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  1. See Casablanca, Romeo and Juliet etc Not all great love stories end happily. But like The Roommate Transmogrification it’d be memorable. Versus the Sheldon fantasy finish. Pap.
  2. One more pull on the slot machine lever will fix it all. That’s my theory. They think/know we will hope for that reversal of fortune. High stakes strategy? Maybe not, but it is a way of tying the story to the railway tracks and creating suspense. Will she / won’t she recant. Stay tuned to the end. @Die Zimtzicke please don’t think I can’t obsess over other shows. My goodness. But I don’t think I’ll travel to another country and spend thousands doing fan stuff again. Netflix binging is much more cost effective. One day I’ll get to Hobbiton, but that’s just across the Tasman Sea.
  3. That’s a good plan. For myself, I have let my engagement fade. I’ll probably always be up for a bit of post-match argy-bargy if the spirit moves me. I can still feel echoes of the early charm of the show. And then when I see a later episode and watch Sheldon stomp around and Amy do whatever, my dander rises as I am reminded of what didn’t happen. There is other content out there, but I’ll probably never repeat the fan experiences as I have had through this show. I did have a great time wandering around LA on my own when I saw an episode being shot. Without that intensity of engagement that persuaded my wife to agree take the kids home with her I wouldn’t of had the other joys, like spending a day at the Getty Museum, with no one telling me their feet are tired and they can’t just stand and look at Van Gogh’s Irises for another five minutes. And the camaraderie on the stand-by queue was special. I was smitten by infatuated Leonard and good-hearted Penny. Still I won’t regret the show passing. It had its day. Sometime back.
  4. Thank you! It’s been a good day. I’m on the other side of the dateline. And we had a dinner the night before. Same local Cronulla restaurant as Prince Harry once frequented. Which is a little interesting, as it’s atop a surf club. Not super flash actually. How he found it I don’t know. But right on the beach. If so inclined you could surf at night by the lights from the restaurant. Cheers PS Just to stay on topic - and in character - the water is still warm enough that if they were here - absent Sheldon - Leonard and Penny could have really enjoyed themselves. But I’m too old for that. Heheh.
  5. I agree he’s a nice guy. And he loves his wife - and she him - and he loves his mum - and Sheldon, otherwise they would have smothered Sheldon with his pillow as he slept. Leonard is for the most part a better type of person, with just the odd slip. But they really don’t show him catching any easy breaks. I’d have liked to have seen that sometimes. Again - not even the honeymoon was respite - they went with Sheldon!!!! Even their home has only latterly been theirs. And for that, who knows if they got the key back. Little chance now for change. But the slot machine strategy did engage me. Always hoping next time would be the big win. Luckily Leonard has proven to be indestructible. Lesser men would have been broken.
  6. Once they rebooted the active relationship - and after doing what I think was a good job showing how Penny was miserable without Leonard, though they were a bit too harsh using an excess of alcohol as the visible symptom of her misery, no matter how real that can be - I kept waiting for the demonstrations of their joyfulness of their union, but they so rarely went there. That joyfulness would have been the payoff and alleviated any ideas that she was just a “trophy”. One time they showed Leonard and Penny revelling in their relationship, but then it quickly got twisted. Leonard found genuine comfort in his relationship, and he and Penny were very well satisfied with their physicality, then because Leonard went too far - pushing it from good fun into manipulation and betraying Penny’s confidences - Penny went nuclear and used his mother - his most constant tormentor - to devastatingly diminish him. I actively hated that resolution. Penny’s counter stroke was a vastly greater betrayal. Penny hasn’t been a trophy at all, she’s been largely elusive. Even once they married he still didn’t win her for himself - Sheldon swoops in again and takes a large part of her attention. So Sheldon gets live-in staff and Leonard gets a co-worker. Looking back mostly it’s been about their service to Sheldon, where Sheldon comes out on top. And it went on, and on, and on, and on... Its been a weird ménage-à-tois. The portrayal of Penny and Leonard’s relationship has been so contorted to keep the show going. I guess that’s what the business model forces the creatives to do. Keep wringing value out of the asset until demand falls, costs exceed revenues or materials are exhausted. Back to my slot machine analogy then. Teasing the L/P possibilities kept demand up from L/P consumers and stretched out the resource. This is the counter-strategy to the Sheldon model, where the audience appetite was stoked by constant winning. The experience of victory may have diminished concerns about what he was winning at. For instance, how great is the win that results in a newly married couple being exploited and turned into domestics? It didn’t matter. It was funny. And they’re only a stereotype, she’s a boozy blonde and he wears glasses, so they deserve it. And now, because all the other slots are filled and repeating stories twice is ok but three times is too much, the promise for Leonard of creating his own family and making up for the misery of his own childhood seems out the window. TANJ. Maybe this is just what happens when you go long on a project without a defined long run plan. But hey, bank and some definitely cherishable moments. (Now very keen on The Good Fight. Catching up. Go Lucca and Colin. Not twelve seasons there though.)
