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  1. Kaley was very lucky to have some quick thinking sober enough people around to save her, and to not have anything in her hair flammable.
  2. I actually thought she was really good in “Burning Bodhi”, I think she nailed her character. I do think she does carry the stigma of being “Penny” so her critics can only see her as a comedic actress, but I also feel Hollywood has been out of touch for at least a decade or two now, so what do her peers and the critics really know. LOL, they better watch Kaley around scooters, remember how she almost killed both Johnny and herself years ago when they crashed on the one she was driving and that she was told once while doing TBBT that she would be safer riding her horse to work tha
  3. I’m sort of thinking since he has a baby coming, she is married and they are not doing a show together anymore, he may be being more discreet in his well wishes.
  4. She doesn’t look cold and miserable like she did just a few days before. It is a wonder how a warmer climate and having you husband to run around with can turn a frown right around. (LOL)
  5. After freezing in NY she will probably welcome the much warmer temperatures in Thailand.
  6. They would be rehearsing now and doing the show together now if there was a season 13, he probably misses his friend and the fun they had working together.
  7. Yeah he probably doesn’t have any contract restrictions now that the show is over.
  8. Tonight would have probably been the first taping night for season 13.
  9. I’m surprised, with her father involved in real estate, she is taking such a loss. Maybe the loss can be worked against her earnings this year, in her taxes, so it is not such a large loss to her net income for the year, by savings in taxes.
  10. That is funny, it seems them busting on each other goes on.
  11. It is nice to see them still being friends and getting together once in a while after the show is over. I also wonder what the project was?
  12. Too bad there is not a Toyota corolla or camary in the driveway, now that would be funny
  13. I definitely agree with that analysis.
  14. I’m really surprised we don’t see more of her doing hair, cosmetics , or clothes commercials. I’m also surprised she doesn’t have her own product line, especially now when she is marketable and well known.
  15. You know after watching the first few seasons over and over and knowing they were dating, it sometimes seems that Kaley is not entirely acting around Johnny, those touches, smiles and cheek kisses just seem too real for them to be just acting. Then there is the pool photo shoot they did, when you watch it, it is hard to not think that there is something going on with those two.
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