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  1. ¡Hola. ¿Qué pasa? I don’t know the answer to the immigration problems, but I don’t think a wall and child abuse is the way to go. Maybe it had to be tried /s Building a wall out of the tears of babies is what Trump attempted, metaphorically. Such a great man. Heart as big as his hands. I hope every night or every week the media give a report on the number of children re-united with their parents or still stockpiled, so we know how this heinous act plays out for the innocent.
  2. I expressed myself poorly perhaps. I don’t want to conflate the two issues. Homelessness is a different thing from seeking asylum, with different causes. Net border crossings trend down is my point. Was much higher in prior years if you look back. This issue is real, but inflated. Mixing the two issues is misleading and distracting. And a political tactic. I’m glad Trump changed something. But he hasn’t changed his mind. He is an elderly racist who likes punching down and has all the power in the world at his command. Never forget “Good people on both sides!” Etc. So he’ll do something cruel again. Probably soon. It’s what he does.
  3. You know that the odds are good that some of those kids will never see their families again. It’s not over. And Trump has proved he lied. And lied. And lied. And his henchmen lied and lied and lied. It’s in the history books now. It’s a stain that won’t wash away from the perpetrators even if they retain power. Just like Barr is now perpetually publicly stained. Onwards! To the next outrage against human decency. There will be another. It’s the brand. Again, the net volume trends down. It’s not a crisis. Except of conscience.
  4. People fly over the border all the time. This “zero tolerance” and the border wall (get a ladder, dig a tunnel) are theatrics. It’s a difficult and sensitive issue to manage but reaching for solutions that use suffering of children as a component says something about the people making those decisions. There seems to be a consensus growing that it’s bad politics. Politicians kiss babies not lock them up. This is a pending PR disaster for those responsible, as well as personal disaster for those involved. It’s a “feels” response to a complex problem. It may be a great turnout issue to motivate the majority who don’t support the current administration’s decisions. Trump is trying to show he is a strong man but he is using “strongman” tactics like caging the innocent and using terror as a tactical weapon. It’s only that he does this on “aliens” that he gets away with it. I’d be worried that he might try it domestically. Look who he praises (Putin, Erdogan, Xi, Duterte) and who he insults (Trudeau). Personally, I wish you and your family well and I acknowledge your sense of frustration - it’s your situation* - it’s only I think that the harm caused by, and cost of, this policy is unlikely offset by any resulting good. (Edit: *Sydney is pretty multicultural. I’m good with that. It’s the crowding (7 billion people globally) that worries me.) and where all this takes sentiment here. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-20/donald-trump-a-threat-as-trust-hits-new-low-lowy-institute-finds/9879924
  5. No. This is just a silly argument. Because the absolute risk is what should be addressed. If you want to protect American lives there are so many more effective avenues. This is not worth the money it costs. Look at your deaths by firearms. Much higher risk of being shot by a relative than by an alien. More likely killed by a loved one than a stranger. This is a con. Your wallet is a victim of your fear.
  6. I think the number is 12 now. Someone somewhere is keeping count. It’s topo much for me. Caputo and Stone forgot to mention to the House Committee that they had three contacts of the same person offering $2m to give dirt from Russia on Hilliary. Meanwhile those brown baby terrorist rapists with bombs strapped to their chests or in their nappies are strongly being deterred. /s I heard the audio... Heart wrenching.
  7. This what? The white space? Or what I said? Never mind. I’ll play till the ref blows the whistle He is prepping the camps. So he is following some historic figure’s lead. In this case not Chamberlain. Less than 1% of these kids are what the administration claims they are. It’s an abomination. https://www.reuters.com/news/picture/tent-city-for-immigrant-children-in-texa-idUSRTX69U2N Nothing will go wrong with this plan. Every child will be safe. Thought no child taken from their parents, ever.
  8. How many denied and then revealed interactions with hostile foreign powers does it take before one might concur that there is something to be investigated? Because from Manafort to Stone to Don Junior to Ivanka to Papapodpoulos to Flynn to ... I’ve lost track. Is there a number? Edit: And it just occurred to me. NZ knows that foreign governments intervene. Remember Rainbow Warrior?
  9. That’s not a requirement. If it were the thread would have been closed. And we have always here discussed, in minute detail, the wayward acts of characters. It’s congruent, I feel. Nor is it antithetical to the purpose of a forum. I might regret that sometimes the discussion gets robust. But if we can avoid the ad-hominem it can be engaging. And it’s not compulsory. But the conversation would be limited and wither if it weren’t diverse and people weren’t interested. I would say it’s a big topic and it can all be overwhelming. There is a bit of venting of people’s actual concerns happening here. I think that’s ok too. I admit I might go on a bit. Sorry. But the rain of weird shit seems relentless. This is not normal.
