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  1. Good to know. The current administration of USA still hasn’t appointed one. So Amy and Bernadette are still in the running. And the new head of NASA isn’t a scientist, so maybe Penny is in the running too. Heheh. We have one - a he- but he doesn’t get a lot of government eartime.
  2. 9/11 was an awful terrifying horrible assault made by a small group of terrorists - the one time the NATO article 5 was invoked and a moment when all allies stood with America. Never to be forgotten. It changed so many things. 3,000 and more people died. It bent history. So much to unpack. There are libraries full of books. It does have knowable origins. Some bad guys made bombs out of two planes and committed an atrocity.
  3. Well, maybe we find out what he really wants to do with all that war stuff they’ve been buying, and he just keeps going until something breaks. Unilateralism looks appealing when you think you can’t lose. That’s what Chaney/Bush2 thought anyway, I suspect. Remember (it was reported) Trump did ask about why he can’t use the nukes.
  4. I said it’s not about the feels. But this feels like watching something come crashing down in slow motion. The US President is demonstrating that he can’t be trusted to maintain agreements. How can anyone trust any agreement involving the US president going forward? What’s an American promise worth now? Talk about not thinking ahead. I hope it is all show - but isn’t the quote something like; when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I dont want to be even more alarmist - but hey. Look. (Geo-politically I mean. Everyone I know is lovely)
  5. The margins are so close any influence could have an effect. And regardless, isn’t even the attempt an assault? The tipping difference was measured in 10,000s (only thousands) of votes. Tiny margins. And look at the value for money they got. Lots of disruption, done very cheaply. They got the Republican platform changed (no one knows how), they have the president of the USA boosting them and conversely kicking Canada and the EU. Tremendous result for them. Very much aligned with Russian goals. *sigh* People even doubt the LEO and intel folks that kept watch during the Cold War. Very successful outcome. *heavy sigh* Lets see how it unfolds. Out. Here is a resource. It’s not fringe loon, so I believe. What do I know, but it’s just a list. Nothing haven’t already heard about,, just in all in one place. https://investigaterussia.org/timelines/everything-we-know-about-russia-and-president-trump ...and out, for a bit. Let’s see how NK goes. I hope it works out.
  6. When things calm down we’ll all have a good laugh about it. This should be a place for some fun. But I do find it interesting to get other perspectives on what I understand is happening.
  7. I’ll take you seriously. Mueller is trying to find out. The Senate Committee said they did. The House Committee said they didn’t - but many are sceptical of the House because it it was not a joint decision. There does seem to have been a Russian influence campaign from what I’ve read. Try browsing lawfareblog.com for commentary. La affaires Russe I think. (Forgive my rendering of the french). It’s all getting closer to the bone now with the exercise of pardons (imperial power) and tariff powers under specious circumstances (people are talking, not in insincerely, about the fall of Western order). It’s not about American domestics anymore.
  8. I agree with you. And It’s a funnier situation when the president of the USA can’t make it to the end of a global meeting without flipping a table. For a particular definition of funnier. So many things to regret. Let’s hope the cascade of events ends softly. Not like say 1929. It’s all looking funnier, looking backwards and forwards.
  9. Yup, but will their votes change at the mid-terms? That’s the test. Back to the subject of other entitled masculine behaviour....? There is sure to be more, it’s a bottomless well, really. I just hope that it’s one of the less malign cases and he is falling on his sword, more like Al Franken, not one of horror stories like Weinstein. Maybe they are getting out front of something before Incredibles 2 goes into release. Edit: I came back to my response because almost the next thing my insomnia took be to was an article about counting the economic cost of bad behaviour. https://www.vox.com/2018/6/9/17441614/sexual-harassment-cost-me-too-gillibrand-murray
  10. He’s not acting guilty. He is defending himself. From the FBI. Just like anyone would. Who just happens to know a lot of Russians - not that he knows any Russians. He wouldn’t know how to spell Russian even. It’s a load of covefefe. And punching down at the FBI is fine. They should get real jobs - like his kids did. With their dads.
  11. Shucks... that was just locker room talk. Totally non-indicative of character. He does great deals. Just listen to him- he’ll tell you.
  12. I just read a quote from a European trade official to the effect that Trump is treating the US allies “ like a girlfriend that you slap around to make them want to marry you”. That is an uncomfortable framing, but he does like to punch down. Hasn’t said a word yet critical of Putin. And Russia is economically not at all important to the USA compared to the EU and Canada and Mexico. What could be going on?
  13. ... and there is now a call from the US president to bring Russia back to the G7. Without them un-invading a neighbouring sovereign state. Golly. That’s weird.
  14. https://www.motherjones.com/media/2018/06/fcc-complaints-roseanne-samantha-bee/ I found an article listing all complaints to the FCC (the regulatory body) about S Bee. & R. Barr. unlike the museum article I quoted above, there is no mention of April 1. It’s the volume of complaints that intrigued me.
