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  1. I agree with your highlight of Mr Tibbetts’ comment. You can look high, low, back and front and such crimes are not specific to immigration status. That’s not the unifying feature, at all (*cough*, that’s maleness). But if you want to run through the village with a flaming torch, the accusation is a reliable way to mob up the villagers with you on the way to the bonfire you want to see lit up, while you go back and rob their houses as it burns.
  2. It’s like Harry Potter finishing its run. And that ended well. But luckily we didn’t get to the Narnian apocalypse. Gosh that’s freighted with meaning now. I’m glad. Maybe it’s a good thing some projects are left incomplete. Still, there are no deep cosmic themes in TBBT, besides how useful it is to forgive, and be tolerant. If people in TBBT held grudges and were intolerant, Sheldon would be in a sorry state. Perhaps there are other meanings.
  3. Penny might be the one saying, “put a top over that singlet, before you go out!”. And, “don’t take drinks from strangers!”. Also, “have fun but take precautions”. She’ll be fully across all the pitfalls. Grandma Hofstadter would be a hoot too. Btw Good luck with the weather.
  4. I think that this is the expression of a universal ambition. No one ever says they want to get fat and stay poor. And Penny has had a lot of practice raising boys, I’d think once they’re shed of Sheldon, they’ll have the headspace for kids. I don’t know if we’ll see it, but I’m open to it. I expect it’s likely to be a punchline, not a plot.
  5. I’d say it won’t be abuse, because that requires intent, but I don’t feel it will be an egalitarian relationship. Sheldon has needs. Needs that require special attentions. Special specific attentions. Exhausting attentions. His needs wore out Penny, and Leonard prior. I don’t know how Amy will walk, because she will be so exhausted from attending to his specific needs. Like when he has an “ouchie”.
  6. Mentioning 13th season = “Punch buggy!” now. 😂
  7. It was me. Let's just say it wasn't a seniors moment, but more an homage to the best season ever... the one that everybody hopes but never gets. It can be the jet pack of the new generation - something that we always expected to be delivered but never eventuates. We can project everything on to it... if only they had the 13th season, they could have done this, if only they had the 13th season, they could have done that, if only they had the 13th season, Leonard and Penny could have smothered Sheldon, if only they had the 13 season, Sheldon and Amy could have harvested Penny's eggs and used CRISPR and that genetic technique that permits 3 parents, resulting in a child expressing the triple threat of Penny's corn-spun hair hips and Amy and Sheldons' superior characteristics. Imagine. All that season 13 could allow, that they didn't pack into the prior 12. So no, nothing serious.
  8. Yup. The one where everybody gets what they want. It’ll be fresh and familiar, new and geriatric, so short you’ll blink and miss it while it runs nonstop. All Shamy, and all L/P. The gang will open their eggs at both the big ends and the little ends, and everyone will be content. It’ll be the best thing since bread, sliced or unsliced. And imaginary.
  9. I’m pretty sure the 13th season will meet all expectations. 100%. The 12th, however, may suffer from raised hopes. Is freshness and intensity even possible after so long? Sure, comfort and reliability is likely, and maybe what they will aim for, because one would assume they don’t want to slump at end and be remembered for that. More of the same is a safe bet. This assumes more than we know. He might have other drives.
  10. Isn’t it 13? It feels like it. I kind of expected to be. I’ve been persuaded it should have been. People are saying it’s the 13th season. My friends told me. It was the best season. Best ever. Don’t listen to the MSM. What you are reading here is not what is happening (looks at thread title - facepalms) They counted wrong. It’s the 13th. Definitely. We know this for a fact. Look over there (while I edit) It’s always been 12. I took off my shoes to check.
  11. And "Made in Australia" I believe (Cultural cringe might be why I never got on board, but maybe it'll be something to catch in the future. I did get hooked on Fringe well after its broadcast run and it headlined two Australians). I really liked the characters in Firefly. I now enjoy spotting the actors pop up on each other's later shows. But my point was about how relatively lucky we are to have (13 or) 12 seasons of TBBT, where so many avenues have been explored that they sometimes have to backtrack and do-over to go forward - Sheldon's florescence for example. For the wrap:- I'm for an L/P uptick - as long as we see them having a good time and being happy and funny, I'll likely be content. More casual physical indications that they are a "happily married" couple would be good. That part being absent spoils the illusion for me. Not sure about piano dropping. That's been done. But I'd root for a collegial, ensemble climax (like the Howard space launch) rather than a single hero or spoiler (*cough* S6 final) outcome. Though I'd bet a dollar that Sheldon will have the last line.
  12. I liked Firefly at the time - but only saw after its broadcast release, on disc. That meant I saw it in its intended order, and without the spoiling promos. It died young and pretty. 13 seasons might have made it the opposite. We’ll never know. In contrast, TBBT gave things a good solid go, maybe even a hammering There is little, maybe some, to regret as it passes. It’s certainly not been cut short. Again, the wrap up could be fabulous. Let’s hope. .... @DoctorWhat Wait for the kiss’n-tells I guess, but I don’t think there are any shocks to be delivered. They’ve had time enough for things to brew and leak.
  13. “I’ll be in my bunk”. ”To hell with this. I’m gonna live!” etc
  14. Firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly,firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly,firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly,firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly, firefly... Yeah, look’in at you, Fox Broadcasting Company. Never forgive and never forget the battle of Serenity Valley!!! And people here are perturbed after 13 frakking seasons. Golly.
