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  1. Makes you wonder who was laughing at that one. It’s so ugly. I suspect, on the basis of no evidence, that it could be a Weinstein reference. And not meant to be funny. Some journalist could ask. 🤪
  2. Yes. Unsavoury laughs. The misfortunes of young women falling into bad situations are poor joke fodder. One step away from a Criminal Minds cold open. So many steps too far for light family comedy. What were they thinking? They could carry off a good fart joke though. Cruciferous Vegetables was very funny.
  3. Hey there. Wow. I ducked back in for a look and saw the “Luther” issue got a bump. From 2013. I’d just like to add still I wonder how much it was the writers entertaining themselves, or some editorially embedded misogyny, or some unconsciously embedded misogyny, or if they thought they were pandering to some market demand. Or that it was comedy serving a higher purpose, holding up a mirror to reflect some of the truths about how people behave badly (grab ‘em... etc). The show didn’t do much signalling, so it was perhaps just something unsavoury that leaked out.
  4. Two out of three. For harmlessness try “Death in Paradise”. It’s very benign, except for the deaths, of course. I like to watch it for the sunburned Brit guest actors who forgot their sunhats and sunblock. It’s a happy formula show with little cerebral requirement. Friends is great. If only they weren’t all so pretty, it might have had a broader audience. The one with the mincemeat trifle still stands out for me. Genius. But I won’t deliberately sit down for it. We started watching TBBT s12 again but stalled at about s12.4. Howard and Bernie do get better and better, but no one here is clamouring to get to the end. I just watched the doco Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary. That was charmingly engaging. Should be up the TBBT fanciers alley. The Tiger King thing looked too much like a car crash for me to engage with. Makes some regulation look sensible. Otherwise, most of my media consumption is about hoping for the sciences to catch up with our problems and wondering if the USA’s president is taking his own medical advice and when we will see the effects.
  5. Another belated birthday wish. Stay well and indoors. and... I’ve still not watched the last episodes. They are on the DVR. Maybe soon. Also, good luck everyone.
  6. see abc.net.au We spent all day yesterday checking fire services websites to see where the fires are, so we can run away to somewhere safe if we have to flee, even if there is no immediate threat. The fires can travel faster than a person can run. Not all the wildlife is that quick. Under certain conditions ember attack can travel more than 5 kilometres ahead of the fire front. I have an alert set for fires at 10kms distance. And I live on the urban fringe. I can’t imagine what it’s like in the fire zones Ancient rainforests, that may have never been involved with fire since Gondwanaland broke up, have been incinerated. An area maybe equivalent to Belgium has been burned. There is an index that estimates fire risk. 100 on the index is “catastrophic”, where fires can’t be contained. In some places the index hit 200. It’s just so dry. Everywhere.
  7. I still haven’t seen the last maybe five episodes. Reasons: Keeping the fires banked... waiting for Netflix... being in denial... waiting for the impeachment show to be over... otherwise general procrastination. It no longer seems urgent, just something on the list. L/P never held that pillow down or climbed over the wall to escape, they just waited him out. Not a dramatic crescendo, really. It reads like they just stopped. I had foolishly, and without reason, hoped for some demonstrations of gumption. But if when I watch it and it lights some fire , I might come back to rail. (Otherwise my spouse has to hear it all, and golly, she’s over it.)
  8. I can remember being under age 7 and hiding behind the lounge (US: couch) when the titles were rolling and THAT music played. It may have been Troughton then.
  9. Much of what people need to know about The Doctor. I can’t find a Sarah Jane “singing and dancing” expositive. Someone should get on to that.
  10. Yes. It’s a very broad threat at the moment. Awful. Stay safe.
  11. I was reading the news and watching some craziness out of some confab in France. It made me think about snowflakes. Then it made me think of a particular snowflake [#]. I had flashed back to the return from the North Pole. *sigh* Edit: #that word has sort of been ruined (*deeper sigh*)
  12. I want my suit. The Marauder one. Just in case. The thing is people have been the same for a long time. Some people have the insight to observe and predict and some others have the insight to observe and then grab the levers. I’ve known a psychopath - she knew how grab the levers. But she didn’t get 13 years of fake “reality” show and a $400m inheritance to build a public image and gain enough public confidence to execute her scams. Heinlein. Sigh. I’m probably not critical enough myself about his works. “Farnham’s Freehold” is pretty disturbing. Let’s hope his predictive powers were off there. Its all going a bit pear shaped, really.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I’m sure if there is an opportunity to game it, it will be gamed. Daily I read the news to find what’s happened next. Cliffhangers and plot twists every night! I’m 12,000km away. I have no idea what being there is like.
