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  1. They should be proud of their achievement. They have excelled in their field. Well done them (even though I didn’t get my druthers.) Pleased for you that you got to see it and well done you for reporting.
  2. Ok. Fair cop. My kids had stopped watching by that late in the run, so .... ignorance. But they did have a long history of non-blondes. Anyway, having a hair colour change, or a cut, is pretty unremarkable. Unless you’re Samson.
  3. That’s not the issue. It’s the actor’s own hair. Howard wears a “do” for the show so critique of his hairstyle is a character critique. However here it’s the same as criticism of the short hair cut Ms Cuoco sported during a period of her life at one time. I don’t see it as a valid comment about the character. Look at “Charmed” as a counter-example of female actors. Not a blonde in sight. And if a role needed a brunette or a shaved head I’d guess Penny, if she really wanted it, would go dark or skin. Visible boobs however, seem largely universal. Décolletage is a thing. /out
  4. Sidebar - why the issue with hair colouring? If I had hair to speak of I might colour it. And look at any female brunette friend over 50 who is still brunette. Might be good genes, might be because “she’s worth it”. AND the actor colours her hair in real life, not for the show, so this isn’t a comment about a character. She wears that hair at home too.
  5. They made Sheldon a horny pants man. Ipso facto, they can do anything they wish. And at this stage they don’t have be plausible, at all. Nothing would surprise me, after the crushing of Leonard’s dream. Silly boy, he should have asked the kids question after The Holographic Excitation, while they were ... um “warming down”. Or any other time. So, why not give Penny the career that kids may have interfered with, reality be damned. No harder than what they did for Sheldon, formerly known as the first example of Homo Novus. The writers can do as they choose. And one of the Hofstadters could get what they really want.
  6. If it’s Amy then maybe that’s a little sad too. She could have had a bigger life, she had wanted one after all. No wonder she sounded surprised when she realised what had happened. I don’t recall her being overjoyed at the revelation. Bemused maybe, but not dancing. I could be projecting, but...
  7. Wishing you a maximally satisfying natal diurnal course, @Strawberry PopTart Fan ! Exponentially! /Cooper
  8. This is the non-magical part of the show. That two congruent types get on, regardless. Quelle surprise! The magical part of L/P was their mis-match seemed to work. Love conquers... etc. It’s just sad that they apparently mis-matched themselves into a serious crisis with long term and possibly existential concerns. Is it coherently redeemable? Can they give them a consistent and satisfying epilogue, or do they go out with this lingering regret hanging over them? Hard for me to see how this wraps tidily. I’m not on tenterhooks for the resolution either, because it’s just sad they went there. Again, what a way to end a love story.
  9. There is so much continual disappointment baked into the show. I find it galling that “the bad guy” (the comedic irritant) gets happiness and the “the good guy” (the comedic second chair) gets figuratively kicked in his now inessential reproductive organs on the way out. Sigh /out & bye for now
  10. “While you're at it, why don't you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?” Miracle Max The Princess Bride 1987 (film) ...sigh
  11. Sheldon might also note (I think he did) that most cultures have rest days to keep the populace happy, many previously associated with religious events and re-titled as religions wax and wane. Saturnalia became Christmas, for instance. Interesting that Melbourne apparently worships horse racing and footy. I think Sydney stereotypically goes to the beach on SUNdays. It’s prescribed in the name of the day, and we can be very literal here.
  12. All of Sydney thinks the Cup holiday pointless, I didn’t know about the Grand Final one, but then there is still Canberra Day to top them both, in the pointlessness stakes. But who doesn’t like to get a holiday, except maybe Ebenezer Scrooge.
  13. Bad news sells. People slow down to look at car crashes. But wait for the shower of candy sprinkles in the finale. . Then on to YS. edit: and it makes Shamy look good in comparison. Even though Sheldon has objectively caused more people grief in his role as comedic irritant, he gets the happier ride to the end.
