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  1. Raj has always been my least favorite character in the show. I think he's a total douche from the outside looking in. It started in the first season in his 30 under 30 episode or whatever and from there on I feel like they only made him more of a dick. They can try to hide it behind his sweet, "I'll never get a girl" innocence but in reality he is a total condescending jerk. Early in season 4 even when the guys are hiding in Penny's apartment to get away from the Shamy it's even pointed out by howard, "oh he's an ass all the time you just don't have to hear it." Everything about him from being a dick to his friends to trying to steal their girlfriends to his constant whining is just a huge put off for his character. Now obviously this is the writers work but its just the way he comes off to me. I was able to over look a lot of it I will admit. He can be smug or condecending or whatever, everyone wants their few minutes of fame, he was still a dick but i can give him a pass on that. What killed his character for me were his interactions with Bernadette and Penny at the end of season 4. I mean Howard is his BEST friend and has been for how long now? To not only hope that him and his gf break up but to try and sabotage his relationship is downright despicable in my book. As for his one night fling with Penny we can all have our assumptions as to what happened but for me there are three important things to look at. A) Penny specifically said she did NOT want to sleep with him She blacked out C) Raj did not This means that Raj not only remembered her saying that but went against it anyways. This makes me believe he made the first move, now I'm not saying he raped her, or it wasn't consensual but it's my guess she wasn't in the right state of mind to say no or to argue. As a friend (especially with is friends ex) it should have been his role to be protective and take care of her. Not use the opportunity to get sex (or try too). I know I'm a little late to the party just wanted to throw my 2 cents in about Raj Since this is still the L/P thread I'll throw in that I don't think Penny's drinking "problem" really exists anymore and most of it came as a result of missing Leonard. As we saw in the past seasons she always went to the bottle to deal with problems, especially guy ones (think dave underhill and her rum eggnog). Now that she and Leonard are quite stable it wouldn't surprise me if her drinking drops even less than it has.
  2. I voted for Leonard's story since it seemed the most logical and likely but I would have liked Penny's to be true so that it wasn't necessarily his father's fault he had to leave. Plus its always nice thinkign your dad was a spy or something... Of course this could be stemming from my recent obsession with the TV show Archer haha. I feel like it couldn't have been Raj's or Bernadettes because we can kind of see the paper in the envelope earlier in the episode and lets face it Sheldon's was just obnoxious like he was the entire episode.
  3. While I haven't seen the same episode I'll comment on grasshoppers post above... Personally I ha ted bath item gift hypothesis... As a Lenny fan seeing penny basically shit all over everything Leonard worked for was very hard to watch. She came across as very shallow through the whole episode. The only redeeming factor was Leonard actually standing up for himself... Sorry about going slightly off topic
  4. Idk about anyone else but to me its not the jokes themselves that bother me, its the sheer number of them. Its like they don't want us to forget who she used to be. I don't think we could go more than 2 or MAYBE 3 episodes without at least one such joke... I just feel like were are past time to move on from this. They are clearly trying to change her into a better character but then repeatedly trash her with jokes like that
  5. It just seemed so out of character for her... I'm guessing that's part of the reason she looked bored as hell haha
  6. Anyone else think it'd word that penny is the one showing the least amount of skin???
  7. Personally, I don't find seeing him in this kind of "cutesy" romance to be enjoyable at all. I also feel marking him as "innocent" may be a bit much. Since season 1 he has really been one of my least favorites in the show and I think it was probably his 30 over 30 episdoe or whatever that was that really made me dislike his character. He's obnoxious, his attitude sucks, and especially after everything the writers did to him in season 4, he's an easy character to not like. Of course, Raj is only whoever the writers want to make him, so its hard to say " i don't like raj" bevause Raj has no say in who he is... non the less my opinion of his character is very very low at this point and will take a lot more than a mousey girlfriend to get me on board the Raj train... ETA: I like his role as more of a background character who comes in to do some really funny stuff. He was rather funny in his storyline where he had to help Howard's mom. Stuff like that, that would be horrible to want to go through but is funny to watch is where his character shines i think
  8. So I just saw the episode and wanted to wait to read everyones reviews till after so if what I say has been said I apologize... Overall I found this to be a very "meh" kind of episode. The guys stuff was okay, the girls fell flat, and i thought the Raj scenes were mediocre at best. Seriously, something should have been done about his mutism by now... we're pushing seven years come on already. I actually kind of liked the guys storyline. It was interesting and certainly had comedic potential. I mean the whole Leonard was neglected as a child story has been done but it was still amusing. His little free style was one of the few moments that made me laugh. Sheldon was too as always rather fun to watch talk to little girls. "Hello female students" or whatever he says. The girls story seemed very rushed which I guess makes sense when they only have 20 minutes but i really didn't like the three stories in one episode ordeal. Also whats up with Bernadette??? Are we just gonna see her fly off the handle every episode now because we saw positive feedback the first couple times she got mad? Not only that and I know I mentioned it when the taping for this episode came out but is it really necessary to throw in a little "Penny's a slut" line (or in this case 3) every episode??? It would be one thing if they were actually funny, or amusing, or enjoyable to listen too but at this point its not only getting annoying its pushing creepy... I mean a 34 year old guy and a teenager? That actually had me saying WTF. Also, I felt like she really wasn't into the whole makeover thing, and Aurora certainly wasn't a good choice for her. I mean for the character who has cared most about her appearance all show and is always showing the most skin, to cover her entierly in that pink fabric seemed not only out of character but just weird. I mean Bernadette's cinderella dress seemed more like something Penny would wear. Raj, Raj, Raj... I don't really know what to say here. He's probably the character I care the least about seeing grow but I still want some kind of success for him. I mean we are closing in on the end of season 6 and he is no closer to being cured than the pilot. I have no real opinion of Lucy yet so I'll hold my judgements on her, hopefully the two broken pieces will fit together nicely. My last issue with the episode was the last scene. I mean i get the cheap sex jokes with Howard ripping his shirt off and Leonard dropping trou but I feel like after all the characters have gone through and grown this season it seemed like they were showing us these couples were together for more than sex and yet that's a big part of what we see.. IDK I'm hoped up on pain meds for my ankle and kinda out of it right now so I may be seeing things differently than others. Sorry this was long, I'm stuck inside and bored...
