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  1. I'm glad they are developing the characters, else they would become tide locked, predictable caricatures. Its already formulaic, but i think they try to play out to the boundaries of the formula.
  2. Hear hear. Though I hope we have seen the end of Leonard's torment and he and Penny are allowed some happiness. Alloyed, of course, with embarrassment, misunderstanding and whimsical folly. The joy will be in seeing how the writers pull this off. They seem to be giving it a red hot go right now.
  3. Does coming from Nebraska mean big hair for big nights?
  4. Does Penny have a default hairstyle and if so is it less overtly glam in s6 now that L/P is a real thing? I noticed this in T43P and THBO. My conjecture was that she is happier with herself & Leonard and too busy with work and study now to go all out all the time (not that she is ever not georgeous). Leonard's hair style is also looking more natural and relaxed. Character development by hair and makeup, what do you think. Or am I reading tea leaves.
  5. My goodness, Ms Cuoco is very attractive, as well as being a talented comedic actor. Not news, I know, but still worth noting.
  6. This may be redundant, but Sheldon would use the scientific method to evaluate the hypothesis that is at the heart of the Shenny phenomenon. For the sake of brevity i note two events that disprove the existence of Shenny: "You are so not the guy" and "she is not for you" ( you dont need the citations). There are many other events, but I don't think I'm cherry picking the data. Evidence for the existence of the Shenny? Maybe it's observer bias, but I have never seen an incident that would support the hypothesis. ( i will go looking for the relevant reports elsewhere but I'm sceptical that a metastudy would support the Shenny). But back to the topic... I do worry that the available supplies of URST (unrequited sexual tension) powering the show may run out. The Penny/Leonard relationship is on a tremendous trajectory but can TPTB keep this going? Leonard has been the king of nerds and kingly in other areas ("he tries really hard") but most shows do plateau.
  7. Thank you so much for the taping report. You write so well. This is surreal. Giant Jenga, insecure Penny, confident Leonard... We have gone through the looking glass. Wow. Can't wait to see this.
  8. Scurrying in... As I saw elsewhere posted by a compatriot, Oz has a four day broadcast lag for TBBT. Must be the underwater copper wires, slow pigeons or someone not pedalling fast enough. Anyway, our local Oz broadcaster decided to "preempt" this episode . No notice, just an apology from that evening's receptionist on the expected night of broadcast (TSR repeat was the sub). Next day I called their programming department. Helpful bloke explained that because of USA Thanksgiving they skipped this episode but will later align schedules after the US holiday. So I waited a week, breathe held, heart racing. Then they "preempted" it again. So two weeks gone. Friendly evening receptionist says sorry, not her fault, but will pass on the sentiment. Next day I called their programming dept to calmly discuss their published broadcast schedule and to confirm they would do what they said on their website and show the Lenny moments and Sheldon wormhole magic in the last week of November. More information released. No new broadcast eps after 6.07 till next ratings season, in the new year. Guy on phone was sorry. Sometimes it is better not to know than to know. Curse you internets. Ignorance was bliss. I should not have peeked. Now trying to stay pure and maintain old business paradigms to ensure whole media industry does not collapse and fail to produce TBBT s7. Avoiding torrents. But YouTube fragments are unsatisfying. While not high art, TBBT should be consumed as the creatives intended, without visible seams and in the right order. All of Oz suffers with me (I'm sure on some level, even if only feeling a vague sense of having been slighted, somehow). Except for the millennials, with no qualms about downloads. But now have mad respect for fan fiction. Well, some of it. Is this what crack is like? I have a job, people. Warping an Oz sports fan expression, call me a "TBBT tragic". Deep breaths, starting now. And scurrying out.
  9. Hi. Idly curious here about what was on Leonard's bug report to Penny in TBTI. We got a few highlights but it was a long list. Haven't seen this anywhere but happy to be told where to look or where to post to ask. Also, do these kind of props get kept for posterity. Just like to see that quoted by someone. Thanks
  10. Hi there. Late comment about short shows, but I watched the Australian broadcast version of The HIggs Boson Observation, then later the iTunes version, and the broadcast version had the last bit of dialogue from Sheldon to Penny (after "blonde monkey") trimmed from the cold open. That's got be wrong. Has anyone seen that sort of edit happen before? The episodes are too short as it is. Formal protest... And informal protest.
  11. Hello. Have been visiting from time to time. Who joins me in hating Channel 9 for not showing 6.08 in Oz. Eps 6.01 to 6.07, ok, then TSR from s5. Really? <Pause> Really? What's up with that?
  12. WRT slutty... er no. Deep crazy love between two grown ups...yes. If they are that keen on each other after six years, then awesome. They already had the honeymoon in s3, so this real - not just lust. I hope.
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