  7. Huzzah. They do have a purpose. Phew. And I’d worried. Thanks. But don’t despair. It’s funnier that way. /s
  8. In this case I’d rephrase and say “More people liked "the broad oddity of Sheldon" than some fans can comprehend”. (waves arms, vocalises “does not compute, does not compute”). Boils down to preference in the end, nothing more. Nothing absolute. In absolute terms Sheldon is a burden. Luckily for him, others are not as utilitarian as he is, and are prepared to carry the load. He is fortunate to enjoy their compassion. Not that they have a choice.
  9. I want to apply this thought to political outcomes. Hehe We have to wait for the tell-all book. But I think likely ratings explain the supply side. Not getting the demand side, but SRAM does give an insight on that.
  10. That’s a part of it, I think. Competition. But they didn’t use the same model for Sheldon. He often gets the win. He gets what he wants. In this case, if you are attracted to the Shamy story, you get a reinforcement from the wins. With Sheldon, it’s more like “wins are great, give ‘em more of that”. Leonard’s wins are scarce. Maybe that makes them more valuable. Maybe it’s simply a matter of popularity. Perhaps more people were engaged by the broad oddity of Sheldon, rather than the specificity of the particular realisation of the “guy playing out of his league” trope of L/P. And I’d (biasedly) characterise that specificity as being a combination of the particular charm of the actors, the absolute determination of the characters to persevere and the nature of the flipped roles (Leonard nurtures, Penny kills spiders). That might not have had the legs to go long, compared to mining Sheldon’s possibilities. So, we didn’t get to see Leonard lauded, or to lord it over the defeated ogre, as some may have wished. Upside: we got to see L/P for 12 season, imperfect as their presentation was. I wonder if any of the creatives wished they had gone other ways, or if they are just happy with their extraordinary success, with no regrets.
  11. (Cough) Does any one know enough about storytelling theory to explain why having the L/P story revolve around missed wins and intense struggles was a choice for the writers? My thought is that core principle at the outset was that these two were inexorably paired, so then the writers could devise scenarios to pry apart that connection and the pay off for the audience was that that fission would never actually occur. That’s not an uncommon couples story. What maybe distinguishes this couple is that so often the laugh comes from not breaking out with a “hallelujah” moment of joy, but more the “pie in the face” (see Leonard with his pants down in front of his mum) This maybe meant that the audience was more deeply affected and hence engaged by those rare incidents of delight, such as The Holographic Excitation. So, is it that keeping the committed audience in suspense, hoping for the better outcome next time, leads to deeper engagement and more repeat business, much like the way that poker/slot machines are engineered? I was certainly hooked by it, until the Sheldon flood swamped their stories. Just musing, in retrospect.
