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  1. I still can’t legally watch it. That’s disappointing. Episode 19 is as far as Oz has gone. So I’m banking my outrage It gives Sheldon and Amy a science-fictional Nobel, so there is that. Science fiction.
  2. Yeah, I was obsessed. And did read a lot. The problem for me came when all this good stuff written in good faith by good people was totally absent from the show. I kept hoping it would cross pollenate, but where Sheldon was concerned Leonard could never catch a break. I don’t think anyone actually wrote the Hitchcock Rope version where Sheldon is smothered with a pillow and hidden in the apartment in a box by Leonard & Penny - quite the different sort of finale that’d have been- but there’s an idea for someone. Two lots of IP to mash-up. And it being TBBT it has to be written funny. Like the CSI crossover episode written by the Three and a Half Men team. Best line I recall was, after a rubber chicken is extracted from the throat of the victim, Grissom (I think) is asked “What’s that?”. He replied, “A gag”. You’re welcome. :😁
  3. Yeah, I got confused once, maybe twice... I vote for this. Nothing like digging up the dead horse, beating it again and reburying it for a later beating. I still feel strongly about Leonard being pantsed in front of his mum by Penny. And that they didn’t even try with the pillows. Someone should make a list of the horses. But Penny and Raj was fine for Penny, bad for Raj. Just saying... I read Elliptical Threads, which was so good. Then I read some story about Penny waking up with Sheldon and then sneaking back to Leonard. I was scarred forever*. By both really. Too far from the nominal reality of the show for me. Despite the skills exercised by the writers. So I stopped. Also I wonder about playing with someone else’s IP. It’s an accepted form of homage, I guess. No one gets hurt. Except for *see above.
  4. I’m up for squibbling, when the mood takes me. For instance, we could re-litigate the data corruption by electric can opener. I wasn’t here for that one, but I think it was totally justified.
  5. Nicely said. It’s been an experience. And belated best wishes for your birthday. Cheers
  6. That’s still been the result for some. In large parts. Still, moments of goodness.
  7. I just think it deserved more attention. And by it I mean the pregnancy story. 12 years of constructed expectations vs 1 year of a neuroscientist jumps out of their expert field to win Nobel in physics. Sure. Follow the worthy. If the latter story interested me more I’d probably think otherwise. I don’t though. It’s arguable either way, but I know what I’d have liked. Maybe I should be grateful for what was doled out. At least it was there and the feint could have been all that happened. But being grateful for small mercies isn’t so rewarding in this context. Maybe only if Sheldon has stayed in that damn train...
  8. Fans of Shamy maybe. It’s a difficult argument to sustain to say that fans of L/P would be satisfied with it. We saw more of the conception of Sheldon’s and Amy’s fictional Nobel than the conception of Leonard and Penny’s fictional child. One story had the weight of 12 seasons, the other was pure S12 fan service. And rating by tonnage is joyfully whimsical. But compared to the Castle finale the TBBT finale was Nobel-worthy literature.
  9. Hmm. It’s funny, knowing. The experience is not the same, is it. And for everything like this, that maybe you discover after the event, like say The Bridge (Bron/Broen) or DCI Banks, or whatever, has the history out there, the spoiler, the analysis, the reveal. It’s easy to find out what happens. I’m not sure that’s wise. But, and Rick we have both written about The Roommate Transmogrification, and that sometimes the experience of the shock unheralded is rewarding, even though it disconcerts. I still think that was some of their best, where they went big, unexpectedly. I’m not sure how I would have received news in advance of Raj and Penny waking up together. I still remember when I saw it thinking “wow, how are they going to untangle that”. And, given that they did resolve that pickle, and considering the genre, I was pretty sure they’d aim for a comforting resolution to the L/P quandary, despite the ridiculous donation digression I have heard about. I believe I am on record saying Penny not wanting kids was likely a feint, though I complained. They could have even finished with her pregnant and not telling Leonard, but we’d have known. And that may have been enough. Anyway, I think I’ll look for the Blu-Ray, on discount. I know I’ll probably lose the DVR copy eventually, whenever they broadcast it. Seasons 7-11 though, I’m not planning on collecting. It’ll loop for years on TV. But maybe I should experience S12 on a binge. Shouting at the TV is something I’m getting better practiced at. I will know the outcome anyway. And I did watch The Holgraphic Excitation an unnecessary number of times.
  10. And Westworld S3 in 2020. Not sure what sitcoms are pending that will engage me positively or otherwise for 12 seasons. This one might be the unicorn. And Lordy, in another 12 years would I even have the capability to track what happened 12 years prior. I can say that this one, even though at times being broadly ordinary, did manage to be particularly special. Not that I’ve bought a copy since s6. Question: does the finale make season 12 purchase-worthy? I’ve not yet seen it.
  11. I agreed with Leonard about it. It has merit and weight. My girls watched it once I had the DVDs. I think Charmed (froth, I think) led them into it gently. They didn’t follow me to Battlestar Galactica (the 2003 version). All the kids watch GOT. My wife thinks we are all idiots for watching the sf and fantasy stuff. But she was open to Lucifer. Nothing to do with Tom Ellis with his shirt off, I’m sure. @joyceraye - even after 30 years I still won’t look in my spouses purse without express consent. I get that consent more often now, when she can’t find her phone in its depths. Re The finale. I caught some of the end on YouTube. Leonard got feisty.
  12. Please, get the licence to do the graphic novel of their new life. Offer Chuck and Bill a fair percentage. That’s the spin-off. It’ll make a motza as a limited edition collectable. There is a captive market out there, just waiting. Awesome work.
  13. I feel ya, buddy. He really had a work wife. That’s over. It’s going to leave a big space. End of an era. Thanks all for update.
  14. Re Howard: he may have. But I don’t know about the effect his mother had on him. Maybe he grew once he was less influenced by her. It might be an environmental effect. He is still adolescent in some respects. Having a loving wife and kids has taken the edge off his horny teenager act, but his antenna still quiver. I think Raj was damaged/hurt by his experiences as a child, maybe in the offices of his father’s OB/GYN practice. He was mute around women. Something happened. I feel he’d improve further through professional therapy, rather than to expect some woman to take him on as a project. It’s a big lift. Love doesn’t conquer all, sometimes. I’m not saying he’s wicked, I am saying he needs help. Penny was an amateur therapist for him. But I suspect he needs more than just love.
  15. I’m just catching that after watching Fleur Delacour and Stannis Baratheon in The Tunnel. Saga is a bit Sheldon, only with more of the going into bars and casually banging people. Penny’s Scandinavian cousin maybe. Or their love child, proactively/preemptively/proprespectively(?)
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