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  1. It is so nice that over all these years Johnny and Sara are such good friends, I hope Johnny and Kaley can keep their friendship that strong over the years too.
  2. Its weird, I know Kaley (Penny) is working on a new show, but to be honest I’m going to have a problem watching her kiss anyone on TV that is not Johnny (Leonard). It is still difficult for my mind to reach closure that the show is over, I keep hoping they will release plans for a movie or something.
  3. That is interesting, I never thought of Zack as being there that way but you are right he has been on the show at important moments and has really contributed to several story plots.
  4. She is probably on cloud 9 right now with that new baby horse.
  5. Do you still get a live peacock with the place or did one of her dogs eat it?
  6. That is really nice of her to do a USO tour, I wish some of the other cast participated.
  7. This is from the house she is trying to sell, isn’t it?
  8. Penny would be so jealous.
  9. It would be sort of great if Kaley was there dressed as Harley Quinn.
  10. Nice article, thanks Tensor.
  11. Right now it just seems like the summer break, in the fall is when it is going to be real when there are no new episodes.
  12. Aww...What a cute looking nerd.
  13. Is that the house on their ranch?
  14. I always felt they took this playing around with Lenny, giving them all these difficult situations to deal with, almost too far. You notice the huge difference between Lenny’s breakup, which lasted for years, and the fluffy little breakups Shamy and Howardette had, also how they both got together quickly while Lenny took several episodes to even date again, and even then the first time they have sex they have another conflict again. The whole not wanting a baby thing just proved to me that the writers and show runner had gotten ridiculous in their treatment of Lenny, gone way too far, because Lenny had hinted at kids in their future throughout the series, so her suddenly not wanting them made absolutely no sense. I sometimes think that when the writers didn’t know what to write about in the show, their go to idea was to screw with Lenny.
  15. This reminds me of losing a close relative and now you have to clean out their stuff and move on.
  16. Isn’t the one she is crossing the one she broke, while the other leg, that is bearing most of her weight, the non-injured leg.
  17. Good thing she is moving to a small ranch.
  18. Karl seems to like to live dangerously, that is a very unflattering shot of his celebrity wife. He better be careful because I bet Kaley will seek her revenge sometime in the future.
  19. That would have been great, especially if Raj and his old flame sort of hinted they might get back together again, that would have least given them a little closure for Raj. Of course, my favorite would have been A newly divorced Missy coming to see her brother get his Nobel and Raj hooking up with her with the hint that it might lead to something. I think the chance that Raj could be Sheldon’s future brother-in-law would have been funny for the end.
  20. You know there comes a time when you have to stop beating that dead horse and move on. Leonard and Penny are happily married and have a child coming, Amy and Sheldon are happily married and will have children. Sheldon actually cares for his friends and they care for him and none of them are the horrible cheating jerks you wish they would be in your world of Shenny.
  21. They did a much better job with Penny and Leonard than Friends did with Rachel and Ross, they had Rachael falling over all these guys throughout the series that I actually felt she settled for Ross at the end. I never got that vibe from Penny, her lack of dating during their breakup actually made it seem even more that they were destined to be together and she really did want him.
  22. It is great for her that she has this other passion for her to occupy herself after the ending of the show. That she has a husband that shares that passion and is with her competing too only makes it better. She really was stunning wearing that pink outfit in the finale.
  23. They sort of look like the shoes a man would wear, but heck I know nothing about fashion so I’m no judge of what people should wear. What really struck me in that picture is how skinny she looks, it is probably the clothes that make her appear that way but again what do I know.
  24. Maybe Amy’s feelings about her looks had something to do that she was a celebrity, that scene in front of the apartment building seemed to imply that they were both now celebrities. I thought in the bathroom that the pictures she was taking about were the ones taken at the apartment building front door and she didn’t like them. If you equate Amy’s new celebrity status to one of a celebrity actor, we all know they want to look good and not look frumpy in front of the cameras. Just a thought.
  25. Very true, but the Hofstadter baby is now canon and in fan fiction we can make it a girl or a boy.
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