  12. So many potential scenarios when they could have gone for a laugh with a win, without deflating Leonard or slut-shaming Penny. But that wasn’t the show they wrote and that wasn’t the show we saw. We saw what they wanted. It worked for them brilliantly. 12 seasons. *sigh* Well, at least L/P are going out together (unless I’ve missed a spoiler). Still. I would have liked to see more of what you suggested. @joyceraye, if you want to see a representation of the backside of Satan, try googling images of Tom Ellis as Lucifer (Lucifer Morningstar). Hehe. It’s not too bad. That show had some promise at the outset.
  13. It’s something like if Harry Potter ended up being about Neville Longbottom.
  14. Well, if one thought wasn’t a fiction before then they are certainly hammering home that point now. Sidebar: reality shows are plotted too. Lots of creative licence in editing and editorial.
  15. I like to think of it as an homage to The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981). Maybe they know Sheldon doesn’t have his spycam aimed at that.
  16. Or the characters who most deserve their freedom. Because ‘til death do us part” doesn’t usually include the roommate.
  17. It would be great, but doctorates, as I understand it, aren’t about coursework. They are, sometime, life consuming projects. Sheldon got two because he had plenty of time for himself. That’s kind of an indicator of his ability to focus on task and not see the rest of the world. I think it’d be like Howard secretly nurturing a third child. So, unlikely I want him to be head-hunted by Bezos or Musk and get aerospace stock in the next tech wave. Take that Big Pharma Bernadette! Further, Sheldon and Amy might emigrate to Mars but Howard will own the ships they fly there on. That’d be cool. And equally unlikely, or more so.
  18. It’s now a sci-fi rom-com. And not a good example of one - because the sci-fi is banal (give us some cavorite please Sheldon, go big!) and the romance sucks (see the latter day progress and likely outcome for Leonard and Penny).
  19. You’ve provoked a thought. To put Sheldon in line for a Nobel requires a pretty high bar for suspension of disbelief. We’ve all wondered about the elevator, how Sheldon hasn’t been assaulted at least once, how Penny managed to overcome her inclinations and fall for Leonard, how Leonard and Penny put up with living with Sheldon, how Leonard put up with Penny when she put up with Sheldon when really they should have fled together if she loved him and wanted a healthy relationship, how Sheldon went from asexual to panting pants man, and now they expect us to swallow that he is in contention for a Nobel. It’s not just with the science that they have asked for leeway. These guys are good.
  20. So... people are saying... /out Regarding Sheldon. It’s obviously a fictional universe. They can do what they want. A big call like giving him a science Nobel just emphasises how contrived the whole enterprise is. It’s just a simulacrum of reality. They may as well make him fly. Or have a sex drive. Oh, wait.
  21. Fan servicing for Sheldon. Wooden spoon for Leonard. Right in the nads. Deliberately. By the woman he loves. TANJ. Unless there is a twist at the end. In which case, still BOO!, for going there.
  22. The criticisms are from engaged fans. No one will care about the last season again, except those who were invested. The show ran 12 seasons. Lots of wear left in it. I’d possibly hazard any low-def seasons may have a shorter self life, but who knows. The pre-Amy seasons were, I think, funnier and less sentimental - but that’s just my opinion. However, looking at the last season, there are valid critiques to be made of the specific storylines, that matter for their creative merit. The L/P story line seems unnecessarily dramatic, even though it may give representation to reproductive choices that are totally valid. As well, under some belief systems, choosing to remain childless in an otherwise physically normal relationship is something like anathema. So I don’t think it’s a trivial topic. Throwing in a Batmobile as a resolution was just a juvenile treatment of something serious, and disappointing if you were following the L/P love story. Why they went there at all is a puzzle.
  23. I reckon the red pantsuit was a bit of wardrobe messaging. Corporate but not too corporate. And the leading lady gets the red outfit to cut through - very traditional screen shorthand. and, for fun... Edit: Maybe the song is not about Penny, per se. If you listen, it’s about a corporate warrior type “touring the facility” and “cutting red tape”. That’s not what Penny is at at all, but what she is trying to emulate, and she is just wearing a costume for the role she fell into and doesn’t really like. Well, I thought it appropriate.
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