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  1. I'm such a slow typist. Arrrghhh.

  2. Is it really that bad?

  3. Is Leonard still worthy?

  4. Just waiting to see the trend...

  5. Let's try something

  6. Maybe I know less than I thought.

  7. More Leonard and Penny love in s7 please.

  8. No it's still me, Nogravitasatall attempting a joke.

  9. Not Ghandi. Just NG.

  10. Not thinking about much really.

  11. Obviously I got carried away. But it's meant be fun. It's not a church. Lol

  12. Prepare for the worst, hope Delilah Fielding stays with Tony and wait for the rebound.

  13. Really excited about SpaceX's near success at recovering a first stage after launch.

  14. Really. Everything. Trust me

  15. the poster formerly known as Nogravitasatall, because we are serious about labels here:)

  16. Waiting for the wind to change back.

  17. Will stop beating up on Sheldon; He doesn't notice anyway.

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