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  1. Penny and Leonard on a the horse ranch/farm would be great, Penny managing the horse while Leonard works at a university in Omaha, maybe as the Physics Department Dean. It would allow them to have Penny having her old farm community friends and Leonard to still be in a university environment with the eccentric PhD’s and students. I bet they could easily come up with a high maintenance faculty member to drive Leonard nuts and Penny could have someone who is her best friend. All the parts are there for a sitcom and with a know chemistry between Johnny and Kaley, it seems like a safe risk for a new show.
  2. The paintball episode was the best episode of the season IMO and was long overdue. It was really funny and a true group episode.
  3. I would just like to see Johnny and Kaley do something again together, the great chemistry between them needs to be exploited again in another show or movie. The writers on TBBT really have done something stupid by not flushing out their characters’ story more and focusing on a one trick pony like Parsons, IMO. I’m really surprised that some ad company hasn’t picked up the both of them to do commercials, they would just be as entertaining as Marietta Hartley and James Garner were doing those Kodak commercials years ago.
  4. That seems what they are now, I think the piano has fallen.
  5. It has to be better than the boring filler episode we got tonight, I’m so sick of this Shamy Nobel plot, it just drones on and on this whole season. The writers seem to want to destroy everything that was good about TBBT in season 12, the whole season feels like a piano was dropped on it.
  6. What is also strange is Amy is the feminist on the show, with Bernadette being second to her, therefore they don’t need kids to be fulfilled in their lives, they are highly educated modern women who put career over children. However, Amy can’t wait to be the mother of Sheldon’s children and Bernadette has two kids when previously saying she never wanted them. Now Penny is a Nebraskan farm girl from a family that has a reputation for the women getting pregnant, then married, so of course she doesn’t want kids ( sarcasm). What is wrong with this picture? Some very good points.
  7. Your right, that is exactly how he and the show is written because like Howard said in a episode, it’s funny when it is not happening to us. There is a glaring difference how he is treated on the show than others though, like once Leonard is interviewed about Physics and he says that nothing is happening, we are then led to believe his job is in danger when in real life scientists make controversial statements all the time and don’t lose their jobs. But Sheldon can cover the board of directors on goo, act nasty and drive away donors, follow around and bug the president of the university, and act like an ass on radio and TV, but his job is never in danger. I’m not interested in Sheldon getting a Nobel, I want to know who was protecting him at the university, all these years, from getting fired, thats the question I want answered.
  8. Maybe it is just that audiences like that someone can act like a complete asshole for 12 seasons to his friends and everyone else yet still grab the gold ring, the Nobel. It gives them the feeling that they can do anything they want and don’t have to care about anyone else but themselves, and there will be no consequences in the end. While if you are a nice guy like Leonard you always get crapped on because nice guys always finish last.
  9. The kind of chemistry you are talking about is the same kind of chemistry Abbot and Costello had, or Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, it is about that they play well off each other. What people are mostly referring to in this forum is the chemistry between Leonard and Penny as a couple (they also play well off each other, too), that couple chemistry does not exist between Sheldon and Penny, it never did, the actors even have confirmed that. I sometimes even question the chemistry between Amy and Sheldon because I don’t think putting Sheldon in a male/female relationship was a good idea and his character, as written, is just as disrespectful to women as he is to his friends. I really think one of the big mistakes in the show was to define Sheldon’s sexuality, he should have remained unattached with little interludes with women like he had with Martha and Nowinski through the show. I liked the Amy character and I think she may have worked with Raj better than Sheldon in the long run, Sheldon has always been the odd man out and he should have remained that way till the end, not Raj, doing it with Raj is just sad.
  10. I always thought it would be great if Leonard won a science award resulting in him and Penny attending a formal award banquet, Leonard dressed in a tux and Penny in a gown. Then as they drove up to the event the valet who took their car was Kurt.
  11. Something I noticed and enjoyed in last nights is the interaction between Sheldon and Leonard in the apartment, because it seemed so real for Leonard to be acting like that. In real life, it is a known fact that married people will pick up a little, or a lot, of the mannerisms of their spouse, it just happens because they are around the person all the time, interacting with them. Last night, when Leonard was talking to Sheldon, I sort of saw some of Penny in the sarcasm of his responses, which made me smile. Also, Leonard and Penny also both seemed on one page together during the whole episode, the chemistry between them was right on target through the whole episode and they made such a great team. Last night, I got the feeling that Leonard is known and liked by the Nobel Laureates and they also like Penny, it sort of makes one of Penny’s past worries not true because she does seem to fit in, in her own way. Their discussing what a physics rumble was was funny and Penny knowing when to say “damn”, without Leonard’s help, just shows how far she has come.
  12. Okay I have to post after you all have started “Boob-Gate”. You know that Kaley’s boobs would look rounder and fuller if she was a month or two pregnant. They could easily hide that for the rest of the show by putting her in looser clothes, like the sweatshirt she is wearing in that picture. Based on her age, this would be the perfect time for her to have a little Kaley or Karl. The rumors now begin.
  13. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    Seriously, I write a post about hate speech and your comment is hate speech. I’m done, moderator either please delete this post subject and series or tell me how to do it.
  14. SRAM

    Chuck Lorre

    I understand that, my problem is that this has been going on for a long time with him and since he is supporting the general feelings of the Hollywood elite he is allowed to continue with his actions. This is just my personal opinion but this last vanity card hit my limit with him. I refuse to recognize him as a good person, no matter how many awards he receives.
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