  10. If Trump weighs the same as a duck then it’s a witch hunt.
  11. What is weird to me is that this cruel policy of separating asylum seeking families gets defended and attacked by both sides by theological arguments that can spin both ways. But given that it’s government policy, not even law, then it doesn’t even need an appeal to a theological authority. It’s a dodgy form of argument. Imagine if we had used religious courts to argue law. Golly.
  12. If Trump doubles down as he ever does, then maybe he will accelerate the impact. Who knows. Bonkers things are happening - ask Canada. People might pay attention. I understand it took years of the Watergate investigation before action. We aren’t at years yet. True, it is not inspiring that only the retiring elected Republican members speak out. That more of the population isn’t concerned suprises me. Lies about Jade Helm got people’s knickers in twist but this doesn’t. It might be a slow burn (Well done Putin, what!). ^^^ 100% Going by what I recall from high school studies about WW1, the Weimar Republic and some non-trivial effects from perceived unjust outcomes, the best outcome is an electoral one. Self-determination and responsibility is a good thing. Otherwise... well. For laughs: That said, maybe the world does get a Trump for life and a subsequent dynasty. At least Ivanka would put a woman on the $US currency. It could be a real prospect. Imagine that. And, at least, if that happens and we see it, then we haven’t been incinerated. That’s a low bar I know. But hey...
  13. They went with Nixon until they didn’t - but it took years. Things are happening. The Southern Baptists have elected new leadership, so minds do change. If the tariffs cost jobs and hit prices, and Trump behaves like he says does in regard to justice, then those who sit out elections might get off their chairs and get out. Trump is still only at 40ish%. Let’s not tar the whole lot with the one brush. Not till 2020 maybe. That’ll be telling. But we’ll likely be back to pre-WW1 geo-politics. And now we know that getting a nuclear device is a ticket to the big leagues. It’s just been demonstrated. *sigh*
  14. @JE7 Sure. “Might makes right.” Understood. Good to get that perspective. Ask Tripper to intervene if you are upset and feel the discussion breaches the forum guidelines. And let’s hope that the rule of law under your constitution is maintained. That’s my worry for the USA and world order. Trump is pushing as far and as hard as he wants. It’s scary from here, when the leader of the remaining global superpower praises murderous despots. Cheers
  15. Still waiting to hear why she is relevant. She lost. She lost to Trump. She’s sunk. This is surely just distraction from the Trump stuff, where in at least three domains he and his cohort is being investigated in for real sins, not poor record keeping. Possible criminal conspiracy (Manafort is in jail now for witness tampering and how many indictments?) Cohen is being investigated for mob style behaviour and hush money payments The Trump foundation charity fraud and election finance law breaches Never mind too that Trump breaches the Presidential Records Act ALL THE TIME because he is so habituated to covering his tracks that he can’t stop himself from tearing up documents once he has read them. They have to pay people to tape them back together. The first he was told about was the warning - since then every event is a crime. Please, be critical.
  16. Nah, that can’t be true. I’m pretty sure Ajond is from Melbourne. I’ll admit their footy is maybe the wrong shape - a bit elongated - but generally otherwise they’re fine. Good coffee down there. 😀 I’d think maybe he’s takin’ the piss. Extreme contrariness. Unless I’m wrong and he’s not. We don’t marinate in Fox News here, so I stand ready to be surprised. Maybe he’s an expat? I’d look forward to hearing his supportive arguments, not any of Orwell’s “Two Minutes Hate” chants or fragments of catechism. But an argument is fine. edit: The Swans are playing West Coast here tonight. There is dialogue.