  15. If true then I know where to send the thank you! card. Headlines sell ads. It’s great publicity for the show. More will watch because it’s the last chance, likely. Seriously, this is not a crime, and it gives them the unusual opportunity to plot the last season. They might include lots of fan serving tributes. It could be great! And it had to end sometime. (“And better before all the hair is gone or grey”, he muttered sotto voce)
  16. And people thought Goldman Sachs was the vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity. facebook - unsafe at any speed.
  17. I’m not sure about this. We had Star Trek and it stopped. Then endless spinoffs. YS is designed to be stand-alone. It’s like a child - it needed a parent but eventually it should carry on by itself. It is too risky a business proposition for the planners to expect otherwise. And the re-runs of TBBT will proxy for new episodes.
  18. It could have ended like any other enterprise at any time. The end always comes as a surprise to those who don’t make the decision. CBS can make the cartoon though, I’d imagine. Only animated - or virtual - performers don’t get tired of running on a treadmill. I have some sympathy for those who can’t immediately come to terms with a show ending. Not a whole heap, but some. They have a season to brace. They are maybe fortunate.
  19. Want to see a policy that will kill US citizens? http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/402811-epa-own-plan-will-adversely-affect-human-health Those deaths - from policy - should be the ones politicised.
  20. And on the bad policy front... http://thehill.com/policy/finance/403370-retailers-study-shows-more-trump-tariffs-could-cost-consumers-6-billion
  21. He’s free to do whatever he wants. He can self-produce. I’m sure he’ll be “attached” to projects in some creative and beneficial way. He is not at risk in any sense... so far as I know. Maybe from Mike Pence.
  22. I feel that perhaps some are being more concerned with the personal rather than the policy. It’s a personal tragedy that an individual dies and more so when it’s an unnatural death. But there is only a weak link between policy and this tragedy. It’s known that more harm is done to US citizens by US citizens than by non-citizens. This sad event is being used for cynical purposes to get people’s dander up and make them look elsewhere. It’s about the feels, not the policy. Policy is about making regulatory adjustments and macroeconomic changes - like the good policy settings that lead to a sustainable 93 month long economic recovery. Bad policy is taking that trend and throwing more debt funded stimulus at it, by regressive taxation measures that favour the corporations to make stock buybacks and the already wealthy to stockpile more yachts. Bad policy is about trying to jawbone the central bank out of its role of managing inflation, resulting from the stimulus, through interest rate changes. Throwing more cash at the military-industrial complex is not good policy. The Defense Department can’t even get through an unqualified audit. Fighting tariff wars like they did in the 1920 and 30s is not good policy. Picking fights with a football league is not even policy. I’m sad for the young lady’s family. But an Australian boy went for a run in the mid-west and was shot dead by some kids, an Australian girl was killed by a vehicle in New York when she was out for a bike ride, and an Australian woman, in her pyjamas, was shot dead by a police officer when she called to report a possible assault outside her house. These are personal tragedies. But I don’t think it’s sensible to conflate personal tragedies with policy, like Trump tries too. below is official advice on visiting the USA from https://smartraveller.gov.au/countries/americas/north/pages/united_states_of_america.aspx#safety_and_security Crime The United States has a higher level of violent crime than Australia but violent crime rarely involves tourists. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) website has the latest official crime statistics. These statistics show that metropolitan areas and cities tend to have higher crime and murder rates. Gun crime is possible in all parts of the United States. It is legal in many states for US citizens to openly carry firearms in public. This advice is not updated for individual incidents, such as mass shootings or active shooter events, unless there is a significant risk to Australian travellers. No matter where you intend to travel, research which local areas or suburbs may be less safe – check travel guides and seek local advice such as from your hotel reception or tour guide. If you're living in the United States, familiarise yourself with emergency evacuation and 'active shooter' drills. Read Department of Homeland Security advice on what to do if you are caught in an active shooter incident. If you're affected by violent crime, follow the instructions and advice of local authorities. its a fact that the USA is not the safest place to live. This young lady’s tragedy doesn’t deserve to be politicised. It can’t be closely linked to policy except by shouting.
  23. If we are talking existential struggle, well, they will all have some adjustments to make. In the material sense I hope none of them have a Bernie Madoff managing their portfolio. But if they all have some equity deals they all should have cashflow. And they have a great work ethic. I personally can’t see a film franchise or anything extraordinary coming out of the show, but they have talent and exposure and maybe a heap of capital. That gives them a buffer. Failing catastrophe or very bad judgement the show’s talent should be fine. I guess we will watch the “whatever happened to...” click-bait pieces in the future. This was something of the zenith of accomplishment in this area of work. I’m hoping the production staff and crew get new gigs too, if they need them. They had a good thing going. But the industry is built on piece work. It’s been a great run, but unusual. Still, let’s see if the tone, storylines or style changes on the way out. S12 could be all “Sheldon gets launched”, or “Leonard and Penny plot their escapes”. Maybe it’ll be same same and 12.24 will be a quick sentimental wrap. They’ll likely catch some major eyeballs late season as people get curious, for sure.
  24. Hey, they got 12 seasons. Better shows with cleverer ideas have come and gone in less than three seasons. ( The Good Place f’rinstance) They have done exceptional work here. And they have done a wonderful job of exploiting what it is to me an inexplicable attraction to a character that I would cross the road to avoid. I’d just give them kudos. Almost no one has this level of success. And I’m not going to hold out any hopes for an L/P revival in the last moments, but that’d be a just outcome.
  25. It's time to let it go. Let's hope it goes gracefully. It's had a good life. It leaves a good legacy. And they may be better focused with having a target. Maybe they will go balls to the wall, pedal to the metal and be hysterically funny on the way out. They know the future, they don't have to hedge against contract extensions. Not sure if they will tamper with the formula, but lets hope. It could be great. It could be interesting.
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