  15. Try this https://australianmuseum.net.au/drop-bear
  16. If he gets re-elected then he will be what America is. He might be what America is now. It’s an American choice. If he continues unchecked by the Congress after the mid-terms then implicitly Trumpism is America. Not sure that it’s a good look.
  17. But far more civil than say The Hill or Politico. And maybe Twitter. Though there are civil people there too. @chucky - I never know that Leonard meant there
  18. What I am curious to know is: are any of these facts, and the conclusions drawn, surprising to our American friends on the forum.
  19. This here^^^. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s cultural. But here the sentiment might be similar up to the point specifying the party. I don’t think any celebrity or sportsperson on one side or the other is likely any more or less informed, unless it’s demonstrated. I get annoyed when celebrity chefs make announcements about paleo sunscreens.
  20. No idea.. We did it too. Largely. We have minority parties that leverage their influence. The current government is a very agrarian/capital coalition that always voted en-bloc for agrarian socialism (Nationals) and corporate socialism (Liberals aka conservatives). The opposition is Labor (workers) and then there are minor parties who strategically pick sides and get leverage for their constituents. I’ve probably misstated this.
  21. The provisions he has used to to invoke the tariffs require the designation of the materials as being required for national security purposes. My reading is that he has moved Canada out from being part of the national security materials supply chain. That national security is at risk if they rely on Canada. That Canada is a national security risk. Relying on Canada threatens national security. You said enemy. That’s more than a jump than I made. If I misspoke I can stand to take correction - but the gist is says he can’t trust Canada. After a very long and special relationship. It’s probably going to the WTO because it’s such a consequential action that can spiral into “interesting times”, not that isolisationist nativists care for such. And the whole tariff and trade war thing echoes Smoot-Hawley. Which lead to the Great Depression and the subsequent rise of global facisim. Oh, and all believers take faith over evidence. It wasn’t just about you or politics. It was a more general observation. There are studies, if you look for them. I didn’t mean to offend you. edit: if one uses “Pizzagate” as yardstick for truth then all the traditionally reported material on corrupt.af is unlikely to sway ones belief. If one thinks that the evidence of four business bankruptcies and the words out of his mouth is indicative then that’s going to colour beliefs. Edit2: please give me the counter arguments and persuade me. It’s not about the feels. Edit 3: take Christian evangelicals Before Trump morality counts:, a) B J Clinton had an immoral relationship and is unfit. After Trump b) Trump has three wives, bribed a porn star to stay quiet and gets a “mulligan”. Colour me quizzical. It looks to me like it’s just not about values, it’s about what people want to believe about this one man.
  22. Well, the folks in the middle want to sell their stuff. Mexico and Canada are putting on retaliatory tariffs and finding new markets to source stuff bought from the agrarian and rust belts states . The power skew to the agrarian states is strong but maybe eventually the results of Trump’s 1000lb gorilla strategy will overcome it. He is effectively putting taxes on US products for the US market and calling the nations on his land border national security threats. Canada is now labelled as a threat against US security, is what he means. Sometime the bubble has to burst for the personality enthusiasts. But again, belief survives in the face of evidence. Human trait.
  23. The electoral college was a mechanism to resist demagoguery. The college electors were, I think, intended to be men of standing and wisdom who would moderate the mobs. But it failed as a check, as a result of the developmental of the party system, which the constitution was not designed to cope - it’s silent on parties. There is a whole thing about how representation was skewed to favour landed capital and resist the workers. Also the slave states had to work a bit harder because the electorate changed and capital had to skew things more to maintain privilege. The 2nd amendment is a part of the slave state skew too. Other weird stuff to me is that political parties draw the electoral boundaries within the states. It’s like one team picks their ref and that ref selectively narrows the their teams goal posts and widens the the others. Whole other country. Fun to learn about. And on the cars there traffic indicators AND the brake lights can be both be red. Smh.
  24. It’s not about the facts, it’s about the beliefs - because people don’t need facts to maintain their beliefs. And people believe what suits them. And disbelieve too. Fun website is corrupt.af - but it’ll either be believed or disbelieved, depending on preference. But it’s a curated and, I think, properly sourced running list. And the domain is amusing.
  25. It’s interesting. Mid-terms are a test. I wrote a lot more but deleted it because hey, it boils down to preference. I don’t get it. I hope it ends well. if it were me voting I’d of found it hard to believe much of what Trump says, self confessed truthful hyperbole considered. Just what you want in a polly, maybe not. Edit And golly, what we know now... The Trump party seems hooked and landed... until they aren’t. I only vaguely remember Nixon as I lived it but I’ve been catching up. There may come a tipping point, though, jeez, there’d be a lot to walk back. Then again, even the Kochs are turning.
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