  14. That’s the whole point. It’s in the “what the hell? ” column. Why, just why? And regarding Russia. Extremely unlikely, given NATO. But wait... who wants to kill that again. Starts with T. Crazy. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/08/trump-defects-autocrats/596518/
  15. I read that just getting the trucks with food and necessities across the Channel will be challenging, just because they will have stop and park for customs checks. 20km queues. The modern economy is built on “just in time” supply chains. This breaks the chains. And who knows what troubles will again arise in Northern Ireland. It’s not like there’s history or anything. It’s very vexed. November 1 is coming quickly for the UK. And then there’s next November. Plus, the inverted yield curve occurrence. And the Greenland thing. It goes on. It’s all too weird. Edit: And as others were speaking of American constitutional amendments, I understand the 25th has been evaded, because there isn’t a quorum of senate confirmed cabinet members, even if the intent could coalesce. “I like acting”. Rat cunning, right there.
  16. I understand it’s a bit tricky, being, I think, that it’s a consequence of having slavery as a national institution. Hard to untangle, I believe. That’s not so common elsewhere. Again, whole other country.
  17. From 12,000km away, it lookes to me that discussing a visit to Family Planning might have been challenging for the show. I could be wrong. It might have gone swimmingly. But they were not behind a subscription service, where apparently the grown-up conversation are safe to go on. It wasn’t a potential pregnancy, they could have been having a “go, no-go” conversation. I’d have been for that conversation but it may not have been funny, though it could be with excellent writing, but the show didn’t do much messaging of that type. Unless it was coded and I missed it. A member here once told me Chuck had an agenda, but they didn’t explain what it was.
  18. One’s thinking does crystallise when it’s not a hypothetical. I’m glad they’re happy with their unforced error. I’m sure it’s not uncommon. And at least Leonard didn’t have to stick to a roster to get there. That’s nice. Again, the chafing. Edit. Re democracy. Um... well. Thoughts and prayers?
  19. Gettin’ real there Tensor. It’s a dodge by the writers to have their cake (the dramatic conflict) and eat it too (a warm and fuzzy ending). It ain’t literature, are it. And yes, in a classically liberal democracy with no eye out for the lurking theocrats, that’d be a scene. Leonard and Penny sitting at the kitchen table discussing her choices. But for the pre-teens on the couch with mum watching alongside, maybe it’s thought to be too much.
  20. Ask as well how many Americans think 6001BCE* isn’t a thing. But I don’t really know. It’s a whole other country. edit: and in Oz voluntarily postponing sex has been non-dominant since the 70’s, I believe. (Being invited can still be challenging, I understand - s1-3 Howard et al are still relevant ) edit 2: sigh * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Era?wprov=sfti1
  21. It seems to me that the invention of reliable methods of controlling fertility have disrupted these traditional models. The effects are still shaking out. It’ll take awhile. There’s a lot of inertia. The cultures are still working through the new possibilities. TBBT is just a tiny part of the ongoing process. A nano-mirror of the new potentials This new technology has profound levelling implications. And the patriarchy (aided by adherence to tradition) will fight it all the way. It’s a long slow revolution. To me at least, “try before you buy” is sensible. Better to know than not to know? It looks to be the dominant norm in Oz now. And we all know people were doing that forever anyway, just with greater risks and greater consequences. Still, people have their own beliefs. It’ll be interesting to see where this is at in 2119. Assuming...
  22. It’s possible. She may well be able to tolerate him for a long time. Or forever. I’d hope that she would get more chance to be her own person than we ever saw during the show. But that’s me, and what do I know. Seeing that she said that Leonard going to the bathroom whenever he wanted was “like an an animal” she may like the idea of order and structure to a near similar degree to Sheldon. And if she’s happy with executing deceptions like “schedule the nookie, but don’t tell me that you’ve scheduled it, so I be able to deceive myself that it’s spontaneous, and you can stop bothering me with things that clutter my calendar” , then it’ll be all be great. Her meta-control over Sheldon’s attempts at controlling her may work. Then maybe he’ll work out what she’s doing and respond with another added layer of control. It could end up as four dimensional chess between the two of them. They’ll be so happy. Anything could happen. She might get assigned a hot post-grad student and suddenly start working late in the lab. Heheh. Who knows.
  23. Yeah, well. It could play out that way for any of them. I’d think there’d be more stress on the Amy Sheldon deal. Amy has to fight hard for autonomy. Sheldon schedules everything they do to his benefit, from bowel movements to their nookie. Maybe she likes that, maybe it’ll become wearing. It’d be challenging long term. But for the moment they are all frozen in amber. Speculate away.
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