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  1. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    Seriously, I write a post about hate speech and your comment is hate speech. I’m done, moderator either please delete this post subject and series or tell me how to do it.
  2. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    I understand that, my problem is that this has been going on for a long time with him and since he is supporting the general feelings of the Hollywood elite he is allowed to continue with his actions. This is just my personal opinion but this last vanity card hit my limit with him. I refuse to recognize him as a good person, no matter how many awards he receives.
  3. Okay in my mind I hear the following when I see this scene. Penny: Leonard I’ve changed my mind, I want to have your baby because........ Penny & Leonard: Kissing sounds
  4. SRAM

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Couldn’t agree more. It also shows what great actors Kaley and Johnny are and what an untapped resource they have been by TPTB the last few seasons.
  5. That would be so funny, it think I would hurt myself laughing if that actually happened, but I don’t think it ever will. Great idea though @Shelldon.
  6. SRAM

    Kaley Cuoco

    I think a pet rabbit is more docile than a yapping little dog so Simon is probably easier to take along with her in her daily activities, plus rabbits are so soft when you pet them. 😊
  7. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    I agree, that he uses her looks to express his political hate only makes it more wrong. Why I’m posting this is because on this forum we try to keep personnel attacks and hate off the forum because we all strive to be decent fans here. Therefore, I cannot support a cast or crew member who repeatedly uses TBBT to express his political hate speech.
  8. I’m not going to get into a long discussion on your response because you are already commenting on things I never said. This discussion blew up with the subject of Free-Fall so I’ll only reply to that, Free-Fall is simply defined as the movement of an object being SOLELY caused by gravity. If you look at the velocity vectors of objects in space and the direction of the gravitational force you will quickly realize that they don’t meet the definition of Free-Fall. You can quote all the bad analogies you want from the internet but that does not make it correct.
  9. What you are talking about with a three axis accelerometer is based on a situation where the object has the accelerometer attached to it and based on its relative motion it appears that acceleration is zero, but that has nothing to do with the object when you look at the big picture. The object still has gravity acting on it which is causing the object to fall to earth, when you put together your equation for terminal velocity of an object you set your object acceleration to zero, but you still need to use the acceleration of gravity in the equation to solve for terminal velocity, because gravity still is a constant force on the object. Free-fall is the movement of an object solely by the force of gravity, the statement that the ISSS is in free-fall is bullshit, at the speed the ISSS is traveling it would immediately fly off into space if it didn’t have gravity to hold it in orbit, but because it has other forces acting on it, it is not in free-fall. An object in orbit is like a tethered ball being rotated around a fixed point, gravity applying the force to hold the ball from flying off, that is nothing like freefall because there are multiple forces and they control the movement of the ball, not just the string acting like gravity. Wikipedia has so much bullshit written by people that are not experts, engineers or scientists but think they know everything, it is ridiculous. Sorry but skydivers are in free-fall because gravity is the only force responsible for their motion, that is the definition of free-fall.
  10. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    Your right, he has been doing this for years and enough is enough. His comments have gotten more and more hateful and he uses TBBT as his political format which is a disgrace. This is the only reason I’m happy the show is ending because it takes away Lorre’s ability to express his rants on the most popular show on TV. Also if you think Lorre’s comments are really about Sarah’s religious beliefs you are very mistaken, they are just a vehicle to express his hate.
  11. I leave it on and play with my iPad because I just don’t want to watch the last half hour of Gotham and I have to kill a half hour before The Orville starts.
  12. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    Also, I want to say one more thing, I’m not preaching which policy is right, left or right, I’m just saying using TBBT to spread hate speech is wrong.
  13. I’m sorry I can’t let this go, the force of gravity is felt on the vomit comet, the plane is put into a dive to match the fall velocity of its occupants to give the illusion that they are weightless, however the whole reason the plane and its occupants are diving towards earth is that they are not weightless and gravity is acting on them. So the human body still feels the same gravitational force, there is still an up and down to the human body, and again what the occupants of the aircraft feel is a form of vertigo. In orbit, the spacecraft is so far away from the gravitational source that to the body it feels like gravity lost completely which has a huge impact on our balance system and how our body is actually is aligned, that is why astronauts have so much trouble when they return. In space a body is not in free fall but is being taken along in a craft going at great speeds, in the tens of thousands of miles per hour, in a way like flying on an airliner, whichresults in enough inertia to overcome gravity, drag of the thin remaining atmosphere, etc. without escaping the earths gravitational pull, it is a balancing act. The weightless is actually achieved because the inertia of the body is enough to counter the remaining weak gravity force on the craft, you have a balance of forces. This is not what is happening when you are plummeting back to earth, due to gravity, on the vomit comet. Actually I would feel much safer skydiving to get the same effect because if the vomit comet experiences structural failure during this high “G” maneuver, everyone dies because this is one of those unrecoverable situations, at least with skydiving I would have a reserve chute in case of problems. There is one difference though between the vomit comment and skydiving though that I must admit, you don’t get that wind in the face adrenaline rush in the vomit comet that you get in skydiving.
  14. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    Lorre’s latest vanity card was way over the top and was extremely sexist, and using the show as a podium for his political views is disgraceful in my opinion. We all know he was a big Hillary supporter, but come on get over it like an adult. His current actions, in my opinion, negate any awards he has been awarded for the show and basically constitute hate speech. Oh for those who didn’t see it: “God told me He hasn’t spoken to Sarah Sanders since she was fourteen years old and praying for her skin to clear up. I have no reason to doubt Him.”
  15. Can you imagine how awful an episode the writers could create with a scene of Lenny sitting in their apartment while Shamy barges in, all excited, to tell them they are pregnant. It would be like a slap in the face to Lenny fans, or Lorre dropping a piano on us.

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