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  1. I’d have been happy if Leonard and Penny had just left him on his own across the corridor, and if Leonard had explained why. The lesson would have lasted longer. But I understand the sentiment. Penny also could have ju-jitsued him more by deploying his his mother. It wasn’t to be of course. And there won’t be a reboot. This is over.
  2. I know what you mean, but in one framing it’s unclear that he would have understood why he got the beating. He had that discussion with his mum about being beaten up by “the neighbour kids”. He thought they felt inferior and threatened by his intellect. His mum knew it wasn’t that, and we laughed when she said it. He just couldn’t perceive it. He’s not aware of the consequences of his actions. Which then raises the question of is it moral to use his difference for humour, when he is unaware of the joke. Or he’s just an arsehole and is aware. In which case he deserves some consequences. I do favour that view. They played it both ways. Which maybe was a ethically challenged artistic dodge for the sake of getting a long run. Artistic or not, probably still dodgy. All the way to the bank.
  3. For the sake of learning something from some rebuttal, I’m going to walk out on a limb and say there was a certain moral ambiguity or greyness, or else some crass exploitation at work, by not letting him be responsible for his actions. They let the diagnosis stand at “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”. So ok, not crazy. Therefore competent. Therefore open to consequence. I liked him better as homo novus. Or like a less benign Uncle Martin (which was on TV here yesterday - broadcast TV. WTF). The alien observer. As a person, if he’s not conscious of the effect of his choices, is it fair or right to make him the butt of the jokes. If they had labelled him, maybe it would have been morally better. Claim his status. Be a standard bearer. Maybe not a 12 season run in that, though. As a regular guy, he certainly wasn’t good to his friends; “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” as they say. As a sitcom content generator, obviously awesome.
  4. ... as a bloke who once went to an Australian comic-con and only later realised he could have passed as Leonard ( except for the hair). And I won’t describe my wife... other than to say she was blonde when I met her. Some people don’t like olives and some people like surströmming. It’s a big world. I would argue Sheldon was unique on TV. Then latterly he became like many other masculine stereotypes. We’ve seen lots of demanding men who exploit the goodwill and needs of those around them. Some even not characters on TV. When he decried relationships he was special. Then they changed him to chase the long run. That’s when he lost most of his appeal for me, though it was a gradual process. Later, when I saw him as just petulant, I lost tolerance. But I hung in, hoping for Leonard and Penny to best him. And, if you look at it without considering the accumulated bad acts, it is funny. The season 12 gag with the hot dogs in New York, that I have seen, was chuckle worthy. The unhappy new bride, working around him, not so much. She knew what she was in for. It wasn’t a surprise. But it’s all moot now. I’m just kicking through the ashes. It drives engagement to have teams. Cricket demonstration of batting techniques aren’t riveting at all. I’d say there are many ancillary payoffs to rivalries.
  5. Before I withdrew myself from that thread for the benefit of all - because if you can’t say something nice, then stay on the series thread - I noted the various grasped straws detailed analyses, like the code embedded in the colours of tea cups (but maybe there was one; Howard’s alien pins had a deeper meaning, said a costumer, but I never discovered what) . In the long run it worked out fine for those fans but at the time (2013?) lots of extraordinary claims were made without the requisite extraordinary evidence. That’s fandom, isn’t it?
  6. I think it’s a matter of when you get on board and what you get on board for. It’s a subjective judgement. And rooting for the story to go on when it doesn’t is pretty familiar to me. So many shows I thought were great or interesting died prematurely. Firefly of course is a prime exemplar of the phenomenon. But people like what they like. Sheldon, to me, became a meaner, but intellectual, Biff Tanner, yet a still a bit of a sook along with it. Not appealing to me. And he initially had Leonard’s back. But that went away. He just took stuff. And Leonard rolled with it. Then Penny tended to take Sheldon’s side. Sucky. All done because if they didn’t then the show ended.
  7. Oh I don’t mean to be rude to the cohort, but we all might have sent “thoughts and prayers” for the actual effect we had. For one, Sheldon wasn’t smothered. Two, getting married didn’t get Sheldon out of there. And three, well, look. Just my opinion. An impression, in the afterglow.
