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  1. the poster formerly known as Nogravitasatall, because we are serious about labels here:)

  2. 5 degrees C and 80cm of water x 95%

  3. How unseasonal is it where YOU are?

  4. Any alligators wandering near YOUR Walmart?

  5. Prepare for the worst, hope Delilah Fielding stays with Tony and wait for the rebound.

  6. Because what's in a name?

  7. ...just resting my eyes...

  8. ... stepping back from the bleeding edge.

  9. Wow! Who'd of guessed that?

  10. Really excited about SpaceX's near success at recovering a first stage after launch.

  11. "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything" ... My mum, circa 196.

  12. Is Leonard still worthy?

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