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  1. I sincerely wish you (collectively) well with them all. They do tend to spill over beyond your borders. So please, handle them. It’s a small, small world. edit: I did feel bad for bit... about sledging of the US - I’m not a citizen - then I realised that, while youse in the US are the players, the rest of the world are like spectators on the sidelines shouting encouragement. And sometimes the game goes off field and the spectators take a hit. So I’ve rationalised my position. - Shouts “Encouragement!” AND something encouraging https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2018/6/5/17373314/electricity-technology-efficiency-software-waste-3dfs
  2. Well we have both had the opportunity to express ourselves- so there has been that. We will see what happens as the future unfolds. Certainly the world has changed quickly since November 2016. I wake up every day wondering about the next paragraph, never mind the next chapter. On other things School safety but it’s not about the guns... go. edit: never mind, we fixed that here, pretty much. It’s solely a US thing. 😈
  3. I think you are wrong on that, there is lots of expert analysis out there that debates it, but certainly the pile of bodies built by Bush2’s decision to invade the wrong country under false pretences is higher than from Clinton’s and Carter’s choices made so long ago. Can we agree on that specific? About the body count. <icon: rhetorical request>. Split ticket might get you a completely unfettered president. Or at least one caught in a self-pardoning loop, exercising absolute control over the instruments of justice. It’s so weird to hear that mooted. But hey, not my president. And I don’t know about who’s feeling sorry for whom. Australia is only 6 tragedies away from Harry as our king. And Meghan as queen consort. He’d be a non-executive king though. Wouldn’t even have to set foot in the country. And he couldn’t pardon jack.
  4. I’m not able to follow you on all of this, because I get distracted by the nicknames. That detracts from your argument. But casualty counts resulting from decisions was where I was going. I’m not saying there weren’t problems all round, but the solution Bush2 chose has resulted in pretty high piles of bodies. Higher than other presidents. Some of them were my country folk too. And nothing got fixed, really. A less kinetic solution may have been wiser. This isn’t the venue for geopolitical re-hash though. Dearest Ajond, I’m going to play a dead bat on this. Say what you want, but she lost. She was investigated sooo much. She lost the election. The troll farms and Comey gave her loss a nudge. I think her campaign is over. We have new challenges. cheers Nog
  5. I’m not sure about your metrics. Maybe it’s perspective. On some scales Bush2 is the worse. He did all that invading stuff. If you make piles of the bodies resulting from each president’ decision and measure the heights of those piles I think your picks aren’t in the running. We will see how things go with the new guy. He’s maybe going to get there. He has a bigger button.
  6. I think any economic and military ally whose industries are being affected by tariffs emplaned under a novel interpretation of a national security exception might disagree. I am with you though. I too am not a huge Trump supporter. I can legitimately say he’s not my president. But our prime minister was the first foreign leader to get a phone blast from him - so we do have a special relationship. I was in Hawaii at the time. It felt awkward . Edit: I do mean blast - there was swearing and Trump hung-up. Seemed horrible at the time. Little did we know...
  7. Hey, you’re back. Welcome. Lucky then that she lost and retired from politics, what. No worries about another run. Phew. I think there is a broad media consensus that they may have been a bit disproportionate in their attention to one candidate’s emails. The New York Times ran an article with a mention of an FBI investigation into the other candidate and they buried that bit in the tenth paragraph. Certainly a New York Times fail.
  8. I seriously would be happy to go watch a rocket launch. I got so chuffed by being at the Kennedy Space Centre. Logistically it’s difficult. Lots of wait time for holds. You’d have to have time to just hang around in Florida. I won’t pass the psych assessment for Mars (lol). Edit (I think you have to be at least slightly madder than me). They do have a NZ rocket industry (the Electron) but as we claimed Russell Crowe I wonder it can be labelled Australasian so the we in Oz can bask in the glory.
  9. So I can or can’t believe that a representative of a US president said that a US president could shoot an investigator and not be charged? Because I do find it hard to believe that was said . I so want it to be just a reporting glitch. No reply required on this. Who’s hoping Musk can sell tickets to Mars?
  10. Which is why I put up my list of readings on current affairs. What well resourced, reputable and consistent source would others look to for information. BTW Shep Smith does a good job on Fox of reporting on the same events as other sources, from what I see on YouTube, but he does news, not entertainment. Setting aside the opinion pieces, am I missing any remarkably consistent news source - without a paywall - that would improve my understanding of the world? There is of course Variety, I guess. I am looking forward to reading any discursive debates on the pros and cons following today’s news about the exercise of absolute executive power that’s being mooted in the USA - that one seems a big topic. Is there a pro case?
  11. I have the fox app but I find it rarely has correlating stories. Like, something is everywhere but I can’t find the Fox take on it. Also DW but, sorry, I’m following US news, for some reason. Oh, and USA Today. RT... I just haven’t.
  12. I’m curious about what media lists people would curate. In no particular order I regularly browse the following apps or websites. Townhall.com, Slate, NYT, The Atlantic, Vox, Real Clear Politics, The Conversation, Politico, The Hill, BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corp, The New Yorker, McclatchyDC, Axios and I tried Breitbart and do look sometimes but can’t for long. And lawfareblog.com Am I in a bubble? (I am at home a lot for... reasons and my wife has a demanding job, hehe)
  13. My understanding is they are seeking asylum under US and international law as they have reasonable expectations of death where they were. I don’t have the stats to hand but they are out there. But a large proportion of asylum claims are upheld. More illegal immigrants come by plane anyway. In Australia, farmers kill foxes and hang their hides on the fences to deter other foxes. That’s what our Manus Island horror camp tries to do too. And Id guess this policy as well. also net Mexican migration is negative and has been for years.