  8. I feel Penny and Leonard were both pretty sucky to each other in order to coddle Sheldon. The show spent a long time persuading me that they really needed and wanted each other - hence the angst and drama of the season 4, the Priya digression, the Penny/Raj debacle, and then Penny and Leonard 2.0 - followed by what... seven season of enabling Sheldon while disparaging one another. They never or rarely had any fun that we saw, they just existed as props for gags about Sheldon. Penny fawned over Sheldon and rarely stood with Leonard against him. I kept hoping for better and hung around because of that hope. And what did I get for staying... the frakkin’ “boat kiss” cliffhanger. Then they served up the almost unnatural cohabitation with Sheldon, which was just ludicrous pandering, to both the character Sheldon and to the Sheldon fanciers. It didn’t seem to hurt the ratings though. People swallowed it all. Makes me realise how tiny and lacking influence the L/P cohort must have been. Sheldon was a juggernaut, and not in the Marvel comic sense.
  9. It sort of makes you think the well was dry, the seam mined out, the tank was empty. They may have been running on fumes. Season 13 and 14 is unknowable but in this analysis the signs are not good. Also, and it could be just me, but is there some moral greyness around the conclusion, where in fact the coyote did get to eat the roadrunner. Sheldon, for all the harm he caused to others, still got to the top of the greasy pole. Is there a lesson in that? Trample on others, relentlessly and indefatigably until you get to the top? That’s been a through line. Never give up, regardless of cost to those around you. More commonly, there is a comeuppance for that behaviour at the end of the story. Not this time. Or on balance, is it obvious it’s not behaviour to emulate? Edit: Another view is that the great man needed support to do his great works and overcome his failings, for some greater good. Maybe that too. I think they cut the character a lot of slack as they aimed for the long run. I also think they made the right choice to let the show end. They likely should have gone earlier, when they still had something new to say. But that’s not the business model for these things.
  10. Good points. It was counter to comedic tropes for the comedic irritant to get what they wanted. In this case the coyote got to eat the roadrunner, in a manner of speaking. Was the elevation deserved? I’m unsure. And how do people feel about an amateur physicist being included in the honours. I’m just not wrapped up enough in those characters to be thrilled for that either. I prefer your scenario. Still it’s been undeniably a commercial success. Kudos for that. It’s a tough business.
  11. Obligated to watch, ancillary to watching Leonard and Penny. Sheldon and Amy were unavoidable. How’s that? Maybe that’s why I can’t be bothered yet to watch s12. There just isn’t enough non-Sheldon and Amy content to compensate. And the pay-off for the Leonard and Penny story apparently just sucks. A Zack goose chase, regretful Penny who didn’t communicate with Leonard about a pretty major life decision and then a limp, facile and unexplored story about a pregnancy that may as well have been a phantom? Add to that a weird fictional Nobel that is just made-up fantasy that exploits a real award for which real people actually sweat and innovate and have momentous insights and make actual contributions to human knowledge that potentially affect the human condition. Exploited for laughs and a season-ending high. Hmmm.
  12. Would they still be on top in S14? I don’t know. Would they have kept chasing the money? Very likely, unless the talent decided to go do something else, if they could. Which is what stopped them and why we won’t find out. Parsons pulled the plug. Probably wisely and with maybe some artistic sensibility. You, and I, were fatigued by the Shamy Show, but others weren’t. They could have limped on until cancellation. Look at Two and a Half Men. I had trouble coping with married Sheldon and Amy. It was just awful. It couldn’t be offset enough by other plots to make it tolerable. And of course, “tolerable” is what you want in your favourite entertainment. /s If even obsessed people like us weren’t swallowing the nonsense, then maybe they would have fallen off a cliff anyway. Edit: “fallen off a cliff” is a colloquialism that implies that performance has fallen dramatically. Say like when a product is completely replaced by another. The sales plummet. The sales graph shows a steep downward movement. Vertically. Like a cliff. This is not to say any literal physical harm befalls anyone. Not throwing anyone off a cliff.
  13. My belief is that they had no strategy beyond using their show for creating as much product that attracted as many eyeballs to screens for as long as possible. The TBBT enterprise did whatever it took, inside their framework, to generate viable content. Whatever worked. And they were hugely successful. Sure, there were different paths they might have taken, but what they did made them category killers. In a different environment, where maybe say some weighty personage tweeted at them about how unfairly Leonard was treated and how Sheldon took advantage, things might have gone differently.
