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  1. You may be right. I don’t know/care enough about the show runners to assign blame. But they are no longer loved. They moved on from the “stereotypes”. However, as I see it, TPTB dropped the progressive star-crossed lovers story and shifted into a reactionary, prolonged, and almost Disney-esque (not Shakespearean), conversion scenario. Forget how different Sheldon is, he is now totally conformist. His mother is relieved. It worked better commercially too. No stereotypes? Hmmm. (I’m not bitter, lol 😁)
  2. Stereotypical nerds are people too. Blondes with bleached hair and big boobs are also people. They are allowed to dream, even stereotypically. TBH - in the show - Sheldon didn’t even such dreams. He has had to learn that it would be beneficial and gratifying for him to partner up. Left to himself he might not have arrived where he is. I’d be grateful to Leonard for the social training and the modelling example. And don’t worry, the show treats Leonard and Penny as sacrificial anodes for the corrosive jokes anyway. They aren’t that much loved by their creators.
  3. I understand the disappointment about hoped-for outcomes. I wanted to Leonard to run away from Sheldon once Penny confessed her love. They crushed, trampled, minced, folded, mutilated and spindled that hope long ago, when they both suffered Sheldon as a third wheel for way too long. I found that to be incomprehensible, ridiculous, oppression-tolerant and totally manufactured behaviour. Like, what newlywed couple would hang around with Sheldon all the frakking time, given other options? That they did is one of those necessary story assumptions, like that Allen not being kicked to the curb in Two and a Half Men. Belief strainedly suspended to keep the show going. However, I do get that having kids is a choice for women in c21. That said, the childlessness is another example of the show potentially crushing, trampling, mincing, folding, mutilating and spindling another hope.
  4. It’s the season tease. Will they, won’t they. And if it’s a surprise baby then at least we know they haven’t gone through through drudgery of sex on a fixed schedule. Which sounds nice but I *cough* understand can get to be hard work. I’d say it’s still likely - at the end. Or in s13.
  5. It still could be a cliffhanger. Scene: Penny in bathroom. Noise of Leonard’s tenure success party off screen. Penny staring in shock at pregnancy test stick. A smile develops. End scene. Roll credits to be resolved. oh, two test sticks. Because twins!
  6. How many of us have decided not to have children and then... This plot point could be what is known technically as a “dummy pass”, or “feint”. I’ll wait for s12.24. That’ll be definite. Till then, it’s only one script away. Edit - mind you, I might not excited about hanging about for disappointment. I’ll probably see 12.24 in the reruns in 2020.
  7. I’m happy and ready for them to move on. Unless they make it the Leonard & Penny Show in the final episodes. In which case I’m in for another 13 (sic) seasons. ... maybe. if it’s funny.
  8. Thanks. Meandering to the finish line? Whimsically? The “Wherever the music takes me, Kitten” model? I’m sceptical. Organisations don’t meander to the type of success this mob has achieved. The writers must have blocked out more than one episode by now, surely.They’d have quite a few in the pile, I’d have expected. So they’d know the outlines of the season. If they meander then it’s likely a sudden stop at the end, with little wind up.
  9. Maybe not “wrong”, but “in game”. Not looking at the design of the game, just playing it. It’s the difference in perspective and frame of reference. wrong is a strong word. Sheldon is often wrong, for instance. But his character is right to behave as he does. Else no show.
  10. Focusing on S12 for a moment- is there any indication in the news and chatter that the season will be an upfront swan song with a long windup? Or will they come to a sudden stop with no notice. I haven’t paid attention to many shows endings. Usually they have lost me before then or they have died young. But Castle fr’instance, died with an unexpected bullet and a contrived epilogue. Fringe packed in all the hits, firefly just stopped. What’s the betting? Slow drift to the end, or Spacex style just enough fuel hoverslam?
  11. Exactly. Edit: outside the show’s reality, in this universe Sheldon is necessary. Otherwise that universe collapses. Inside the show’s reality he is a really difficult troublemaker without whom most characters in the show would probably have less troubled lives, especially if they only related to him professionally or outside domestic circumstances. Leonard could get in the car and visit him, for instance. Leonard’s marriage would probably be better for that. (trying to give you a better answer, @chucky )
  12. Yes. He is the antagonist. The fly in the ointment. And they wouldn’t have a show without him. But it might be remiss to defend the character and not acknowledge that his presence and actions create the situations. The comedic construct they inhabit is just that. He is a manufactured character in a manufactured situation and they are all are trapped in the framework of the show. If you enjoy Sheldon then embrace him. Sure. He wouldn’t need defending if he weren’t mostly the instigator. And if you like him, well, that’s preference. In the framework of the show he has to be just irritating enough not seem truly avoidable, but it’s hard to say that he is truly someone you might choose to live permanently adjacent to, given choices. Leonard doesn’t have a choice. He is in until the end. And, I contend that objectively, if Sheldon had been a truly good friend he would have tried to be a bit less selfish and a bit more selfless - and moved further away than across the hall. And yes it could have all ended earlier. Maybe I’d be happier if it had. But they kept it going. Well done them. It’s a great feat. There are lots of positive commentary around, if you look. And the threads are pretty well policed.
