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  1. Fans of Shamy maybe. It’s a difficult argument to sustain to say that fans of L/P would be satisfied with it. We saw more of the conception of Sheldon’s and Amy’s fictional Nobel than the conception of Leonard and Penny’s fictional child. One story had the weight of 12 seasons, the other was pure S12 fan service. And rating by tonnage is joyfully whimsical. But compared to the Castle finale the TBBT finale was Nobel-worthy literature.
  2. Hmm. It’s funny, knowing. The experience is not the same, is it. And for everything like this, that maybe you discover after the event, like say The Bridge (Bron/Broen) or DCI Banks, or whatever, has the history out there, the spoiler, the analysis, the reveal. It’s easy to find out what happens. I’m not sure that’s wise. But, and Rick we have both written about The Roommate Transmogrification, and that sometimes the experience of the shock unheralded is rewarding, even though it disconcerts. I still think that was some of their best, where they went big, unexpectedly. I’m not sure how I would have received news in advance of Raj and Penny waking up together. I still remember when I saw it thinking “wow, how are they going to untangle that”. And, given that they did resolve that pickle, and considering the genre, I was pretty sure they’d aim for a comforting resolution to the L/P quandary, despite the ridiculous donation digression I have heard about. I believe I am on record saying Penny not wanting kids was likely a feint, though I complained. They could have even finished with her pregnant and not telling Leonard, but we’d have known. And that may have been enough. Anyway, I think I’ll look for the Blu-Ray, on discount. I know I’ll probably lose the DVR copy eventually, whenever they broadcast it. Seasons 7-11 though, I’m not planning on collecting. It’ll loop for years on TV. But maybe I should experience S12 on a binge. Shouting at the TV is something I’m getting better practiced at. I will know the outcome anyway. And I did watch The Holgraphic Excitation an unnecessary number of times.
  3. And Westworld S3 in 2020. Not sure what sitcoms are pending that will engage me positively or otherwise for 12 seasons. This one might be the unicorn. And Lordy, in another 12 years would I even have the capability to track what happened 12 years prior. I can say that this one, even though at times being broadly ordinary, did manage to be particularly special. Not that I’ve bought a copy since s6. Question: does the finale make season 12 purchase-worthy? I’ve not yet seen it.
  4. I agreed with Leonard about it. It has merit and weight. My girls watched it once I had the DVDs. I think Charmed (froth, I think) led them into it gently. They didn’t follow me to Battlestar Galactica (the 2003 version). All the kids watch GOT. My wife thinks we are all idiots for watching the sf and fantasy stuff. But she was open to Lucifer. Nothing to do with Tom Ellis with his shirt off, I’m sure. @joyceraye - even after 30 years I still won’t look in my spouses purse without express consent. I get that consent more often now, when she can’t find her phone in its depths. Re The finale. I caught some of the end on YouTube. Leonard got feisty.
  5. Please, get the licence to do the graphic novel of their new life. Offer Chuck and Bill a fair percentage. That’s the spin-off. It’ll make a motza as a limited edition collectable. There is a captive market out there, just waiting. Awesome work.
  6. I feel ya, buddy. He really had a work wife. That’s over. It’s going to leave a big space. End of an era. Thanks all for update.
  7. Re Howard: he may have. But I don’t know about the effect his mother had on him. Maybe he grew once he was less influenced by her. It might be an environmental effect. He is still adolescent in some respects. Having a loving wife and kids has taken the edge off his horny teenager act, but his antenna still quiver. I think Raj was damaged/hurt by his experiences as a child, maybe in the offices of his father’s OB/GYN practice. He was mute around women. Something happened. I feel he’d improve further through professional therapy, rather than to expect some woman to take him on as a project. It’s a big lift. Love doesn’t conquer all, sometimes. I’m not saying he’s wicked, I am saying he needs help. Penny was an amateur therapist for him. But I suspect he needs more than just love.
  8. I’m just catching that after watching Fleur Delacour and Stannis Baratheon in The Tunnel. Saga is a bit Sheldon, only with more of the going into bars and casually banging people. Penny’s Scandinavian cousin maybe. Or their love child, proactively/preemptively/proprespectively(?)
  9. I started writing a response but I just don’t know how... “Bless your heart”? cheers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bless_your_heart?wprov=sfti1
  10. I’m not disagreeing about there being male writers. I do hope that the audience can be smart enough to see that most of the derision aimed at Penny was aimed by Sheldon, where he is being something of an avatar for a particular school of thought about gender norms Most of the time Penny was pretty comfortable with her enthusiasm for the behaviours that Sheldon, the self-appointed “Arbiter of All Things”, decried. Leonard and the rest of the community were pretty accepting, if not maybe covetous, of Penny’s history. Further, once Penny worked through her issues about why Leonard wasn’t her first choice, but was really her best choice, she never deviated. Her whole arc through the Priya/Leonard story was about her trying to cope with her grief at having stuffed up. Once they reconciled she was totally, but not slavishly, devoted to him - Maybe she tested their bonds more than I personally was comfortable with (hello Penny in nightie with Beverley on Skype), but that wasn’t about devotion, I think it was always about the jokes. Penny had every legal right to act as she did. She was at liberty to pursue happiness. And thankfully in the 21st century, she can also pursue bodily autonomy. Overall it was mostly Sheldon, the person with almost no capacity for intimacy, who made the snide put-downs of Penny. And he became the hero of the show. The audience lapped it up. Or maybe was the show mocking him and his pre-technological views. He got a Nobel for science and he is still the guy stuck in pre-20th century modes of thought when it comes to what people do with their pants off. I don’t know. It says a lot about the audience, as well as the writers. If it weren’t reflective of, and resonant with, the audience core beliefs Sheldon’s accusative diatribes would have been written out as part of the chase for ratings. Like Amy was written in, and a sex drive for Sheldon was written in too. But hey, 12 seasons isn’t easy. /rant
  11. I’d totally forgotten about Shenny. We probably all know that elevator sex between Sheldon and Penny would be challenging and unlikely considering just his germaphobia. Never mind that Amy has been the only entity that has been seen to have activated Sheldon in that regard. I did get a twinge of nostalgia at the revival of the Shenny concept. Oh, the fun we had.
