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  1. It is probably just me but when I read he specifically wants his stuff back the first thing I thought of was that he wanted the engagement ring back.
  2. I sort have been wondering about her post, too. Karl posts “Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Been dealing with some stuff. But let’s walk and talk, drink and talk,”, while she is posting congratulations and heart emojis. Doesn’t seem like they are in the same mind-set, does it?
  3. Well from Kaley’s Instagram she appears to have gotten back to California and home last night, though I’m not sure if her putting out she came home to her dogs has some hidden meaning.
  4. That could be very true, Kaley commented on his IG account with hearts, over the last 24-hours, so they could be still friends after the filling of their divorce.
  5. This whole divorce thing with Kaley and Karl just seems surreal to me, they announce Friday they are filing for divorce, basically there is nothing over the weekend, then the next week they both act like nothing happened, they both go on with their lives like the other doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing we hear any emotion about is that Karl makes a casual statement that he doesn’t want to talk about it, while Kaley says absolutely nothing, even on Instagram where she pretty much tells about her whole life. Like I said, it seems surreal. How come I feel I’m waiting for the ‘Bazzinga’.
  6. This reminds me of when she broke up with Johnny in the middle of the season and still didn’t let it get in the way of her performance, even when she had to romantic scenes afterward with Johnny.
  7. Plus, you don’t go into a Lawyer, for a couple hours, with this kind of divorce on Tuesday and then on Friday they have everything done so you can file. This process took a couple weeks or months to accomplish, so they definitely knew about doing this for a little while, I just wonder if they knew they were going to divorce around their anniversary.
  8. I forgot, how long does a divorce take in California? I really hope Kaley is classier than to go for Davidson. I forget, how long does a divorce take in California?
  9. Yeah, I noticed that too, her mood, them using the same lawyer, having all that paperwork done to file on the same day, conveniently just before her going away for awhile to film, tells me this was no sudden thing and it makes me wonder if the sweet anniversary messages were all an act. I’m really thinking it was over before she went to film ‘Meet Cute’ and that is why she was carefree and happy with Davidson.
  10. Too bad the horse is in Japan, like Tensor says. Is she going to film any in Japan? 😜
  11. Everything has been so serious lately I just thought of something funny, since Kaley is in Germany I wonder if she will try and smuggle out that Olympic horse, that was hit, out of Germany in her luggage. Seriously I would not be surprised if she looks into getting that horse while there.
  12. Good question, unless you already know you are splitting up and are just be sarcastic in your responses, by gushing too much, but still for PR not giving anything away. It’s not like they haven’t been sarcastic with each other during their relationship, I think Kaley said once she loves torturing him, since he takes it so well. IDK it may take months before we get anything, from a source, that gives a true picture what happened. It is just hard to read that she is over it already if it was something done suddenly because her divorce with Ryan shook her up for a little while and Karl appears to be a saint compared to Ryan.
  13. Have you seen this from ‘People’: https://people.com/tv/kaley-cuoco-doing-fine-amid-divorce-from-karl-cook-growing-apart-source/ It seems that this divorce was only a surprise to some of the people in their group, others saw it coming and are not surprised. IDK but an article like this and that they used the same lawyer and filed basically together makes me think she knew she was divorcing before she went to NYC to film.
  14. I really don’t see her with Davidson either, at least I hope not, I guess I’m just saying that is one excuse for her perceived flirty behavior with him, she was just trying to have fun and be happy. Also, if this has been going on for a month or two in preparation for last Friday she may have already have grieved for her marriage as has already moved on now.
  15. Okay just read something interesting, it seems the divorce filing and Karl’s response both used the same lawyer and on the same day which is unusual unless specifically planned, since setting something like that would have taken at least a few weeks or months, Kaley must have known her and Karl were done while she was filming in NYC. So, her being actually flirty with Davidson maybe was more or not, anyway I don’t think he is actually her type but who knows right now, therefore don’t fully discount him yet. Though I’m don’t think he would have anything to do with her breakup, it is more likely, if anything at all, he could be something post separation, cause you could probably see Kaley as separated already with Karl while working in NYC if they were in the process of getting the divorce paperwork done.
  16. Well Kaley posted several times on Instagram today, so I guess work is her drug to self heal or she is hiding her feelings very well. She sort of went missing there on Instagram there for a few days so this seems like a good sign she is moving on.
  17. Yeah, the problem is most people don’t know that so they believe that thrash, after all drama sells. It is only obsessed fans like us that know the truth LOL.
  18. That would really be tiring, traveling back to the west coast from Europe just for a one night award show, even for her, but especially after putting in a week of work. If she does show up though it will be interesting to see how the media will handle it, hopefully they will be kind with her.
  19. Well it looks like Kaley is posting her morning on Instagram and she is about to start her day in Berlin. Sort of makes those stories about her seeing Davidson after divorce announcement Friday look like blatant lies since she was traveling to Germany over the weekend. Working will probably help her a lot right now because she appears to put a lot of work effort in her show so that should keep her busy.
  20. I did not know that Kaley actually said that, I guess I’m not up on her as I thought, or him. He seemed to help her with her breakup with Ryan, I wonder, I guess he could do something similar with her on her breakup with Karl.
  21. I think I read that her house is in a gated community, if that is true, then I expect the press is not sitting outside the gates looking for her since to date we haven’t seen anything about her house except from her or Karl. Also, since the press doesn’t seem to follow Johnny it should be actually be easy to visit her and it not be known, unless of course one of their insiders finds out a spills it, not like it was at her previous homes. I really hope that all the rumors about her talking to Johnny regularly are true, she probably needs people in her life like him right now if she takes this divorce as badly, or worse, than her first one. One thing I have read recently has me wondering, the story that all her friends and even family are shocked about Kaley and Karl’s divorce, it seems to me if it was caused by their diverging careers that friends and family should have seen some signs, maybe arguments and them acting tense with each other. The lack of that sort of gives more credence to there being one triggering event that caused this all.
  22. Add to that the recent rumors of Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer getting back together, like the ones we are always hearing about Kaley and Johnny, and your right the parallels are scary.
  23. Yeah everybody she hugs, and she has always been a hugger, will be labeled her new boyfriend.
  24. I hope if I ever reach 92, I can have at least all my wits like he seems to have. Happy Birthday Bob! 🎆
  25. You know I was thinking of that too, Karl’s parents are both successful and rich, also I think everyone knows how parents can pressure their kids about grandchildren, especially parents that have all the money they need and so family is more important to them. Plus Kaley’s age has to be a factor, to us she is young and vibrant but honestly at her age every year she waits puts a greater risk that she could have problems, also, there is the possibility that Kaley doesn’t want children anymore, it is her body.
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