  17. It’s a bit hard for me to consider this to be a possible outcome given that the lead character in this soap has the reins of government, has his own person in charge of the the department that presumably administers justice and that if there were any crimes to be revealed then some wayward staff person would have drunkenly revealed that in a bar to Alexander Downer. Oh, wait. Come on Ajond, be critical. You know that Clinton has been scrutinised by experts and the not so expert for 25 years plus. Something would have blown up. People are just not that effective and efficient. Someone leaks. And think about the examples of the nonsense accusations - like Comet Pizza. Not even a basement in that store. I get you have strong feelings about Clinton, and I can agree she wasn’t the best candidate ever, though not the worst ever candidate, but to suspect that a reactionary president, a reactionary congress, and a long time reactionary legal enforcement system couldn’t find anything on her if it existed is a extraordinary claim about the incompetence of the reactionary president, congress and legal enforcement system. They all can’t be that incompetent if Clinton had actually done anything. There would have been prosecutions. Like there are prosecutions going on now. Crimes leave stains and paper trails. Rupert has had his hounds barking for sooo many years and they haven’t found zip of substance. And Rupert’s organisation pays money for information and breaks the laws to dig dirt. (the British phone tap scandal as example). Just say you hate her and why. And think, hmm, maybe if she was that effective and efficient she might have been a good prospect for president - because damn, she would have been ninja in the job. 😀
  18. I caught up a bit with the show last night. The protagonist seems to have run into some legal difficulties - for which the writers had laid some breadcrumbs early on in the season. It’s an interesting how it gives an insight into the character and also brings some other characters into peril. The children now. Apparently there is a “foundation” through which other people’s donations are “washed” and then that money is “repurposed” for campaign expenses and personal purchases - with an external appearance of this actually being the protagonist’s generously bestowed own money. The whole family have fiduciary duties - being board members- which have been neglected for 18 or so years. A bit of plot twist, for the fans who fancy a bit of alms giving as a good thing. Who would think of using charitable donations for personal purposes? The insight here is that the whole family were ok with this. What a telling bit of exposition about motivations and character. Very much a mundane daytime movie plot though. Charity fraud isn’t half as dramatic as international espionage. Maybe that plot line will yet be developed. Still half a star. They do need better writers. Onwards, what!
  19. I have no more words... except only that I hope it’s a short run, that they do badly in sweeps, they don’t get a second season pick up, they certainly need new writers, and they should recast the lead for the rest of run. Unbelievable plot. Go get that guy who played Jed Bartlet, I say. There’s a guy who can sell an idea. This guy, I wouldn’t buy a condo from. No authenticity at all. He says silly stuff about despotic, murderous tyrants who gruesomely kill people in real life. Who can relate to that? Where’s the heart? Who in this show can the audience root for? And it’s not even funny. Get that Lorre guy to write it. He does popular comedy. It’s a bit like a Back to the Future spin off with a Biff Tannner lead. Sure there might be an audience, but will it get mass market appeal? Not sure. I’m giving it half a star. Mainly for the enthusiasm of the performances.
  20. Reuters reports Northern Korea says Trump will lift sanctions. He didn’t document the meeting - no witnesses. Could be true. Anyone got anything good to say about Northern Korea? It’s the most brutal despotic regime in human history. Never mind the theists. My goodness. Is there an argument for this?
  21. I suspect the unfiltered part is about keying emotional responses from his listeners. Its a very persuasive thing to do. If anyone thinks Trump tells it like it is... they might need to fact check him. There are websites for that. Compare what he just said about Trudeau to what he just said about Kim. It’s all pitch, not the world as it is.He says whatever, bending truth and playing to the audience to get what he wants in the moment. That’s his super power and it’s an extraordinary one.And so far, no kryptonite.
  22. Trump isn’t a king. I respectfully suggest that your constitution is designed for the people to be the ultimate check on elected officials. The First Amendment empowers them to make noise about their president, for good or bad. The volume of noise from the people reflects something about presidential performance. And Trump works hard to make new news everyday. His tweets are a lot about “Look at me, look at me!”. Otherwise he’d just tweet press releases. But he wants to be the news - and throw out misdirections when it suits him. “Look at me, but look this hand, not at the one that’s in your pocket”. Emoluments were not a thing for other presidents. Trump has a Trump hotel almost on his Washington door step. Like a busker’s hat on the ground.
  23. I don’t see the fuss. Hilary isn’t your president. She’s a unsucessful candidate. She’s not even an elected or appointed official now . She doesn’t make the news here at all. How is she still an issue? She’s old news. Like 1812.
  24. While people can be attracted to conspiracy theories as a way of making sense of what happens in the world, maybe as an alternative to thinking it’s some deity at work, and not wanting to believe events can just cascade into disaster, I think what they overlook is the fact that people are crap at working together and can’t keep secrets. For any major conspiracy, someone would have leaked or claimed credit. Unless there are lizard people. Maybe one of them is running things. Might explain the language issues.
  25. I’m not that informed about the other two planes but I watched the second plane come in on live TV (late at night here). I recall the Pentagon footage of the clean up and coverage about the other plane. So I saw two planes act as bombs. Flown by terrible people driven by their beliefs. An atrocity. Then a whole country got the shock and awe treatment in return. I’m shaky on the details. But our mob went in on it too. I do remember there was discussion about treating it as a criminal act, not an act of war - given that no country declared war. That didn’t happen.
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