  13. @ all of the above, if Sheldon were a good friend he would have voluntarily gotten out from between a husband and wife, instead of inserting himself so predominately into the relationship, both physically and emotionally. No wonder Leonard can’t extricate himself and his wife, or Penny make herself get away with her husband. They had to support (prop up) Sheldon. Even now, after marriage, Sheldon hasn’t moved away with his own wife to live independently. He’s reliant on his props and he has taught Amy to prop up his dependent lifestyle too. They wouldn’t have a show otherwise, but hey... independence must be coming. Unless it’s an S13 thing. 😀
  14. ... eating pioneer scallops. Gosh, that made me laugh.
  15. Maybe that’s how it ends. They have to disperse. Leonard and Penny get their own lives. Leonard could be doing fusion research at the National Ignition Facility (see the Star Trek reboot for the real thing). Sheldon could work in a hut somewhere, anywhere. On the prairie, maybe. Near a pioneer comic book store.
  16. I didn’t notice I was talking about sexual escapades. I said Penny was affectionate. Tender, kind, caring. Things easily misread and misinterpreted by an attention-starved (and horny) Amy. I can’t see the horse that is being beaten, here. Or are you saying that independent of my nostalgia for the odd joke about misplaced affection. I don’t know. But Sheldon did beat up on Penny for being more vivacious than many find acceptable in a woman (because judgey). That was tiring.
  17. Not a very deep lode to mine then. But I thought it was funny. I don’t remember be screened for heteronormativity when I attended a show. Hmmm. And the premise of the joke made complete sense. Amy was ready to take things out of the box to play, and Sheldon was a complete non-starter. She craved affection. Penny is affectionate. Well, at least the writers tried. Damn audience. (*Shakes fist at them and self-selection*)
  18. Go Zack! YES. They should hook up everyone. The vet, that guy Cole, the women Raj undressed for in the cafe. President Seibert. The barber’s nephew. Everyone. Except Raj... ... gotta leave something in the tank for S13.
  19. I’d be braced for a cavalcade of encores. Last drinks! As long as it’s funny, not maudlin, I’d be ok with it. Maybe they can do a Sheldon apology tour as he makes amends for his past. But anything funny would be good. I hope for ridiculous, but I’m expecting sentimental.
  20. Isn’t there an expression LUG, “lesbian until graduation”? If Amy was open to exploration of her self, why back away from it? Life can be a rich tapestry. No idea why the crush was unpopular. It’s a real thing. And misplaced adoration can be funny. We all remember Pepe Le Pew, don’t we? The show does like its cartoons. And that was a “Chuck” too, Chuck Jones. But that’s all gone now. Amy graduated. Got the ring and all. Mind you, Howard still has a hot tub. Who knows... ... season 13 I’d guess.
  21. Thank you for your kind words. I wasn’t being that original. The Harpo analogy was made by the producers at the show’s debut as a selling point. They later found they needed to tweak the character, because writing in a beer bottle at odd moments was limiting, so they removed his muteness permanently. Yes, Amy had a crush, and a huge reservoir of unrequited sexual yearning, that was looking for an outlet. Sheldon wasn’t quite there yet and Penny is an attractive women, as well as being, at the outset, extremely kindhearted and generous to others. It was a phase, that the writers used for laughs then moved away from, because it had been mined- but if they had wanted they could have left an echo - after all, it is a love than can now speak its name. My point was the writers have play with character as well as situation as they hunt down the laughs and keep the show afloat. They roamed a bit over the course of the run. Sheldon travelled furthest, to my mind. I think that there could be consensus that the overall direction of travel was towards convention, not away from it. Maybe it’s growth, maybe it’s conformity. No masturbation jokes anymore, anyway.
  22. My thought is that the problem with the characters arise from the long run. The show needs grist for its mill. They don’t have that many variables to play with in their configuration. Fixed sets, no location shoots and small cast. It’s not huge production. They play in the writing. So they tweek character over time. Sometimes they tweek by pushing harder at original traits - see Party Penny and her descent into drinking to cope with losing Leonard, which was in someway organic. Other things were thrown away because they lost utility. Leonard Baggins was a principled hero originally, but went away when they blew it up on the North Sea, two years after the fact, because they wanted a cliffhanger. Sheldon-PO got a complete remodel. His primary drive unit was totally replaced, or his ECU got re-chipped. Raj magically found his voice because they needed Chico, not Harpo. Howard the Perv became Mr Cleaver. Bernadette... well, total character change, ditz to bitch, it seems. And Amy had her lesbian phase, but that went away. Everyone got normal. Maybe that’s why the show isn’t such an all out hoot anymore. That, and that the Shamy part of the show isn’t that funny. Chuckle funny, but not pants wetting funny.
  23. It’s economical - they just need to wave an unrecognisable instagram screenshot they can get or make for free - and they won’t have to even struggle to satisfy the prophecy that foretold of plural kids. So a prop, some words, and Bob’s your uncle, job done. Babies. The rest is acting, and that’s already paid for. Seeing real infants might ruin the illusion.
  24. They might at least have the ultrasound images of the twins in s12, I’d hope. No crap like the epilogue in the Castle finale. Sheldon and Amy, well I don’t know, but no babies please. Please. Please. To the nth. Raj should end alone, as a cliff hanger. Something to wonder about. Bernie and Howard are already wrapped.
  25. I agree with your highlight of Mr Tibbetts’ comment. You can look high, low, back and front and such crimes are not specific to immigration status. That’s not the unifying feature, at all (*cough*, that’s maleness). But if you want to run through the village with a flaming torch, the accusation is a reliable way to mob up the villagers with you on the way to the bonfire you want to see lit up, while you go back and rob their houses as it burns.
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