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  1. I think Penny did more than that, she just didn’t consult him, she mislead him, something like having kids, or especially not wanting them, is something that should have been discussed before marriage, not after. Until she was faced with the actual question, in this season, everything she did or said gave Leonard no indication she didn’t want kids, before the marriage, on the contrary her actions and remarks seem to indicate kids were in their future. I have seen this before in marriages and many of them ended in divorce, this is not something you spring on your spouse after you are married, what Penny did was wrong and for that reason alone I think Leonard has every right to share his seed and seek a little bit of comfort in knowing that there is a child out there that is part of him and he will have love for all his life. If Penny doesn’t like it fine, she should have made an agreement with him before they were married on how they would handle the children thing, it is too late now so she made her bed and now she should just lie in it.
  2. That is a sore point with me in the show too, there was a point in the show when Sheldon should have been aware of what he was doing, since he did change in the show pretty drastically to be able to love and marry Amy. However he still acts selfish, childish and like a general asshole to everyone around him, including Amy, which just makes him out to be a horrible person now and not funny anymore.
  3. She has a choice, she still doesn’t have to have a kid, she could just let Leonard help Zack and move on, there is nothing in the TR where it sounds like Penny is given an ultimatum, she just doesn’t like it, bo ho. Just like it is her body and she can decide to have a kid or not, it is Leonard’s body and he can help out Zack or not, this is not cheating it is doing something nice for another person, making a donation in a cup, and Penny should have no say in it. Also Leonard might like the idea of preserving his genetic code for the next generation, since his wife won’t let him, after all thousands of years of instinct is hard to fight even for a human being.
  4. You know I wonder, when Penny lost Leonard to Priya she got extremely upset and couldn’t stand watching another woman loving on him, she even lost it when Dr. Slutbunny had a one night stand with him, it showed a very jealous side of Penny when it came to Leonard and how badly she wanted him. This story about him sharing his sperm seems like a similar situation for Penny, she would have to share Leonard because he would have a child outside their marriage and she knows Leonard would share some of his love for that child and again that would upset Penny who doesn’t share her guy well or at all. It could change her mind about having a child, just so she doesn’t have to share her man and his love, that would not be out of character for her, but that said, these writers are not really predisposed for writing good Lenny so anything could really happen with this plot.
  5. Zack knows Leonard and Penny the best and he knows Penny wanted Leonard over him, plus Leonard is the only one who really tried hard to be nice to him, for Pennies sake, so it logically makes the most sense that if he asked any of the guys to be a donor it would be Leonard.
  6. Somewhere in the first couple seasons the writers went from portraying Leonard as a shy social backward man to a character they thought it was fun to torture. I think David Underhill was a perfect example of this, Underhill was basically a tall handsome confident version of Leonard and Penny just forgot about Leonard when he was around, it made Penny look very shallow and it was just like sticking a knife in Leonard and twisting. Even when him and Penny get together their relationship is strained, Penny overreacts to everything and Leonard is the one that suffers, it is sometimes easy to understand why Penny is attracted to Leonard, he is the only one who can put up with her moods on a long term basis. The torturing goes on after she breaks up with him, he gets blamed for bedding Dr. slutbunny even though Penny dumped him, she drunkenly beds him then tells him to basically buzz off after it renews his feelings for her. Then Sometime during their breakup the writers then think it will be even funnier and decide to extend their tortured character from Leonard to Lenny and that has been extended throughout the rest of the show. It makes you wonder about why they would do that but if you remember the show has become about a super intelligent asshole and the majority of the audience seem to enjoy this character’s antics in screwing up the lives of everyone around him, selfishly caring all about himself and doing mean things to people, and getting away with it even if it hurts the other characters. Remember when Amy started to being seen more on the show she was nothing more than a female Sheldon who joined him in his abusive behavior to the other members of the gang and was pushing herself on Penny, I really think the writers were testing the waters for a gay relationship between Amy and Penny during that time just to screw up the Lenny relationship. Anyway, back to Sheldon, since Leonard is his best friend and Penny his neighbor, and Leonard’s friend, girlfriend, wife, the writers decided that they must suffer the most because any good deed cannot go unpunished. These writers have been in this mindset for years and to even hope of them changing now i believe is being naive so I really expect the most ridiculous ending to this whole plot with Sheldon somehow involved in it before it is over.
  7. SRAM

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    That would have been a great time for Penny to come in and give him some comfort, in a friendly way, then the next scene could be her giving the girls the high-five.
  8. They probably could have done an one hour Christmas special for their last season and CBS would have bought it. It would have been funny to do one with Sheldon dreaming he is Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas’s show him what a jerk he has been to his friends all these years and what the future impacts of his behavior will be.
  9. I entirely agree with you but at this point in the show I get the feeling that, to tptb, it is all about what they can get out of the remaining episodes, that is why we are seeing references to “Young Sheldon”. Well syndication is the gift that keeps on giving so it is to the advantage of everyone involved that the show ends well so that it does well in syndication, so Lenny ending well would be a part of that. I also think that doing a Lenny spin-off, that keeps true to TBBT, would succeed because of syndication, especially if the had a strong link back to original show, since tptb could sell the episodes of that show with the original in syndication as a packaged deal, so even if the show went on for just a short time it’s reruns could be still valuable.
  10. Penny being pregnant at the end of the show would give them a meaniful conclusion for their characters in the last episodes of the show and would let the Lenny relationship come full circle since the first episode. It could really give Lenny that happy conclusion to their story which would only help the show as it goes into years of syndication.
  11. That is the thing, I don’t see the chemistry between Anu and Raj, she just seems too much the boss already. But there does seem be some chemistry between Raj and Missy, plus Missy has a failed marriage and knows about how the guys seem to have happy marriages. Also she has grown up with Sheldon so she is not naive to the environment the guys live in so you can’t say she wouldn’t be getting involved without both eyes open to the life she would entering herself into.
  12. That would be a way to end this whole sperm donor plot, Marissa finds out that Zack was married to Penny and decides she wants nothing more to do with the Hofstadter’s, it actually seems the stupid kind of ending these writers would pick. I’m still hoping Anu and Raj split because I still want Raj to be with Missy at the end of the show so he is Sheldon’s brother-in-law.
  13. Acutually this would really work. They could have her give him a positive pregnancy stick late in the season, maybe Valentine’s Day, and then at the end of the show she could show a little baby bump. They could have a subplot in between those episodes where they get their first ultrasound and maybe find out they are having twins (smart and beautiful BABIES) and Penny can freak and complain how he had to be gifted in this subject too.
  14. I really hope they don’t do a Monica and Chandler, that has been done before and copying it would be lame. If they go with Penny can’t have kids and she is scared to admit it to Leonard, maybe because she thought he’d leave her, we need to have a nice episode with Leonard reassuring her he loves her and will never leave her.
  15. This is the way I understand it too, from episode one Leonard has always professed to wanting kids, has even mentioned it to Penny several times, and she said nothing to him indicating she didn’t until this season. This whole thing with her not wanting kids just seems like another boat kiss, something unexpected that suddenly comes up a couple years later and makes no sense for the character.

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