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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me that being a father now has made him be even less open about his life on social media. However, for all we know, he could be in contact with his friends privately on a regular basis ( Kaley?).
  2. That is some dress Kaley wore tonight.
  3. That would probably blow up the entertainment media, the gossip that would go around would be epic, and concerning Davidson it would be “Pete” who?
  4. I think seeing her hanging around all her friends, on her Instagram posts, is part of the way she is getting over the loneliness of now being spilt from Karl.
  5. Did everyone see the strange Instagram post Kaley put up about if Ross and Rachael were on a break? That is a unusual thing to post based on her current situation.
  6. It is probably just me but when I read he specifically wants his stuff back the first thing I thought of was that he wanted the engagement ring back.
  7. I sort have been wondering about her post, too. Karl posts “Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Been dealing with some stuff. But let’s walk and talk, drink and talk,”, while she is posting congratulations and heart emojis. Doesn’t seem like they are in the same mind-set, does it?
  8. Well from Kaley’s Instagram she appears to have gotten back to California and home last night, though I’m not sure if her putting out she came home to her dogs has some hidden meaning.
  9. That could be very true, Kaley commented on his IG account with hearts, over the last 24-hours, so they could be still friends after the filling of their divorce.
  10. This whole divorce thing with Kaley and Karl just seems surreal to me, they announce Friday they are filing for divorce, basically there is nothing over the weekend, then the next week they both act like nothing happened, they both go on with their lives like the other doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing we hear any emotion about is that Karl makes a casual statement that he doesn’t want to talk about it, while Kaley says absolutely nothing, even on Instagram where she pretty much tells about her whole life. Like I said, it seems surreal. How come I feel I’m waiting for the ‘Bazzinga’.
  11. This reminds me of when she broke up with Johnny in the middle of the season and still didn’t let it get in the way of her performance, even when she had to romantic scenes afterward with Johnny.
  12. Plus, you don’t go into a Lawyer, for a couple hours, with this kind of divorce on Tuesday and then on Friday they have everything done so you can file. This process took a couple weeks or months to accomplish, so they definitely knew about doing this for a little while, I just wonder if they knew they were going to divorce around their anniversary.
  13. I forgot, how long does a divorce take in California? I really hope Kaley is classier than to go for Davidson. I forget, how long does a divorce take in California?
  14. Yeah, I noticed that too, her mood, them using the same lawyer, having all that paperwork done to file on the same day, conveniently just before her going away for awhile to film, tells me this was no sudden thing and it makes me wonder if the sweet anniversary messages were all an act. I’m really thinking it was over before she went to film ‘Meet Cute’ and that is why she was carefree and happy with Davidson.
  15. Too bad the horse is in Japan, like Tensor says. Is she going to film any in Japan? 😜
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