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    I love reading and when I don´t have my nose in a book then I´m probably in our garden cos I recently discovered gardening.
    Also love England and one day I hoppe to have enough money for a little cottage with a huge garden where I can breed roses.
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    Johnny Galecki
    Mayim Bialik
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  1. As anybody seen "Last Tango in Halifax"? I just love it.Watched it because of Anne Reid,who did an superb job(especially in the last episode) but I have to admit that I fell head over heels in love with Caroline Celia and Alan are so cute together.Can´t wait for the next season.
  2. Loved all the characters and especially Aunt Auriel and Mr Snell It´s really annoying because S3 had an amazing cliffhanger.We(and Peter) will never find out who his real parents are.
  3. Thank you very much for your warm welcome @ ToadTheWetSprocket We speak German quite often in Germany
  4. The Vicar of Dibley Keeping up Appearances Jam and Jerusalem Ladies of Letters My Family (but only the 1st 4 seasons) Miranda Dinnerladies (love Victoria Wood) Little Britain Kingdom (can´t believe they axed the show ) Rosemary and Thyme Call the Midwife Whites Wire in the Blood and many more
  5. I always wanna go but I simply forget it and then I´m surprised that the movie is already out on DVD But I already marked the 13th December when The Hobbit comes out.
  6. Just watch the show because of Marie and Frank. Isn´t it strange that in most shows the sidekicks actually rule the show
  7. The show is-what I call-brillant. My fav episode is the one where Miranda and Penny seek asylum at the therapist Also love the Christmas Special According to Miranda´s website do they show the 3rd season this autumn on BBC1
  8. Hello everybody! I´m more or less a newbie to the show.Watched the show from time to time during the last 2 years but since August(don´t asked me why cos I can´t explain it either) I addcited and have to watch it every day. I´m a fan of (surprise!) Sheldon and Amy,my personal OTP Besides watching BBT I also have a thing for everything british and I love Britcoms(e.g. Vicar of Dibley,Keeping up Appearances,Miranda etc.). Looking forward to all the dicussions here
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