  14. Yup. Look at the Penny/Raj fiasco. Meat for years. Drives engagement, keeps eyeballs on screens. But for me, this potential fiasco is just sad. And I hadn’t really previously given the collective the benefit of my opinion, coming in late and and all. You’re welcome
  15. For me, a large part of my interest, and investment, in the L/P relationship was the “magical” and enduring nature of the connection between two disparate personalities. They had obstacle after obstacle to surmount and a live-in naysayer to wrangle and they still managed to find comfort in each other and common purpose. Intrinsically, at their cores, they were compatible, regardless of the differences in the external dressings. They wanted to be together because, apparently, they were fundamentally content and satisfied with each other. Now it seems, for no good commercial, comedic or dramatic purpose, they are fundamentally in disagreement about one of the most singular decisions a couple can make - to nurture a new person. This decision is life changing. One must make a sacrifice to meet the needs of the other. Living a good life is not about reproduction- we are not running short on humans - but this is not at all similar to an argument about liking Buffy. Any way this goes, if the characters mean what they have said, someone is in for a lifetime of regret. What a way to finish a love story. Or the creatives smother on the candy sprinkles - and hope we don’t notice the problem with the filling. We’ll see. Edit: I can’t fathom the creative intent here. It’s just a bummer of a plot. Why not simply not have this story?
  16. Re future L/P: Manure sandwich with candy sprinkles. “Never mind Leonard’s personal tragedy, look how funny his predicament is. Hoist by his own optimism and hope for a better life than he had had before. He should have been more sensible at the outset . Own goal really. See kids, choose wisely.” Leonard gutted, again. But stoically chewing his way through it. Unless he gets a backbone. And Penny-less future. Cheers
  17. G’day. Sorry to drop in randomly but I have to say I concur with bfm and iwd. Decisions on progeny are most consequential life choices. To my mind, anyway. So, how do they wrap this in a today and satisfying manner? IDK.
  18. That may well be right. But I can’t recall the misogyny. I do poorly maybe recall an ersatz Marlene Dietrich busting, um... “chops”. And it said something about race... I’m not sure political correctness was what it was having a go at. /out.
  19. I’m not sure about comparing the two. I’m having trouble remembering the misogyny in Blazing Saddles. But Animal House does serve as a marker. At least now we recognise the problem, though I’m sure it was evident then. Maybe that’s the *part of the value* in the women’s stories in TBBT. That they make the cultural subtext more visible and prompt critical thinking about gender roles. I’m not sure sure but I think TBBT trends progessive, until Sheldon speaks. *entitled white bloke speak- of course.
  20. I’m hoping that, when I watch this, it’ll be funny. Hard to see that now, because of the seriousness of the decision to make, or not make, more humans. My dvr is collecting the episodes - I hope - and I’ll binge the season once it terminates. I’m nostalgic for the kick I used to get from L/P. Memories of episodes like say The Holographic Excitation persist.
  21. It’s unfortunate there is a perception of “heat”. Is that heat anywhere near making anything boil? I suspect it’s localised. They got the spin-off up and running. I’d say they ran a successful venture to a successful end and they can be proud of themselves, despite my disappointments. But things have lifecycles and this thing ran a good race - an exceptional one.
  22. A must read - the essay “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”. Larry Niven, 1969. Even the blanks would be dangerous. Google finds it. It’s funny serious. One for Sheldon’s salon-style discussion. Also, I’m on the side of the late arrival of the no kids declaration as being devastating. Up front it would have been fine, but being a one-sided decision delivered so long after even their ridiculously long engagement and prior dalliance , pretty sucky. Not good form. Life changing for Leonard. Major bummer for the character. Sure it’s choice, but it wasn’t made mutually. Bad creatives, bad. And... Happy New Year to all! It’s 2019 now here. cheers Mark
  23. Many happy returns! Nice that healthcare has you covered. Best Mark
  24. Remember when “Speckerman” was the benchmark for a bad episode. I caught the episode where Penny crushes Leonard’s hopes for children in the future. Devastating. It appeared to comprehensively close that future avenue. Validated my decision to let go and stay mum going forward. The local broadcaster is flooding the schedule with YS. I’m finding it easy to resist. AND @tensor. Many Happy Returns and thanks. Cheers Mark
  25. Close, but how about, " Many people respond positively or negatively to Sheldon but either way are activated and will watch". Catchy, huh? This is why I was never a copywriter. heheh. Jeez, I see he even got a honeymoon and a post-wedding plot. Favourite child status, right there. (he fumbles for his de-activation switch... "it must be round the back, somewhere", he sighs) edit. I found it. Just reach back, feel down, across, then push hard, like th
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