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  1. Oh, okay, my bad. That song makes perfect sense for her divorce from Ryan.
  2. I looked at the words for that song and if I relate them to her divorce it would appear that Karl was holding her down from what she wanted to accomplish and that would further infer that she thought he was controlling her because now she is free to do what she wants like a bird.
  3. That would be funny.
  4. It would be funny if she did a small scene in the movie, like stars sometimes do.
  5. Indeed, as I remember after her split with Ryan she did a lot to erase him from her life, but this does not seem the case with Karl. It just all seems to me that their actions so far only confirm their joint statements in September that the divorce was amicable, since there appears to be no bitterness between them, they are just going their separate ways.
  6. Interesting choice of coffee mug Kaley used today on her Instagram, since it had KC2 obviously on it.
  7. I’m not going to guess if they will reconcile or not, mostly because I don’t have a clue, but I do want to bring up something that could be possibly happening. If we accept their statement that they are divorcing because "Despite a deep love and respect for one another, we have realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions," then their divorce is not about them not caring about or loving each other anymore, it is about their lives taking completely different paths that makes their marriage not workable anymore. It that case they are probably second guessing their decision during the divorce and probably feeling bad about it, but even then, when you get over the emotional part of the divorce and think about it logically nothing has changed for them and they still are going in different directions so their reasons for the divorce are still valid.
  8. I can’t help to be curious about when we will see Kaley compete again at one of the large shows again, or even smaller events. Her life seems so busy right now that actual competition for her seems to be a distant memory, maybe never to be seriously realized again.
  9. What project is that? I guess I’m really not up to what Johnny’s doing.
  10. She went heavily to her friends after Ryan, too, and since Johnny was a close friend, her and him being together was a real source of rumors.
  11. Leasing horses is something I’ve never heard before, but I guess if you can lease a Ford Mustang, you can lease a horse, after all they both are transportation.
  12. I think Kaley wanting to date Davidson, being the cause of their divorce, is pretty much dead with this article: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/kim-kardashian-pete-davidson-dinner-staten-island
  13. Johnny has really been off the Hollywood grid for the last year or two, makes you really wonder if he will be coming back. He made a lot of money doing TBBT and he doesn’t seem to be spending it too fast so maybe he considers himself retired, I don’t know.
  14. That is definitely what she will have to do to keep everything, someone is going to have to help her training and maybe competing her horses to keep them active and fully trained to compete. For Kaley though, she may be able to help train them during her down times but otherwise they be be just big pets for her until she is capable of riding in competition again. Also, depending on how long she is away from competition, she might need some training to get back in shape to ride, I thought I read somewhere where she said jumping was hard on her back, if that is true then being away from it for a year or two, and getting older, is not going to make things better for her.
  15. I understand what you are saying but then she does seem to have a big investment in “Big Bay” and her horses to just lay off the show circuit for a couple years.
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