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  1. I don’t think we should assume that this means Johnny is limiting his time in or leaving Hollywood, there are several working actors/Producers that work in Hollywood and don’t call the area home. I think the only thing we can assume is that the home he is selling is not needed by him anymore and he doesn’t want to mess with it anymore, so he is selling. Actually, based on the article, the home was now just an expensive rental property to him and not his home.
  2. Yeah that does make you think it is a guy. That is sure a weird picture.
  3. This picture is recent from Kaley’s Instagram, does this look like a wedding dress to anyone besides me?
  4. No I didn’t hear her drop an ILY back in that video, of course than doesn’t mean she hasn’t already said it in private, she has said she does not hold back when she gets into a relationship with someone. I guess I’m just surprised this is happening so fast and she isn’t formally divorced yet, though they are probably legally separated until the divorce is final, so maybe I’m just making too big a deal of it, it’s her life.
  5. I’m probably way too interested in this, but at the end of that video clip did Tom say “I Love You” to Kaley, or am I hearing things, which is very possible. I was just curious because if that was an ILY, then things seems to be really going fast between them, again especially since her divorce is still not final.
  6. That seems to be moving very fast considering she is not divorced, yet, doesn’t it?
  7. I’ve been noticing that Kaley has been hanging out with her stunt-double a lot on Instagram. It is nice to see her doing that because it says a lot about her personality in that she appreciates the people around her and the one that keeps her safe on the set.
  8. I’m not sure we’ll ever find out the truth because I wouldn’t be surprised that, along with the prenup, there was a non-disclosure contract associated either with there marriage or divorce. Remember how nothing came out of Ryan’s mouth after the divorce, I think Kaley has very good lawyers, since she is a celebrity and her image is very important.
  9. I’m just surprised she is dating another actor because remember how she stated years before that she wouldn’t have a relationship with an actor again.
  10. Does anyone know who the guy, who is kissing Kaley in her new Instagram pictures, is?
  11. I can’t help but sort of wish it had been a post with her and Johnny in it.
  12. Hate to be a gossip, but did I see Kaley’s Instagram post right, about her going on a date with a new guy? Is her divorce finalized now?
  13. Thanks. Wow, those sure are a lot of windows, especially in the bathroom, I don’t think I could live in a place like that.
  14. Where are you looking at pictures of the house, your descriptions are making me want to see it.
  15. That is true about the risk going up after a woman turns 35, doctors use to call that type of late pregnancy a “geriatric pregnancy”, but that term has now been considered derogatory and not politically correct, so it is not used anymore.
  16. I think it is the condo in North Hollywood that I heard she still has. I didn’t know she had a beach house in Santa Barbara, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her post something about it, does she even go there, anymore?
  17. Tensor How much real estate does Kaley really own, I read something, a while back, that she still owned that first place she lived in, when she started TBBT, before she moved into that place she lived with Ryan, when she first met him. Also, does Big Bay have room for her to live, is it set up that way, to be a residence, too. Inquiring minds need to know, (lol).
  18. I wonder what she is doing with all her animals, at a minimum I think the dogs and rabbits live there with her. Does Big Bay have a place where she can live and be with her animals?
  19. That just seems sad to me because while she was building it she was so happy because it was supposed to be her dream home. I can imagine that now it is just big and empty when she is by herself.
  20. She does look stunning when made up, though I still think she looks younger when she doesn’t wear any makeup, or a minimum amount, sort of like the girl next door look.
  21. I don’t know if this is the case, but before when she was between things, she would train with her horses and even do a show. However, since she finished TFA2, she seems to be mopey, she still does her scheduled workout training and the additional training for her next part, but when it comes to her personal life she seems to have lost a lot of energy. It makes you wonder about how much this divorce and Karl are impacting her feelings and life right now.
  22. Well based on what we’ve seen of her training for this part her secret, in the role she is playing, appears to be that of a bad-ass, who can fight and shoot.
  23. Really, do you know what the plot for Role Play is about?
  24. That is some serious handgun training she is getting, based on what I saw on Instagram, I wonder if it is for some part in a show or if it is for personal protection, when she is alone at home.
  25. I saw that too and had to watch it twice to understand that she was going through handgun training. Hopefully she is getting John Wick gun training and not Alex Baldwin level training.
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