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  1. Talk about getting into the character. 😂
  2. I was thinking it could be because that way she could color it once and then not worry about using chemicals to dye it while she is pregnant. I’ve seen girls do that before, while they are pregnant, to not risk the baby to chemicals the mother could be exposed to.
  3. That is true, her previous schedule isn’t really conducive for a new mother with a baby. I guess if she does try to continue her pre-pregnancy lifestyle we will probably be seeing her post pictures of her new nanny.
  4. When was she going to start that Doris Day movie?
  5. I agree, and what would make it worse for me is how quickly after the divorce was final she became pregnant. It could seem that she was was actually doing it on purpose, so quickly, to make a point to Karl. We will probably never know though because I think that along with a prenup, Kaley’s lawyers have her spouses sign non-disclosure agreements, too.
  6. That is a very interesting theory, if their breakup was about the show and perceptions, and they put the show before their own feelings, I could possibly see that leading to a breakup between them when they still had feelings for each other. This could have resulted in neither of them being able to get closure over their relationship and maybe always have repressed feelings for each other, however, their separation from not seeing each other in the show every week has probably diminished those feelings as time has passed I would think. It makes you wonder, if the show was still going on now, would Johnny be celebrating with Kaley instead of Tom.
  7. That truly is amazing that he has such a good rapport with them after they have long split up.
  8. I’m not sure of their work schedules, it would be nice if Kaley can just take off till she delivers, the lack of outside stress would be good for mother and daughter. That said, I would think that both Kaley and Tom would try to be around each other as much as possible, the human instincts for the man to protect his pregnant mate and the woman to be around her mate to help her, would be very strong in them right now. Therefore, what I’m leading to is that we’re they are living would not be very important as much as that they are living together during this time, I really think that home for Kaley right now is anywhere her and Tom are living. Even though her and Tom are sort of rushing their relationship and this baby, depending how they interact through it all, this could be a huge bonding situation between them that could last a lifetime, since they will both be raising a child together.
  9. I guess I sort of expected that we would get a week by week progress of her pregnancy, so I’m not surprised, she has always been very open to her fans about her life. I’m curious how she is doing being restricted from her coffee cravings and not being able to drink and party so much anymore, it is probably a real change for her, especially with her age she probably has to be a little more careful on how she takes care of herself. It is nice to see though that she is pregnant and happy, and that the father is there helping her, because I wouldn’t be surprised if this is very emotional for her because of the huge change it is to her life. Like someone said previously, it would be nice if she started up again a maybe weekly cup-of-Cuoco.
  10. I have been in the Klein-Brogel area, a couple of different times, and thought it was a very picturesque area, I remember fondly drinking my morning coffee and having a pastry in a Cafe while watching the world go by there and thinking how nice the place seemed.
  11. Well like I said before, she has enough money to raise the child herself and hire a nanny 24/7, so if Tom doesn’t last she will still have her daughter to love, who will love her back. The only thing that I think she should seriously consider is having all those dogs in the house with the baby, dogs have been known to get into a pack mentality and harm small children, when they haven’t shown any signs of violence before. I know this won’t be popular with dog lovers and I actually do like dogs but I would never risk a child, if it was mine, on even a slight chance that she could be hurt by dogs that have not been around a child and could see the baby in a different way then the adults they are use too, especially her dog, Shirley. It’s California, she could have them outside and they would be fine, like her farm animals, they could easily sleep in the barn, out of the weather, like the other animals.
  12. Well she always said she is not a patient person and she does not wait for something she wants, so I guess she really wanted a baby.
  13. Good point, since Tom is the father of her baby, and her “love”, she probably wanted to erase the stuff about her past marriage and Karl, actually that is probably good for her and Tom’s relationship, giving it a clean slate so to speak.
  14. I was wondering that, too. Good point.
  15. If you turn that speculation theory around and base their split now because she wanted a baby and Karl didn’t, everything makes more sense from their breakup to her being pregnant now. Concerning Tom, I have to believe he is “ the love of her life” because they are still in the honeymoon part of their early relationship, she seems to me to be acting the same way with Tom as she did with Ryan, only the getting pregnant seems to be taking it to a new level. Don’t get me wrong, I wish the best for her, but I can’t help but feel she is repeating some of her past mistakes, however, that said, she is very capable of raising a baby by herself, she can definitely afford a 24/7 nanny if Tom doesn’t work out.
  16. So, using this time line and by my calculation, she dated Tom for just over 3-months before deciding to have a child with him. Since she has gone 36-years without getting pregnant, and being married twice during that time, I sort of think this is no accident. This just seems like the most impulsive thing she has done to date, especially since she stated she would never get married again just a little while back, I really wish her well but I can’t help but think she hasn’t known Tom long enough to marry him and definitely not long enough to have a child with him.
  17. The article also says they might be already married, since they are wearing wedding rings, too! How long has she been with Tom now?
  18. The marrying part surprised me, too.
  19. Kaley really made that scene, I sometimes wonder how much of a scene like that is actual direction over the actor just running with it.
  20. I don’t think we should assume that this means Johnny is limiting his time in or leaving Hollywood, there are several working actors/Producers that work in Hollywood and don’t call the area home. I think the only thing we can assume is that the home he is selling is not needed by him anymore and he doesn’t want to mess with it anymore, so he is selling. Actually, based on the article, the home was now just an expensive rental property to him and not his home.
  21. Yeah that does make you think it is a guy. That is sure a weird picture.
  22. This picture is recent from Kaley’s Instagram, does this look like a wedding dress to anyone besides me?
  23. No I didn’t hear her drop an ILY back in that video, of course than doesn’t mean she hasn’t already said it in private, she has said she does not hold back when she gets into a relationship with someone. I guess I’m just surprised this is happening so fast and she isn’t formally divorced yet, though they are probably legally separated until the divorce is final, so maybe I’m just making too big a deal of it, it’s her life.
  24. I’m probably way too interested in this, but at the end of that video clip did Tom say “I Love You” to Kaley, or am I hearing things, which is very possible. I was just curious because if that was an ILY, then things seems to be really going fast between them, again especially since her divorce is still not final.
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