  14. They ran too long. The Good Place is wrapping at four seasons, because that’s where the story took them. TBBT ran so long it became wallpaper. It was so hermetic that whenever they needed a tot of drama they just punched Leonard and when they wanted to go for feels they went gooey over Sheldon. When I forget to despise Sheldon because of the harm he has caused for so long, I can find it funny, but the Sheldon outrage generator and the “look at me, look at me” attention devices just became wearying. Audience churn may have accounted for the durability. It’s hard to be good entertainment for so long with the same ingredients being recycled over and over again. I’m guessing they must have churned audience to get their numbers. They certainly aimed to bring in new consumers... given how long they held the focus on a school playground style of romance for Sheldon. And I believe pre-Amy they went for broke, post-Amy they went for for the long run. I feel that’s why 1-3 was zanier and more adult. I conjecture that post Amy they didn’t want to scare off the kids sitting on the couch with their mums. Six seasons of 12 episodes each would have been 100% gold. People would have died laughing. But never mind the quality, feel the width. They did an excellent job and they thrived in a tough market. However, imagine it distilled.
  15. I still haven’t bit the bullet. 23/24 are yet unwatched (as are others prior). Holding off for the right time. Or hoarding it. Maybe it’s denial. Hehehe. Plus the news seems more engaging. Watching western civilisation spiral down the gurgler. Makes Sheldon and his shared sci-fi Nobel seem less pressing.
  16. Zack was delightful. He was good hearted and sincere - and dummer than George Cooper ever was. And he was Penny’s first husband, imagine that! Leonard never could catch a break the first time round. It was always a slog. He’s doughty.
  17. Agreed. I watch the non-commercials and go to the streaming services for series. It’s a revenue death spiral of sorts for local broadcasters and local production. I don’t need the sports channels. Reality is cheap to make compared to scripted dramas. Hence all those pretty things on islands and beaches somewhere. Besides Graham Norton and TBBT I’m not seeing much that has ads. Of course there is YouTube and its frighteningly well targeted commercials. Apparently I haven’t realised that I need to buy a new mattress. Maybe I will now. The ads with the Maori bloke and his Pakeha (?) partner are very choice. 😀 I’m thinking of binging on S12 once the DVR is full. Maybe I’ll do a series of posts to match the episodes. Just to run and catch up with everyone else. I’m sure that’s important /s. Also someone has a two week business trip coming and my plan is to cram in as much as I can of series TV in that time. So far it’s all of GoT, Westworld, The Leftovers and S12. I wonder if I’ll still be able to use my legs afterwards.
  18. I’d suggest that they wanted to do it for the “car wreck” effect. Or alternatively because “it’s the nature of grotesque things that you can’t look away” per Buttigieg in 2019. Or as the blue genie said, “Made you look!”.
  19. Oz is still officially only at ep19. The DVR is chugging away, waiting.
  20. I still can’t legally watch it. That’s disappointing. Episode 19 is as far as Oz has gone. So I’m banking my outrage It gives Sheldon and Amy a science-fictional Nobel, so there is that. Science fiction.
  21. Yeah, I was obsessed. And did read a lot. The problem for me came when all this good stuff written in good faith by good people was totally absent from the show. I kept hoping it would cross pollenate, but where Sheldon was concerned Leonard could never catch a break. I don’t think anyone actually wrote the Hitchcock Rope version where Sheldon is smothered with a pillow and hidden in the apartment in a box by Leonard & Penny - quite the different sort of finale that’d have been- but there’s an idea for someone. Two lots of IP to mash-up. And it being TBBT it has to be written funny. Like the CSI crossover episode written by the Three and a Half Men team. Best line I recall was, after a rubber chicken is extracted from the throat of the victim, Grissom (I think) is asked “What’s that?”. He replied, “A gag”. You’re welcome. :😁
  22. Yeah, I got confused once, maybe twice... I vote for this. Nothing like digging up the dead horse, beating it again and reburying it for a later beating. I still feel strongly about Leonard being pantsed in front of his mum by Penny. And that they didn’t even try with the pillows. Someone should make a list of the horses. But Penny and Raj was fine for Penny, bad for Raj. Just saying... I read Elliptical Threads, which was so good. Then I read some story about Penny waking up with Sheldon and then sneaking back to Leonard. I was scarred forever*. By both really. Too far from the nominal reality of the show for me. Despite the skills exercised by the writers. So I stopped. Also I wonder about playing with someone else’s IP. It’s an accepted form of homage, I guess. No one gets hurt. Except for *see above.
  23. I’m up for squibbling, when the mood takes me. For instance, we could re-litigate the data corruption by electric can opener. I wasn’t here for that one, but I think it was totally justified.
  24. Nicely said. It’s been an experience. And belated best wishes for your birthday. Cheers
  25. That’s still been the result for some. In large parts. Still, moments of goodness.
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