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  1. You only wish this was gonna happen. No one is breaking up in L/P or S/A camps so... quit stirring the pot. Amy's line was clearly to be funny and outrageous. When have we ever seen Amy pick up a man? Come on. She has Sheldon and if she wasn't happy she would have already left.
  2. This is pretty depressing. We only waited 2.5 years to hear it from her. Maybe by season 9 we will have mention of the illusive ILY.
  3. Hmmm. I was expecting an episode for X-Mas. I guess this is that? LOL Well hey a lot of people said that they missed the guys bonding and playing games so they got their wish. That's good I think. Guess I will save my judgement until I see the ep but it does seem like a filler episode from how it was described.
  4. Definitely looks like Penny's apartment. Hope there is some L/P action this episode. Waiting patiently!
  5. Yes, the internet is full of delusional people. Penny and Sheldon only work as friends. They would never put up with each other romantically. Amy is the only one for Sheldon. Like her or hate her but she is the one for him. No one has got through to Sheldon like Amy. Leonard and Penny work and they have great chemistry. They are what the other one is missing. They were drawn to each other from the very beginning.
  6. You are aware that there can be conflict within a couple without them having to break up. Such as coming to terms with feelings, dealing with jealousy, understand the need for friends outside the relationship. There is more drama and comedy in keeping a couple together than breaking them apart. EVERY relationship has good and bad times it doesn't make it boring to watch them work through problems or learn how to handle conflicts but still have fun and love each other at the end of the day. But I understand. You just need them to break up so that Penny can admit it is Sheldon that she REALLY
  7. I think you are right. They have moved on from it and it is out there but they are not making it this big thing. They know they love each other and that is all that matters. I was pretty annoyed last night that there was still no mention of it in 10, but now I totally understand where the writers are going with this and it totally fits this couple.
  8. I thought Alex hitting on Leonard when he is talking about his girlfriend was so low class. I liked her before tonight.
  9. I think that they are waiting on the L/P thing to get more people wondering what is going to happen. While it may be annoying to us, it is smart in the writers perspective because people will be tuning in to find out what actually is going to happen there. I think eventually we will get something on that front. As for S/A, I dunno how I feel about the spanking thing, the bath thing and the nudity and showing of bandages in the last episode. It just seems like they are shoving sexual stuff at Sheldon and it does not fit too well with what this relationship has been in the past. I love these
  10. Also, you forgot to mention that when Sheldon said Penny sounded just like Leonard what HE REALLY meant was I love her and we are running away together.
  11. The look he gives her in 100 and her look back to him kind of summed up their whole relationship for me. He is the one for her and she is the one for him. No matter who else comes along in the end it will be these two.
  12. While this may be true, you can't help who you fall in love with. Leonard is in love with Penny. It is beyond lust at this point. Even through dating women who you may feel are more his speed, he has always wanted to be with Penny. He has shown no interest in Alex other than being pleasant with her since she is Sheldon's assistant.
  13. Loved the episode. It was another really funny ones with some classic lines! Let me preface this by saying I love Amy and totally dig the Shamy! The only thing I didn't really like was how Amy was jumping on Wil and Levar. I mean they barely said a line and she was telling them they sucked. I get that the episode was Sheldon taking up for Amy over a friend. I love that. I love Shamy. But Amy was a bit out of line here IMO.
  14. No way that there is a wedding in two more episodes. She just said ILY in 6.08 and it hasnt even been addressed yet, so no way. Also, babies? Please NO!
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