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  1. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Because you don’t need either in C21. Well done for being up to date. Even DVR is last decade tech.
  2. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    If it weren’t fiction, I’d forecast a lot more Chardonnay in that woman’s future than Penny ever imbibed. Hehe
  3. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    It’s sonetimes hard being married to anyone, because you have to compromise sometimes . It’s going to be super hard being married to someone for whom compromise is a foreign concept. I just picture that long haul.
  4. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Ok, so 11.01 aired here. Except for one aspect I found it very enjoyable. Howardette were brilliant and L/P were funny and confident - completely in synch. The little byplay between Penny and Bernie was intimate and cute. “What were you thinking!”. I laughed. Raj was something of a hoot and I found Stuart’s green jacket very intriguing. I thought it was a good start.
  5. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Beverly could maybe be critical of Leonard for having spent so long keeping a cuckoo in his nest instead of looking after his own gametes. That’d be fair - but we saw her preference Sheldon so no hope there. Trashing Amy - her son’s friend’s fiancée - would be snark. It could be funny but it’d be mean. And they are pulling Beverly too back to the center.
  6. Mayim Bialik

    ***** *** ******. She published an opinion piece in a major global newspaper. What do you think would happen? She expressly invited comments by doing that. She was messaging, others choose to message back. People assault regardless of how other people look. She may have just been randomly fortunate it hasn’t happened to her. Edit: I may have misunderstood you. You might have been making a wry comment about Ms Bialik’s prior expression of opinions on things of which I know nothing and for which she has garnered criticism and that this was part of a trend. I don’t know.
  7. Mayim Bialik

    I read the piece. It didn’t sit well with me either and I didn’t really know why. It should be all about the perpetrator. Maybe she fixed it later, but it’s all about the perpetrator. And that’s usually a male, making a choice to act that way.
  8. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    That’s true for you - and Sheldon was particularly unique, I agree. He wasn’t so much the petty tyrant then but hey. I enjoyed the guy who didn’t react hormonally all the time. Toddler adjacent Sheldon, not for me. And now the show is giving you more of Sheldon. The show has to compete across a broad spectrum. They can’t get all types so they engage more deeply with their base. It’s no longer about spread of appeal, it’s more about depth of engagement. So absolute merit doesn’t count. It’s to do with audience retention and just maybe growth. The show is getting old. People like what they like and see what they see. I see Sheldon as a moral disaster with almost sociopathic disregard for the welfare of others. That aspect of his characterisation deters me. Leonard was a bit of a Boy Scout - and I liked that - then they knocked him down a peg or six and have left him in a supporting role. They went with what worked. It’s show biz. peace out edit. Wrt Sheldon. If he had a diagnosis then I’d say different. I have kin with diagnoses. They get many passes. But as he doesn’t I assume he is exercising choices in his behaviour. If he is not able to exercise choice then what are we laughing at? The show has to ignore any medicalisation of Sheldon’s behaviour.
  9. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    We don’t know enough about the constituents of the audience to say that the current product captures the exact same individuals. But it’s likely that substitution rates keep the numbers up. Lose a L/P fancier, gain one (or two?) Shamy. I don’t know and we don’t have that data. But the wide appeal is still there. How much habituation matters I don’t know. The show generally is pretty benign (except for all the dictator-y stuff if you are sensitive to that). I feel that, for me, they dropped the L/P ball. In my mind those two hooked me. They aren’t exchangeable for Shamy. But for others Shamy are preferable. And given that Sheldon (even in his tyranny) is more child friendly than a sexually active Leonard and a challenging Penny, I’d guess that they have picked up more households with kids. Speculation of course. So not a quality issue. A consumer issue.
  10. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    That’s totally fine for you, because L/P are not your primary concern. Or the show’s. The show leads with its material that is most popular with its audience. So they get given more of Sheldon. Makes sense to me. Like sugar in coke - or supersized MacDonalds. It’s not necessarily that it’s the best thing, but it works for maintaining the level of consumption. That’s the goal. I’m not sure that one can make an argument that L/P are getting equal service in the narratives. They may be getting the service the majority of the audience feels they deserve. If the results were otherwise TPTB would write differently. People have preferences. /shrug.
  11. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Hey, anytime a character is on screen with Sheldon they are bumping against him. It is the premise now... plus some minor stuff about other people trying to have adult lives apart from when they are bumping against Sheldon. And P/L live on the same floor and host the socials. So more bumping. It’s how they get the laughs, mostly. Someone does something, Sheldon objects or corrects - crowd goes wild! Formula. (waiting now for Stephen to say something about Amy and Sheldon bumping... heheh)
  12. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    As long as they keep using the set Leonard and Penny will be be bumped around by Sheldon. The thing is that a large part of the audience has a preference for Sheldon so he headlines. As to the presence of or not of the others - I’d mark that down to not rocking the boat and upsetting the formula. It’s not art or novel storytelling anymore - it’s about commerce. They have good contracts and good cashflow - but nothing new or interesting to tell in the way of stories. Good on ‘em for being successful - but unless you are engaged the stories are unremarkable and if you are engaged then it doesn’t matter what they put up on screen. And with regard to where they go further with Leonard and Penny; there is no incentive to promote them unless Sheldon’s wheels fall off and even then not - they have plan B, wherein they literally rejuvenate the character and start over. It’s brilliant commercial exploitation of a concept (unless Young Sheldon flops in which case good try and try again with something else). But don’t expect anything great for L/P on a consistent basis. TPTB don’t need that. They just need supporting players for the headliner, regardless of any intrinsic worthiness or not of any of the other characters.
  13. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    At last the show hits the “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” standard. Unfortunately it is the “...Contractual Obligations Album” mark. “I like traffic lights” was a gem of a lyric. Also, “I’m so worried about the baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow... “ . All gold.
  14. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    That said, I was really into the idea of the mismatch. And that it was about 20somethings discovering their adult selves. I was nostalgic for that and remembered the thrill of the romance. For me Shamy doesn’t move the needle. It’s nice for others but I feel it’s pitched too young and I find neither character relatable... and talk about tailor-made for each other. Still, I was on board for monologuing post-human Sheldon. I will admit I can watch and laugh at somethings about Shamy but there is no visceral response. Young Sheldon (which I am just refusing to look at) just seems too Doogie Howser for me to bother with. I could be wrong but I’m not going to find out. I do think Penny and Leonard could be seen to have more fun inside marriage. It happens. Maybe there is some law about that not being shown. Shame. It’s not just SSM that’s a hoot to live with. But... market. i am waiting for the TBBT franchise to release a Saturday morning cartoon version of the gang. Ageless and cheaper to get the voice talent. They already have the colour palette set.
  15. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    I blame the premise. They have to have room in their relationship for Sheldon. If they were completely happy they’d have moved away. They are doomed until curtain. And hell yes, they could be written with more obvious joy, but then we wouldn’t come back at all to see how they are going. “Treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen” is the adage. Such a constant disappointment - with always the (un)reasonable prospect that it would be easy to show the joy. But that’s unlikely. TPTB want us on the hook - or are happy enough with their catch on the Sheldon hook instead. It was good enough once. But I couldn’t be bothered chasing up the last of s10. That’s ok though, the show has a fresher audience. I’m evidently spent, as far as they care.