  14. “...A federal judge in San Diego is set to rule any day on the question of whether the government is lawlessly abducting immigrant children at the border. The ACLU is seeking a classwide preliminary injunction to put a stop to the practice. Based on a close reading of legal filings in the case, the public statements of policymakers, and a transcript from a critical hearing last month, it’s difficult to fathom how the judiciary could possibly rule in favor of the government...” https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/06/trumps-child-separation-policy-is-a-moral-and-constitutional-abomination.html We will find out soon if it’s legal to separate the children at the border. I’d suggest it’s cruel. We did this (took kids from families) to our black kids and it’s generally seen as a national shame and blot on our history.
  15. Hey, that’s a fact! Waddayaknow. I made the mistake of giving credence to a claim made on the internet. Cheers
  16. Well fine. If you like your law you can keep your law. It’s inhumane, bad policy and letting little kids be harmed. Be fine with it if you want. Don’t clutch pearls about anatomical insults that are legal too. Your choices.
  17. Sure. Fine. Facts don’t matter anyway it seems. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. Except in the case of policy. Then facts matter. This is just entertainment and argument. But the suffering from kids being separated from the mums is real. The violence implicit in Barr’s racist horseshit is real. And one is worthy of discussion and one is horseshit to dropped on the manure heap of history. my opinion.
  18. Maybe now I can stand pat on the facts and let people refute those. Opinion is opinion. Seriously, her show is on here, (on the TV station I once worked for back in the 80s btw) but I don’t watch. I am interested in the principles in the arguments, however.
  19. I’d say though she already had the show before this event. She wrote for other successful shows too. She had already achieved a good measure of commercial success. Plus she is a political comic. She’s not warm and fuzzy. Political comedy has a sharp edge. Or sometimes a blunt one. Maybe she was pretty pissed off about the policy of separating children from parents and then losing those children in some poorly managed custody system, which means a great deal of individual human suffering will be inflicted on people who are doing lawful acts when seeking asylum. So she went hard. I thought the separation of children from their parents was the issue. Which is how it is that she misspoke. She stepped on her message. Unless she was planning just to get indiscriminate promotion. It could be that. I don’t know. It’s possible. It’s the most venal reason. edit: personally I prefer believe it was legitimate protest. People could loosen up about the c* word. Certainly men shouldn’t clutch their pearls over it. They’ve used it enough. Women to women is a different deal.
  20. Some people hate the word “moist”. People are... interesting. 😀 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/probing-the-moist-crevices-of-word-aversion/ (just for fun)
  21. Interesting. Implies venality but ok. It could be. Assumes apology was false. I do think the language stepped on Bee’s message and I believe she could regret that. Also maybe she realised that Ms Trump is powerless in her role so there is no point blaming her for administration decisions, even though she is an officer of the administration AND the president’s child, I don’t know. And further, if she just said it for ratings then it’s just a performance. Calculated. There is whole history of people making performative insults and being rewarded, both in show business and politics. Your president has been pretty good at that himself. Barr made her slur on her own time, she had a history of such slurs. Barr really believed in her insult. My issue is the belief of equivalence in insult and disappointment in the disparity in consequence. I still believe they are not equivalent insults and the disparity in consequence should not be unexpected. I still haven’t been persuaded they did the same thing. edit: also TBS cleared Bee for launch so they took the risk with her, for whatever reasons (maybe legitimate protest, think about that) AND Barr did it for free.
  22. That’s an interesting point. Are you saying: A) you believe the selection you see is made only because of a tribal bias and that the two insults are materially indistinguishable and the events precipitating the insults are equivalent and the values reflected in the insults are equivalent? So both sides should be upset at Barr and Both sides equally upset at Bee? Or B/ that both sides are being selectively outraged because of tribalism? So it’s fake outrage all round? or C/ or one side only is selectively outraged. No pressure
  23. And did you see the articles about practical natural gas fired zero emissions power stations. That’s encouraging. Here’s a link. https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2018/6/1/17416444/net-power-natural-gas-carbon-air-pollution-allam-cycle#
  24. I do enjoy the back and forth. Futile as some of it is. here is a view of Also, we saw Solo. My wife liked it. I enjoyed seeing Clint Howard again. I didn’t hate it. But the Suicide Squad one (aka Rogue One) was more impactful. My son liked it. So 66.66% favourable rating.
  25. Yeah, I just thought of it as background information. It’s informative. I did enjoy Sally Fields tweet. Ms Driver’s was funny too, though I heard it before. Betty White once did a joke about the pros and cons of using genitals to describe fortitude - that’s funny also, maybe because she looks like a grandma as she says it. And it does address the implicit sexism in the use of the female anatomy as pejorative. I don’t have a link for that but it’s out there. No I think he’s laying out some facts. And maybe some editorialising. But the facts are there. One can’t be “holier than thou” once one has admitted grabbing a kitty. Never mind the Stormy story etc. No high road left for the American right I’d think.
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