
  9. No it hasn't, TBBT use to be unique but now the writers have turned it into the same generic crap you get on TV these days. I don't think Leonard cared about Penny in season 4 TBH.
  10. These past two episodes have been very mediocre compared to the episodes prior to that. I'm getting progressively sick of the love-drama in the show, this episode would have been much better off without the L/P crap you had to go through to watch this. This show is just getting cringeworthy.
  11. HOLY SHIT!!!! A real trailer, guys you have got to watch this!
  12. Jack Black is a comedy actor FFS, he is most certainly not suitable for any Star Wars movie--not even the prequels.
  13. This was disappointing to the past few episodes, oh God just another relationship episode. Maybe I was wrong about it going back to it's science-like theme. At least it wasn't a L/P episode but it was still mediocre regardless.
  14. http://www.vulture.c...its-writer.html Oh God, this is definitely gonna be an utter shit train wreck.
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