  9. Oh look another "the show is changing and we don't like it thread" I thought we had about 12 of these already, now we are trying to ruin characters by having them preform the most heinous act imaginable? Not only would having any of the characters cheat on their S.O. destroy then as characters it would completely ruin the moral and light heartedness the show has managed to keep (except the end of season 4 which we've seen took a lot to fix) no, I think that any kind of fooling around like this is just a straight up moronic idea and would completely undermine everything we've seen... That being said with chuck Lorre I'm charge who knows what the hell might happen
  10. I'm glad the way they have gone with things personally... Even if they are in a corner I think its the right place to be. I mean they are pretty much at the core of the show and however predictable it might be it's nice seeing them happy
  11. Honestly if they pulled that card I would not only lose all hope with the show but I would probably burn the past year out of my memory
  12. yes but he did know that she was a girl who had literally climbed out a tiny bathroom to get away from him. I think that because he didn't know about her social problems probably made it worse because he figured that no girl would ever like him and the fact that a normal girl would go through so much trouble to sneak away was definitely an emotional blow that forced him to lock himself away.
  13. Yea while it may be an interesting idea i think it might be a bit much for a sitcom and not only that but i feel like Leonard would leap at first hint of a proposal from her
  14. Although sheldons math was skewed towards the high end because he didn't factor in her four year relationship with Kurt immediately prior to the show. I doubt we will ever get any clarification or exact number on the matter it was just chuck lorres attempt at calling her a slut
  15. I think he was just read ting to the situation as a whole... A kind of mindset like "if even she runs away from me what hope do I have" I think he saw what happened as a sign he would be alone forever... Which I'm not agreeing with just lookijg through the eyes of the love lost loser
  16. I certainly hope so... Season finale maybe? Whenever they do decide to do it I think I would prefer it to be a somewhat casual affair but it would be cute if they both just sort smiled and kissed quick afterwards Yet at the same time i can see them going for humor and whenever penny says it first for the first time Leonard just looks at her and responds "thank you" before laughing and replying in kind
  17. I've been calling for both beverly and wyatt to return. Both characters I think are very funny and it would be interesting to see their takes on Lenny 2.0. Although I wouldn't be apposed to seeing the opposite and his dad and her mom show up. All kinds of ways they could play it and they have the time to make things work if they want too.
  18. you know i was preparing to say a lot of things reading through todays posts but i think you pretty much got it covered. So I'll just quote it so it gets shown twice!
  19. Well I'm glad were starting to see career development for penny even if it is just a play. Personally I was hoping she'd sort of move away from the acting route but progress is progress so I'm happy
  20. C-Trayne


    Well I think a lot of that is opinionated and semi flawed based on individual bias but I can't really break it down cause I'm on my phone... Although I find it interesting u left out all the improvements from season 6 we have seen.
  21. Idk if they're truly burning yet per say... But who knows, it certainly seems like the pot is starting to simmer at least
  22. C-Trayne


    I think what your missing a big point and that is penny didn't really start missing Leonard till after priya came into the picture which was after these other example your presenting. While yes she seemed a little back and forth in the beginning that's to be expected of newly broken up couples that may/may not have feelings for each other. The important thing is once we saw her breakdown towards the end of the season about messing things up with Leonard that is the way her opinion stayed. Also rememeber a big part of their break up came from the lies spread by Wheaton. Sure they might have been in an argument but idk if she would have gone so far without the outside push
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