  12. This^^ but then again... if you get on board with the character then I think you honestly have to stay on board for the whole ride. The characters are what we are shown. Leonard has had his weaknesses and is weirdly, maybe unhealthily tolerant and Penny has had a drinking problem. Sheldon is fun to watch but maybe difficult to know - most people would not put up with his arrogant nonsense, regardless of imaginary diagnoses. You’d just avoid him. And Amy has a baseline that underpins her behaviours. I’d like to argue that they are always showing us who they are. Blame the writers, sure, but they created and own the characters. Any perceived flaws the writers put in are as real as any perceived perfections they also put in. So, Amy is a little creepy.
  13. What? Itwas... ? Hateful? Nah. He’s a bundle of joy. Credit where it’s due, I think. Legally I can’t watch the finale until the broadcaster catches up. I think we are at Ep 17. Regarding pregnancy, I was right about it being a feint, a hook, a device. They needed something to stir feeling for engagement. . A bit of drama and suspense. At least as much as the format allows. The format allows Nobel prizes too, apparently. Sure. It’s hard to nail the landing. It reads like they did a good job. And, as one review I read on Slate says, Leonard managed not to kill Sheldon after all. He has been an exemplar to us all. Edit: *empassioned arguments
  14. As a southerner - more south than most - (hehe) I’m going to twirl my parasol and say nicely of Sheldon... “well, bless his heart”. And it’s now sci-fi. Enjoy the gala day.
  15. Are we sure Leonard is over-sensitive? He has been rather forgiving, considering Sheldon has weirdly abused his charity for so many years. Anyone remember Sheldon toilet scheduling Leonard? Inhumane treatment. Leonard has been meek and overly tolerant. He shared his cowdamn honeymoon with Sheldon for cows sake. Sheldon is not sensitive at all. That’s the core of the show’s premise. Dracarys! Leonard. Light up the finale.
  16. But there is a convention about it being engaging - otherwise is just blather. I caught some of whatever episode where Sheldon was annoying Kathy Bates and Teller. I was not engaged by it. Sheldon just blathers on. I think too in that episode Leonard and Penny shared “marital comforts”, but even they didn’t seem that engaged by it. But they got 12 seasons. So they all did something right along the way. Can’t expect the end to be perfection. Engaging, though, that would have been nice.
  17. There are some who will make an argument that you may not be really drinking coffee. The nearest approximation to what I know as coffee was a Starbucks double shot latte. There are some baristas around who can do a reasonable flat white, long black or cappuccino. Not sure how common they are. I found one in a lane behind Venice Beach, Cal. When I travelled with my dad in Europe in the 70’s, he’d boil a billy in the carpark off the autostrada or autobahn and make tea. Morning tea and afternoon tea. Old school. Not that he lit a fire. He travelled with a Gaz stove. So, modern.
  18. So. I’m seeing Avengers: Endgame in around 3 hours time. Will it be better than S12.23 & S12.24? Who can tell. But it’s a high bar. edit: it’s awesome.
  19. Not so much. But they seem to have retreated to that space. Pushed into the wings. Any way. It’s funny if you don’t think about it.
  20. Or it’s their equivalent of the Eureka Stockade. Where they make their last stand for their rights against the overwhelming establishment. Peacefully of course. Armed with quips.
  21. We do know that Sheldon’s spy cam doesn’t point at the altar... um... sideline, um... kitchen island, don’t we? Because otherwise, “Lordy, there are tapes!” Nice collection. Nice couple. Heartwarming, at times. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Please let them win a trip to the tropics at the end, somehow. Even it’s a Big Pharma junket.
  22. Displeased? My but you are temperate. In a fundamental and visceral sense I believe the viewer has been terribly betrayed. Leonard and Penny were presented as disparate types, totally antithetical, yet through some inexplicable “magical” connection inexorably and epically destined to be together. A fateful lock. Then Leonard was found be be too frightened to speak about his hopes. So those hopes were crushed, for him and we others. It’s not Penny’s fault. Heroic Leonard, brought down by his own feeble timidity. What a stupid plot turn. So okay, displeased describes me too. Edit: Furthermore, if they can go out memorably and not just fade away, perhaps the show is redeemable. What are the odds of that. Zip, I’d say. (Throws gauntlet at oblivious creatives)
  23. Sure. I don’t know. I’m not following everything, or anything, at this point. But I don’t expect everything tied into a neat bow for L/P. They have always had an uphill battle - and I am not reading any hints that are suggestive of a unicorn farting rainbows style finish. However the Casablanca style of ending is more impactful. It would not be a whimpering finish. And it’d be remarkable. Maybe not everyone would be happy. But it’d be remembered. It is unlikely though. They can’t undercut the actual unicorn. One more spin on the slot machine could change everything. And even then, they can’t change what has already been broadcast. Leonard was too timid to nut out his actual hopes and dreams with Penny. Dumb. thanks for straightening us out though.
  24. See Casablanca, Romeo and Juliet etc Not all great love stories end happily. But like The Roommate Transmogrification it’d be memorable. Versus the Sheldon fantasy finish. Pap.
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