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  1. I can’t help to be curious about when we will see Kaley compete again at one of the large shows again, or even smaller events. Her life seems so busy right now that actual competition for her seems to be a distant memory, maybe never to be seriously realized again.
  2. What project is that? I guess I’m really not up to what Johnny’s doing.
  3. She went heavily to her friends after Ryan, too, and since Johnny was a close friend, her and him being together was a real source of rumors.
  4. Leasing horses is something I’ve never heard before, but I guess if you can lease a Ford Mustang, you can lease a horse, after all they both are transportation.
  5. I think Kaley wanting to date Davidson, being the cause of their divorce, is pretty much dead with this article: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/kim-kardashian-pete-davidson-dinner-staten-island
  6. Johnny has really been off the Hollywood grid for the last year or two, makes you really wonder if he will be coming back. He made a lot of money doing TBBT and he doesn’t seem to be spending it too fast so maybe he considers himself retired, I don’t know.
  7. That is definitely what she will have to do to keep everything, someone is going to have to help her training and maybe competing her horses to keep them active and fully trained to compete. For Kaley though, she may be able to help train them during her down times but otherwise they be be just big pets for her until she is capable of riding in competition again. Also, depending on how long she is away from competition, she might need some training to get back in shape to ride, I thought I read somewhere where she said jumping was hard on her back, if that is true then being away from it for a year or two, and getting older, is not going to make things better for her.
  8. I understand what you are saying but then she does seem to have a big investment in “Big Bay” and her horses to just lay off the show circuit for a couple years.
  9. If they do still care for each other, it will be hard on both of them if Kaley starts going to the horse shows again to compete, since they will have no choice but to see each other. Sort of reminds me a little of her breakup with Johnny because she still had to see him every day and interact with him, so in a lesser sense, if she gets back to jumping her horses it will be almost impossible not to run into Karl.
  10. That “Role Play” production sounds like a much more serious part for her than the Flight Attendant, something she could win an award for if she does it well, it will be interesting to see. I’m also looking forward to her playing Doris Day, that should also be very interesting. Kaley appears to following in the footsteps of Jennifer Aniston in her post sitcom career. I always thought Kaley was the one that saved TBBT from its pilot and was the breakout star. Johnny was the established sitcom star, from his Roseanne days, and Parsons, I always felt was a one hit wonder. She seems to run at 200% until she stops and then crashes. I don’t remember how many times I saw pictures of her sleeping on the TBBT and during other things when she suddenly had down time, she seems to be able to crash anywhere.
  11. I wonder if she is going to cut her hair short again for the Doris Day movie, I can’t remember seeing Doris Day with long hair. Do you have any more info on this new movie she is doing, like what it is going to be about, drama, comedy, etc.
  12. I guess I wouldn’t expect someone to say that who is having an amicable divorce. I have to agree with you in that it sounds a little bitter.
  13. I have to think that having that beautiful new home and everything, then finding yourself alone on your third anniversary had to be a eye opener for Kaley that their marriage was more like two ships passing each other in the night. So, just like Tensor said, they may have just discussed it, decided it wasn’t going to get any better and decided to end it.
  14. Honestly, I think Kaley was cursed after she bought that kardashian house and moved her and Ryan into it. After being in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, And playing Penny, Kaley should have known curses are real.
  15. Just a thought, but it seems to me that Kaley, and Karl, built that new home and I really feel that Kaley expected it to be their future home, but except for their COVID lockdown, did he really ever live there? It must have been a little weird for Kaley to keep coming home to a home with no husband, I just wonder if that may have happened one too many times.
  16. You’re right there, if her divorce from Ryan is any example, neither of them really ever offered much of any information, and that divorce was a little contentious. Anyway, like has been said before, it is her life and I do feel a little bad about my desire to know more about what happened.
  17. I agree with most of what you said and I don’t think Kaley gave up on Ryan, he had a history with drugs and he was having problems which she was trying to support, but unless you live with a drug addict you can’t understand the hell. Ryan’s taking off those couple days and disappearing appeared to be what broke Kaley, though you could say she could have still divorced him but still funded his rehab, we really don’t know what was going on between them or how bad it was. Anyway, I don’t see any parallel between Ryan and Karl, and like you said they seemed to be making their unique careers work, at least through their third wedding anniversary, that is why I believe there was some kind of triggering event, one thing that set this separation all in motion, because it was sudden and final it appears. Maybe it was about having kids, one of them found someone else because of their constant separation, maybe Kaley wanted him to completely move into the new house, it could have been almost any specific thing that made them step back and say this isn’t working, but I do think there was a single triggering event. I’m now just wondering if they can be around each other in the future without problems since they do go to a lot of the same horse shows, at least they did before they met and during their marriage, because Kaley has a passion for her horse riding, so it would be sad if she was restricted now in competition because of awkwardness of being at shows her EX is competing.
  18. Yeah I saw that article earlier on another media site. Actually the media’s attempt to try and attach her to Johnny is not as strong an attempt as it was when her and Ryan divorced, probably because back then they saw each each day on the show.
  19. It seems that he is trying to distance himself from Hollywood, has he spent much time in California the last year of two?
  20. So basically the press is twisting the facts to create drama for their readers, I guess that doesn’t surprise me because it’s not like they have never done that before.
  21. I’m assuming the items deleted had either Karl in them or were about him. I guess with the jewelry/gift thing and her response that maybe the divorce is not going to be as amicable as hoped.
  22. The jewelry part being specifically addressed in the divorce filings does sound sort of personal, but to put it in perspective, her $65,000 ring probably cost less than any one of the horses they bought while together. I wonder how they will split up the horses, does Kaley get the front half and Karl the hindquarters (LOL), because wouldn’t the horses be property acquired during their marriage, the jumping horses are valuable.
  23. You know I have to feel a little bad for her, it has to be hard on someone to do a pilot that is not accepted, only to see the character they played being changed, them replaced, and then the show becoming one of the biggest hits in the history of TV.
  24. The whole divorce seems a little weird, because the excuse they used for the divorce was the reason Kaley said previously that they both could deal with and made their marriage work. Remember they had spent the first two years apart as much as together and neither of them seemed to have a problem, so either that was a big lie or what they are saying not is not exactly truthful. It makes me wonder if there was some trigger for the whole thing that happened between their third wedding anniversary and their announcement of their divorce. On a happier note, Kaley says on Instagram that she is going to be a guest star on Curb your Enthusiasm, I’m not a fan of the show but I would like to watch her on it.
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