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  1. My first thought was how cool is it that the napkin is making a re-appearance - that was what I had hoped for upon leaning Leonard Nimoy had died - and I love that Nimoy's son And Wil Wheaton are in the episode - as for the kiss Sheldon sees, since this is a comedy and not a Soap, I'm guessing it will be a misunderstanding and the man Sheldon sees is a relative of Amy's.
  2. That was a bit of a shock to the system at first, the font was way to big and there were to many ads asking me to visit Scotland - but I was able reduce the font size and the ads disappeared once I logged on, so those two complaints were quickly resolved - I am like Sheldon when it comes to change, but I'll get used to the new look
  3. Watched the new Avengers movie yesterday and there was a scene where the main characters discuss Thor's hammer and why Thor was the only one who could lift it, as each Avenger gives it a try - It made me think so much of this episode and the argument Amy, Penny and Bernadette had over Thor's hammer - Bernie's 'You don't know his life!' line is still one of my favorites in the series.
  4. In the season finale, unlike Amy, Leonard understood Sheldon's question about whether he should start watching The Flash TV show and related it to Sheldon's experience in watching Smallville - just another reason why I love Shelnard
  5. Sheldon Cooper had an engagement ring in his desk, that is my major take away from this episode, I read the taping report and watched the episode twice, and it still makes my jaw drop - how does a man go from thinking social relationships are 'repulsive' to having an engagement ring in his desk? - Sheldon has come a long way in eight seasons, that's why I didn't understand Amy saying she wasn't getting anything from Sheldon in their relationship - just this season she got an 'I love you', an invitation for a sleepover and a makeout session on the couch, plus he had a freakin engagement ring in his desk, all of those things are little miracles for Sheldon - as Sheldon once said, how much faster can this thing go? - I understand that Amy was upset by Sheldon's Flash question while they were kissing, but he honestly wanted Amy's input on something that was important to him, he forgot about it quickly though and wanted to go back to kissing - I actually thought it was more hurtful for Amy to call Sheldon's interest in The Flash stupid, at least Leonard understood where Sheldon was coming from on that, which is why Shelnard continues to be the central relationship of the show for me. As for Lenny, yes Leonard did a drunken stupid thing by kissing the girl on the North Sea boat, but he has a long way to go to catch up to Penny when it comes to doing drunken stupid things - sleeping with Raj and marrying Zach being two of the biggies - so I don't see one meaningless kiss being a deal breaker for their relationship, the timing for Leonard's admission certainly could have been better, but maybe subconsciously he had second thoughts about rushing into a Las Vegas elopement and was looking for a reason to put the brakes on it, and personally I would rather see a wedding at least on the order of Howardette's, with all the gang there, then Lenny getting married alone in Vegas - I did like how Leonard mentioned the lack of wedding planning this season, which has been noticeable, and even though the episode description said Sheldon pushed Lenny to pick a wedding date, all he really did was point out that they hadn't picked a date yet, Lenny took it from there and rushed into the elopement - Sheldon has to watch those innocent little comments, they caused a lot of angst in this episode. As for the other two stories - Emily reminds me of Wednesday Addams with her macabre sense of humor - but I can't tell if she really has feelings for Raj or is just messing with his head, in any case I can understand Raj being a little scared of her and of what she might do if he tries to break up with her, but saying 'I love you' to her when he doesn't mean it is just going to make things worse whenever he does try to break it off with Emily for real, Raj better have his running shoes on if and when that day comes. Stuart as the house guest who wouldn't leave was funny, but the weakest of the four stories, with Howard's mother gone and Stuart opening a beautiful new comic book store, there really isn't a good reason for Stuart to still be living there and imposing on Howardette's hospitality. All in all it was an unusually angst ridden episode, but worked well a season finale with the two major cliffhangers involving the two main couples on the show, one thing I would have preferred is one scene when the whole gag was together, as with The Avnegers they work better as a team than they do all off doing their own thing, but I understand that in the context of this episode that would have been hard to pull off - I will be looking forward to seeing how things get resolved in season nine - my predictions, Lenny don't get married in Vegas but do set a date for the wedding, and Shamy work things out leading to Sheldon proposing sometime in season nine. it was another enjoyable season on TBBT and it will be a long wait for season nine to start, but this episode gave a lot to speculate about during the Summer.
  6. Can't believe it took 8 seasons for Leonard and Sheldon's mothers to finally meet, but it was well worth the wait and as funny as I was expecting it to be , I also liked the subplot with Howard, Raj and Stuart cleaning the kitchen, the tag scene with them singing 'It's a Hard Knock Life' was priceless - and I do miss the days of sweet 'what's cool is being nice' Bernadette - she does act a little to much like Miss. Hannigan at times now - this was one of my favorite episodes of the season
  7. That was a fun episode - I really liked Leonard's 'invisible kid' commencement speech, it reminded me of the Imitation Game screenwriter's 'stay weird' speech at the Oscars this year - a good message for kids to hear, I was certainly an invisible kid in high school, they even got my name wrong at the graduation ceremony - and I liked Penny being surprised at being on camera and saying 'stay in school and don't do drugs' - also a good message
  8. If that was all there is to it, I would have to wonder why Leonard even brought it up, that is something to bring up and laugh about after you are married ten years while looking through old photos, not on the way to your wedding - It sounds like Leonard really doesn't want a Vegas wedding, and I can't really blame him for that.
  9. I can see Amy and Penny having a long discussion about their men at the beginning of Season nine while drinking wine and eating cookie dough ice cream - and I could see Penny finding the ring in Sheldon's desk, and while not saying anything about the ring, letting Amy know that Sheldon really is committed to her.
  10. Since Howard is now co-owner of the comic book store, why couldn't he have just moved his Taurus there if Bernadette didn't want it in the house? - unless Stuart already had one.
  11. It sounds like Sheldon was asking Amy's opinion on whether he should watch the Flash, not that he wanted to stop making out so he could watch TV - he wanted her feedback on something that was important to him, and then forgot it and tried to go back to making out - racing thoughts are part of what makes Sheldon who he is, he gets distracted easily - but the proposal seems like it's been something he has been thinking about for a while, still blows my mind he had a ring in his desk - what would first season "Social relationships will continue to baffle and repulse me." Sheldon, think of eighth season "What should I do with this one?" Sheldon - I am glad they didn't step on the ring moment with a joke, something the writers do to often, they are just going to let this moment sink in.
  12. Given past history, maybe Sheldon will propose to Amy while she is out on a date with Stuart "So, other than you taking your relationship to the next level with another guy, this was nice."
  13. Yeah, after 8 seasons, I don't think there is any way that Lenny elope in Vegas, that's just not happening - I used to assume that Lenny would get married in the series finale, then after they got engaged I thought the time table had been moved up, now after this season I think they just might drag it out until the end.
  14. So Shamy were making out on Sheldon's spot and the ring was in Sheldon's desk - circumstantial evidence would indicate that Sheldon was preparing to end their 5th anniversary by proposing to Amy, all she had to do is be patient a bit longer by watching the Flash and she would be engaged to Sheldon right now - oh well, after passing some wonderful milestones during the season, Shamy were just a little out of sync in the finale, they will get back on track quickly in season nine.
  15. There were several Big Bang Theory references in the Flash premier episode, so I've been waiting for a return reference from TBBT - what a time for it.
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