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  1. I was wondering if anyone was staying with her because you don’t really see Bri there in Kaley’s Instagrams and that home she built is large, and somewhat secluded, so being there alone would be hard on anyone. Bri seems to be a good sister but she also has a life of her own so I don’t think it is reasonable for her to have to spend all her time with Kaley, especially if she is seeing someone romantically. I don’t think it is a good thing to leave people alone who are going through bad times in their life, she needs her friends more than ever and since the weather in the Midwest is bad lately, it might be a good time for Johnny to take a vacation in California.
  2. Her posts do seem to hint at some deeply sad feelings since her divorce and those feelings don’t seem to be improving. Hopefully her friends are being there for her and they will help her through the feelings she is having. I wonder if her and Johnny are in contact with each other.
  3. Holy crap, I was born in Buffalo, too, and lived in a suburb of Buffalo till I left to join the military. I wonder what high school she went to and what street she grew up on.
  4. Maybe that was the problem, some agreements were made early on between them and then a couple years later when those agreements needed to be followed one or both them decided they didn’t want to continue in the marriage under those agreements.
  5. It has been said before but to drag it up again, when they were first together and married they both shared their passion of horses and going to competitions which seemed to create a bond between them. However, ever Kaley has been acting on sets away from home, it has been almost no horses, no competitions together, and she is separated from him a lot. Remember this divorce was announced after she was away in NYC filming and then came home for a little while before she was scheduled to start filming The Flight Attendant second season, which could have been a trigger for Karl to bring up how her career was impacting their time together. Anyway her statements, Tensor brought up, and previous statements we have read she made since her divorce filing, seem to support that this divorce was not very cut and dry, like it was with Ryan, and it may be impacting her on a more emotional level, maybe even with a little regret.
  6. Kaley seemed bummed out about the divorce, too, over the last couple of months, it makes you really wonder why they did it.
  7. Happy New Year to all the diehards, like me, still on the forum.
  8. Honestly to me reruns of TBBT are better than most if not all of the new shows on TV, I find I don’t even care about anything on TV to schedule any specific time in my life anymore to watch it. I feel they had at least another good season, with Penny being pregnant, to go, if not more.
  9. I really think they could do a movie, maybe a Christmas one, and make a big profit. Their biggest cost would be the actor’s salaries, everything else could be used from the show or they could just film in LA locations so the costs of making such a movie would be low compared to other stuff coming Hollywood lately.
  10. I wonder how much time he gets with his son? Does his mother live close to Johnny?
  11. Yeah, you’re right, that would be quite the gossip buzz. Hopefully getting back to work will get her mind off the other things in her life that are bothering her.
  12. I wonder how many “ Mississippi’s” that hug will go on for. Seriously though, I hope Johnny can find the time to visit with her soon because she really sounds like she needs his friendship right now.
  13. Has anyone else noticed that KALEY has posted a couple times on Instagram that it is okay not to feel okay, even on your birthday? it seems to me that something is really bothering her, and since her divorce is the major emotional thing that has happened to her in the last few months, I can only assume she is taking her divorce quite badly. I hope her friends are seriously helping her because those recent posts sound like a cry for help to me.
  14. Oh, okay, my bad. That song makes perfect sense for her divorce from Ryan.
  15. I looked at the words for that song and if I relate them to her divorce it would appear that Karl was holding her down from what she wanted to accomplish and that would further infer that she thought he was controlling her because now she is free to do what she wants like a bird.
  16. It would be funny if she did a small scene in the movie, like stars sometimes do.
  17. Indeed, as I remember after her split with Ryan she did a lot to erase him from her life, but this does not seem the case with Karl. It just all seems to me that their actions so far only confirm their joint statements in September that the divorce was amicable, since there appears to be no bitterness between them, they are just going their separate ways.
  18. Interesting choice of coffee mug Kaley used today on her Instagram, since it had KC2 obviously on it.
  19. I’m not going to guess if they will reconcile or not, mostly because I don’t have a clue, but I do want to bring up something that could be possibly happening. If we accept their statement that they are divorcing because "Despite a deep love and respect for one another, we have realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions," then their divorce is not about them not caring about or loving each other anymore, it is about their lives taking completely different paths that makes their marriage not workable anymore. It that case they are probably second guessing their decision during the divorce and probably feeling bad about it, but even then, when you get over the emotional part of the divorce and think about it logically nothing has changed for them and they still are going in different directions so their reasons for the divorce are still valid.
  20. I can’t help to be curious about when we will see Kaley compete again at one of the large shows again, or even smaller events. Her life seems so busy right now that actual competition for her seems to be a distant memory, maybe never to be seriously realized again.
  21. What project is that? I guess I’m really not up to what Johnny’s doing.
  22. She went heavily to her friends after Ryan, too, and since Johnny was a close friend, her and him being together was a real source of rumors.
  23. Leasing horses is something I’ve never heard before, but I guess if you can lease a Ford Mustang, you can lease a horse, after all they both are transportation.
  24. I think Kaley wanting to date Davidson, being the cause of their divorce, is pretty much dead with this article: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/kim-kardashian-pete-davidson-dinner-staten-island
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