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  1. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Also there is one other thing to think about, Holland just made a big step in his career, so now is his chance to shine and the way to shine is to write really good stuff for the characters on the show so people notice how good he is. I'm hoping Holland does shine and we get a better show than we seen the last season or two.
  2. I still cringe when they do the "until she leaves me" lines between Leonard and Penny, even though it was said very light hearted last night. I wish they would drop that stuff now and move on, they have known each other for 10 years, dated for over 3 years and have been married over two, I think she is happy with him and that talk should not come up between them again.
  3. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    That is something I thought too. It reminded me when Sheldon wanted to go running with her and she told him she runs for a while then stops for a bear claw. She looked like she just came back from yoga, so when Leonard gave her a cake her just starting to eat it reminded me too of old school Penny. It actually made feel the writers were following canon for a change, her then just blurting out 'Happy Anniversary' when she found out seemed very IC for old school Penny too.
  4. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Yeah I'm now very interested in how that plays out when I see that episode.
  5. It was funny and I laughed so I thought it was a good episode. Howard and Bernadette panicking over the pregnancy was really funny.
  6. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Was a little surprised how Howard and Bernadette tried to pressure Leonard and Penny to have a baby with them, is this a hint for this season?
  7. Kaley Cuoco

    I'm an engineer so of course I'm anal. That part was a joke based on what was actually meant by that carving. I thought Karl making her a bench out of an old log was sort of different, she seemed to really like it. I would think that two people, who have so much money, that could buy each other anything, it would make a gift special if the one person hand made it.
  8. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Penny is suppose to be very close to Kaley's age and Kaley has said she thinks about babies a lot, so wouldn't you assume Penny would be at that point too?
  9. Kaley Cuoco

    I assume someone with a non-science or math background did the wood carving. If they wanted Karl Cook and Kayley Cuzco or KC & KC it should have been carved (KC) to the second power. What they did carve was KCC which maybe is a secret way for Karl to propose to her because KCC could be Kayley Cuoco Cook. How is that for starting a rumor!😈
  10. There was a couple that I knew that decided to have a baby and the wife became obsessed with getting pregnant, it was so funny. It took them several months to get pregnant, so during that time her husband was not allowed to hang out with us on days deemed best for getting pregnant. Also one night when we were having a get together at their house, she went off and checked her temperature then came back basically telling us all to leave because her husband had to get busy with her because she was ripe for getting pregnant. Why I'm mentioning this is I think it would be really funny if Penny got like that with Leonard, they could have a plot in one episode where they decide to have a baby then begin doing it, then in future episodes they could just have random short scenes in each episode where Penny keeps pushing Leonard to get her pregnant and Leonard is treating sex with her as a chore and even hides from her, of course Sheldon telling Penny where he is several times. They could then have an episode with the girls telling Penny she is obsessed and she needs to stop being so demanding, which could result in Penny trying a new tactic, seducing Leonard, with a tag scene of her greeting him, when he comes home, in the Princess Leia bikini. Stuff like that would be funny and I agree with you, a pregnant Penny, spoiled way too much by Leonard, would be so funny in season 12.
  11. They could really have a lot of fun over the next two seasons with a Lenny pregnancy. They could start with a pregnancy scare that ends up being nothing and Penny really being just as disappointed as Leonard. They could agree after that to get pregnant and then go through an extensive period of trying really hard, Penny being sort of obsessive, but having no luck. Then in the last season they decide to not stress over in and she gets immediately pregnant after just one romantic night with Leonard. We could have Penny being pregnant for most of the last season, only to deliver twin girls near the end of the series, giving us the smart and beautiful babies.
  12. That is refreshing to hear, I don't think she has been really supportive of him since Sheldon stole his idea and made himself lead scientist on their paper.
  13. That would not surprise me. Please don't take my comment wrong, it is just we all know that the TPTB edit out scenes from the tapings before they get to the episodes, I'm just hoping they don't edit out a supportive Penny.
  14. I'm just hoping the upcoming episode of Leonard talking disappointedly about Physics isn't just an episode to trash him for a few jokes. I'm really interested if Penny will be there for him or will just put him down and side with Sheldon again.
  15. I also think it supports what some people have been saying, the writers haven't been trying and have gotten lazy. When the writers, who have worked on the show for a while, ignore canon so that they can just finish a laugh in a scene, that is laziness and poor writing. Think about it, the writers probably make more money now than in the first seasons of the show, but instead of them turning out a better or at least equal product they just give us barely sustaining effort to keep the show going. Is there any doubt why the Emmy's ignore the show and why probably the most enthusiastic actor in the show (Kaley) now is saying season 12 will probably be the end.